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Feb 28, 2008

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Take that !


capitola CA.


Santa Cruz CA

Local Favorites:

The cook house, shadowbrook,lil tampicos, anything at the boardwalk.

I Belong To:

american red cross, Cisco Certified networks, calteach teachers union, Boat USA, National Street machine club, FBI Infraguard,

When I'm Not on Topix:

I am working to survive.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

i really care

I'm Listening To:

none of the crap on TV.

Read This Book:

Monstering by tara mcElvey,911 report, Cobra

Favorite Things:


On My Mind:

all the hate. WOW bummer

I Believe In:

First they ignore you, Then they ridicule you, They they fight you, Then you win. -Ghandi