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Mar 6, 2013

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Magnolia, AR

why employers willnot hire a convicted felon

To the folks here who do have a record i feel your pain. In 1991 i made a mistake received 10 years for this crime for a first time offender of a nonviolent crime. Boo hoo poor me well for the past 10+ years of my life i have held a few good jobs which i lost thanks to the N.S.A that increased company's insurance rate's basically out lawing it to hire any one skilled or unskilled x felons into specific area's of the work force. i believe this is a grand case of discrimination and prejudices in America, but here in this day and time. The term is over used it is a horrible truth of life. Make a mistake and you will have to basically start you own type of business if you would like to make it. In the world today or spend months looking for an under payed job with no benefits, and no chance to better your self. Though the folks out there who have never made any " mistakes" or lucky enough to have a good attorney or folks to buy them out of the charges well I'm happy for them and the despair they have missed out on. So to act like you are so much better because you never had to pay for the wrongs you have done do not act like you are so much better than the unlucky ones here. Hopefully you will never have a child who has made the mistake or wrong time wrong place or the bad said of a cop who is out to get some one you know. This way you can keep your rose colored glass on and blame it on the individual who was steal steaks to feed his family or kid who is talked in to doing something wrong to impress his friends. or the poor sob who comes home to find there loved one cheating on them. also the one who made an copy there enemy by standing up for what they believe in.So to the folks who belive you dont deserv another chance may you never know the inconvince of haveing to live with a mastake that has been made and you keep being the perfeact unsoild indevedual you are and for all that you bestow on others may it be returened to you 10 fold  (Mar 6, 2013 | post #194)