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Mar 29, 2010


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Man mauled by Bronx Zoo tiger talks

The best way I can see for him to "be one with the tiger" would be inside the tigers stomach after he was eatan. dumb*ss.  (Sep 23, 2012 | post #21)

Columbus, OH

Al Qaeda Flag Flies Over U.S. Embassy In Tunisia

The muslim view of uncle sam: bending over, grabbing the ankles, asking if this is good enough, being told no, we dont care what position you put yourself in, we want you DEAD. And lots of people who want to act like ostriches,and act like just a little more tolerance is what's in order, when there are sleeper cells in this country right now just waiting thier orders. Which could be tomorrow the way things are going. It is time to armor up america, johhny jihad sure will be.  (Sep 14, 2012 | post #7)

Top Stories - Iran

Netanyahu: Without ultimatum, U.S. has no 'moral right' t...

There is no way we (the U.S.) would take the advice of other nations regarding our security were we to be in the same situation of being surrounded by people who want us dead and are being handed the means to do it. We have no right to make ANY demands of Israel. As far as I know the jewish people have never been bent on world conquest the way some OTHER religions seem to be. They just want thier homeland. That land has been conquered and reconquered over time by any number of peoples, but they were there first. So it's their land, not the palestinians.  (Sep 11, 2012 | post #18)

2012 Presidential Election

Obama renews call for aid to halt teacher layoffs

The more layoffs the better. They arn't teaching them anything while they are there anyway. The N.E.A. is like a vampire that needs a stake driven thru its heart by way of school vouchers. They have already been put on notice by Romney, I hope the chicago thugs stay on strike until he is sworn in so he can FIRE them like Reagan did the air traffic controllers.  (Sep 11, 2012 | post #249)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Chicago teachers strike to continue into second day- Romn...

UNION THUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! Normally you try to show good results before demanding more pay, and I guess with a 50% graduation rate thats good enough to demand even more of the taxpayers money. Because by democrat calculations, probably using math they learned in the chicago schools, What was at best a 50- 50 split on a floor vote to remove GOD from any further discussion amongst communists, was very cleary a 2/3 majority of people. Thats the same math they are using to tell you they are the party of fiscal discipline while bankrupting this country. Romney would be the perfect person to take the U.S. budget and make some sense of it, and the N.E.A. has already been put on notice by him. I actually hope they are still on strike when he is sworn in as the next president, so he can fire them ala Reagan and the air traffic contollers.  (Sep 11, 2012 | post #1)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Vows God Will Stay in GOP Platform

Whats racist about asking you if you are a muslim sleeper cell member? I dont think there is anybody other than muslims in jihadic suicide pacts.  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #55)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Paints Stark Picture of Romney ...

Sandra fluke is a skank. She reminds me of the differance between climbing mt. everest, maybe dying along the way, but having a sense of accomplishment, and paying for a lift ticket at snow trails. Still fun, but knowing how many other people have been down those slopes makes it feel kind of cheap, used,easy. And little miss socialist wants everyone else to pay the ticket. I'd like to bend her over and give her a good spanking. But she might like that so it wouldnt be a punishment. O.K., just take away her free contraceptives and kneepads. Oh thats right, thats what this threads about and you all seem to think my taxdollars should pay for it. And so on it goes. Cant wait for her to get a herpes infection of the sinuses, so she can start whoring for valtrex and benaldryl at the same time. She'd finally be making her own money to pay for her reproductive choices, and be so stopped up she'd have to quit speaking for a while. A win win for me.  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #375)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Vows God Will Stay in GOP Platform

You write like some sort of import to this country. I'm betting muslim. Are you a sleeper cell member?  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #51)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Vows God Will Stay in GOP Platform

ZIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #48)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Vows God Will Stay in GOP Platform

Jobs are going to be plentiful. More than enough. As soon as the marxist in chief is retired, the evil rich will free thier money up letting it trickle down to the cogs in the wheel like me and you. Im not rich, but I am a republican. And conservative principles will kick start the economy again just like in the early 80's. People hide thier money when it is just being siphoned by people who are down at the welfare office bitching about how they want they check.  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #45)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Vows God Will Stay in GOP Platform

I can tell this is a bunch of B.O. supporters based on the comments so far. I liked ROMNEYS comment about welfare reform inthat he thought that work was a "gift". I cant wait to see all kinds of welfare cheats get off the couch, turning off jerry springer while they're doing it, and go receive thier gift. So I will just say this. B.O. HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!B.O. HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!B. O. HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!  (Sep 9, 2012 | post #41)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Paints Stark Picture of Romney ...

And one other thing. I stand by my statement that you have a small window to get what you want before NO ONE WANTS YOU anymore. You dont even know me, babe. I got a girl right now wants my friend to introduce us, blah blah blah. Shes tired of the games. WAAAHHHHH!!!!! Shes ready to settle down. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Shes a few years older than me which would make her about 45. Shes USED UP. I DONT WANT TO MEET HER!!!! I dont know how to tell her delicatly, well, appearantly you've been playing musical matresses too long and now you want to settle for me huh? No thanks, but have you got a daughter? I can have the earlier, fresher, better looking version of you. And guess what? I went out with an 18yr. old just 3 yrs ago. I have to be honest though, the fact that I couldnt buy her a drink made me feel a little wierd so my rule today is 21 and older. Im sorry to say that the only way an older woman can have that option is to have money. I hope you have money, babe. Otherwise start collecting your cats. In my eyes you and your type have been around the block one too many times and it shows.  (Sep 8, 2012 | post #239)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Paints Stark Picture of Romney ...

And because now she is probably doing the american female thing and boohooing to the cops about how this evil man just threatened her online, that was not a threat. That was a warning about one of the consequnces of thier "liberation " Casual sex isnt so casual all the time.  (Sep 8, 2012 | post #238)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Paints Stark Picture of Romney ...

Be careful who you "hook up" with. Remember Ted Bundy?  (Sep 8, 2012 | post #237)

Top Stories - Mitt Romney

Sandra Fluke's DNC Speech Paints Stark Picture of Romney ...

Sandra fluke is a skank, plain and simple. I'm sorry morgana that your experince with men must be falling short. Whether or not I am is not the issue. The fact that she wants me to pay for her protection is. Women like her turn me off anyway. She is kind of cute, I have to admit that, But I cannot tolerate a woman who wants to tell me that I am monday, he is tuesday, he is wednesday, etc.. Oh, so you can bring me back the herpes you picked up last night? I've had the displeasure of finding out the hard way that with your type of woman I either have to tolerate sharing, or do without. There is a middle ground, that is called jealous rage. Nothing good ever comes of that. But your type dont care do you? When another blonde bimbo gets a gold card from daddy and gets dead in the bahamas because "casual" sex isn't so casual no one ever asks if she SHOULD have been out clubbing and playing musical mattresses. IF I CANT HAVE HER NO ONE CAN!!!! Its a cliche' but only because of many instances where the paper a restraining order was written on didn't stop the bullet from the jealous ex. Again, "casual" sex isnt so casual. And then there is your holy grail of feminism, your alter of sacrifice, abortion. If you decide you want the baby and you want me, no problem. If you want the baby but you only want my money then i'm on the hook for 18 years and you have a steady extra source of money for "date night" every week. You know as well as I do that with no reciepts required that money has as good as went from my pocket to donatos every friday. If you decide you dont want me OR the baby, you can kill it if you want to and I can say nothing legally to try to protect my unborn child. Why is it only my baby if you want my money for it? What makes you think I have not been in these situations before and thats why I have a low regard for american women. I said AMERICAN women, not all women. I dont expect a woman to wait on me hand and foot, as a matter of fact my perfect woman would make more money than me, have her own place, etc. I just want faithfullness and that seems to be too much to ask of a "liberated " american female these days.  (Sep 8, 2012 | post #231)

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