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Nov 16, 2012

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Austin, MN

Baseball Players, age 29+, for Austin Baseball League

The Outlaws had a good practice last Saturday, Nov 10, 2012. We took batting practice off the Juggs pitching machine at 73-78 mph with regulation baseballs. Everyone got approximately 40 swings each. The highlight of the day was our team's 1st Home Run--a towering blast off the bat of Joseph that cleared the left-field fence. (As usual, Mike led the team in Foul Balls, with at least 12 to his credit.) It looks like we have at least 3 live arms and potential pitchers, with the addition of Richard to our other 2 pitchers--Allan & Omar. We were not able to get a game on Sunday, Nov 11th, as the other team we were going to play has a play-off game in another league. However, we DO have a game with them next Sunday, Nov 18, at Govalle Park. We'll also be practicing again on Sat, Nov 17, at 1PM at Govalle Pk, 5200 Bolm Rd in Austin. Again, we'll be taking batting practice off the Juggs pitching machine at 70-80 mph. Assuming it doesn't rain, or hasn't rained the previous day, we'll again be using regulation leather-covered baseballs. (If the ground is wet from a recent rain, we'll use pitching machine balls instead) Again, anyone over the age of 29 is welcome to come out and play, regardless of skill level.  (Nov 16, 2012 | post #2)