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Dec 31, 2013

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Fairbanks, AK

Fairbanks community meetings 1/30/2014

Please join other teens and families in planning a community forum for neighborhood watch and safety.The Neighborhood Congress will launch a new program called compass watch and resurrect the Helping Hand project for the safety of children. The Denver meet-up hopes to serve as a model.We will begin with a pot-luck social hour at 5:30PM.Yahoo,MSN,G oogle,and other social media outlet group owners are invited to put a face to their contacts.2300 S Patton Court(Christ the King Lutheran Church) The subject matter will commence with the call of the chair at 7:00PM. ****************** ****************** ****************** ****************** ******** Teens and college students will present information on a special program they are feverishly working on. We will provide online training with law enforcement personnel beginning daily on December 30th 2012,7:00PM (MST) http://groups.yaho neo In the meantime.We wish to sahre with you a timely video that gives us pause to think. Wish of a Lifetime is trying to promote a video called "Start Seeing Seniors" which illustrates our need to pay attention to, and respect, the seniors we see in our lives on a daily basis. Basically, spread the belief that we should 'start seeing seniors' whetherit be smiling at them, talking to them, listening, helping...just really see them for who they are. Wish of life wants to reach 100,000 views on this video. Can you I promise you its a great video--very tug-at-your-heart- strings kind of thing. Wonderful video to share with family, friends, your church congregation. Whoever you feel comfortable sending it out to would be much appreciated :) Pay attention Yahoo, you may learn to care about Seniors, Military seniors, and those with disabilities!! Here is the link: 4885374 Vickie  (Dec 31, 2013 | post #1)