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Sep 20, 2008

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It’s a sad thing when you start to feel like an outsider in your own home. I mean you start losing your rights as a citizen of a country you love, a country and way of life that you’ve always had confidence in, well, it makes you feel lost. You begin to wonder; “Who has my back?”. Where do you turn? Is it going to be every man for himself? Is that where our society is heading? I know that in history there were times like that. I thought we had progressed beyond that way of life. But maybe to preserve our rights and freedom we’re going to have to revert to those “old times” of “hunkering down”, “circling the wagons” and doing whatever it takes to defend ourselves. Our forefathers defended their property and ideals with great courage and created the start of something very special and unique in human history known as the “American Experiment”. Far be it from me to let them down now. I am not ready to let the experiment come to an end. I do not want the legacy of this generation to be that of “The ones who let freedom die”. For those of you who are not affected by a regional sewer district at this time, you may find my statement to be a little over the top, but believe me it is how a lot of citizens of Jefferson twp., in Carroll co. feel right now. We have had our rights and freedoms trampled on, we have been insulted, ignored and threatened by the “Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District”, we have been made to feel like less than a citizen of a free country. I have not signed the easement that the TLRSD has frightened a lot of people into signing. I never intend to hook into their sewer and I have not made any payments to them, and just like many others that are standing up for their freedom, they (TLRSD) have put a lien on my property. To all Free citizens who read these words: Do you have my back?  (Sep 20, 2008 | post #28)

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