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Dec 20, 2013

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Grayson, KY

Is this your definition someone "needy"?

Carol, I am sure that the money you paid into the system is not enough nor is the money I have paid into it enough to take care of her and her babies, but with that being said it took a lot of hard working people to take care of her and her kids. You said the babies daddy is not in the picture, well I didn't ask to have to pay his part no more then other hard working folks. A tattoo hardly seems to something one can live without. You may love your family, but why the hell would you make your little girl wait for shoes so your unemployed cousin could get inked up. That make you sound stupid. Point is you may not mind paying for other people to live but many of us don't want to. I seen that you said the government wants the system in play. Do you know how welfare started. It was to be a emergency temp system to help people not to starve to death during the Great Depression. At that point people even paid it back. I do not like our president we have right now, but its fair to say that he did not create the mess, nor is he doing much to fix it. Have you a clue what would happen today if we took away welfare, there would be mass killings, run on the government. I am the first to say stop giving it out like it were candy, they need to stop it slowly and make it harder to even get the help. There are jobs out there, people need to put away pride and start taking what is out there. I am educated and have a nice job that pays well, but I also work part time flipping burgers so I don't have to ask for handout. I will be one of the people who makes it in a world crisis while others are standing in the cheese line  (May 30, 2014 | post #29)

Vanceburg, KY


? well I think BEEN THERE is right however I feel for anyone even thinking about it. Frist off take a look at ALL the Cushard women, and then ask yourself am I willing to spend the rest of my life with that. Most if not all the women are fat, don't take m word for it just look online. Pull any name up and then look at them, Kathy, Brittney, Barbie, Sharron, then just ask a few of the sorry men who were or are still with them, by the way you can find a lot of ex's if you take just a few seconds to do so. Now think about this how many work, how many have been to jail and what percentage are on drugs. My husband knows one of them She Men up there and says she is as crazy as she is lazy. Most if not all have kids by more then one baby daddy and the family name is so wide spread because most men run when they find out they procreated with such nasty women. Now I am guessing you already have issues or you would not be on here asking if anyone has info on them or your just one of the crazy chicks yourself and are just starting drama and because there have not been any poles on here recently asking who the biggest and nastiest hoe is so you asked about them. Either way if you are with one of them, don't ever tell other women because any good women wont want you after being with one of them. Great example of what kind of name they have just put in the name Cushard in the search box and read it. People get mad because certain subjects are aired on here but this site is for just that so you can say what is on your mind without being shot at. After this post one of them will have it removed and one of them will show themselves how a She Man really acts. You may just want to walk around Vanceburg, Olive Hill, Grayson, Morehead, and why not all over northeast Kentucky and just ask the men there, they will tell you what kind of skanks they are.  (May 30, 2014 | post #4)

Grayson, KY

Is this your definition someone "needy"?

ECM you sound a bit pissed by others coming forward and having a voice, I agree that too many people claim to be needy, bull crap needy is having nothing. Instead of giving handout to every Tom, Dick and Harry, we need to stop feeding everyone with there hand out. Start thinking about the elderly, sick, and dying. Do you mean to tell me if you had a child and needed food to feed them or had to put a roof over their head you would not do everything in your power to full fill their needs. If the government was not there to feed all these welfare cases then they would do what people 75 to 100 years ago did, they worked they found work, they hunted they did what it took to take care of their family. What do you think they did walk up to the White House and asked for a EBT card. Its dumb to think that most people use their benefits correctly, I have seen it time and time again waiting in line at the store and watched people sell their benefits, I see them get mad because they have to pay tax on something but get EBT benefits and really none of the money is coming out of their pockets. Really wake the hell up you blame big companies, big companies are the reason I have what I have. I have my own car, home and everything I need, but I cant afford a cell phone hell the government gives them one and not IPhones. If their family is buying them, how about really help them out and help them pay for food, rent, and medical. You know I have health insurance but I cant use it because I have a high deductible. People on welfare can go to the doctor for anything any old little cold, scrape or bump they get, now that's messed up. You think I am the only one who thinks like this. Do I want what they have yes, but only if I have earned it by working. I have pride in myself and my family, I love them so I do what I have to in order to have a good life. You told that person that worked at the food pantry they were a bad person for saying something, you don't have that right to say shit to them they have a right to say what they think. Here is something else I have to take drug test in order to get a job, how about people on welfare taken a drug test to get their benefits and how about making it mandatory for women not to have children when on welfare. If they do get pregnant they should lose their benefits, if they have time to have sex they have time to look for a job. Why should I have to pay for other peoples food, housing , and medical and even education so they can sit at home and be stay at home mom and dads, I miss my kids and family too, why is it ok for them to sit at home all day talking on their IPhone and chatting on Face Book. ECM I could go on and on, but what is the point, its going to take more then my voice to change the system, until others start doing something we are going to keep paying out the butt for WORTHLEESS WELFARE CASES. I don't have a problem helping others but lets help the right ones like our elderly, sick, dying, our service men and women and those service men and women with family. After all those are the people who really deserve our help, without the elderly people of the nation where would we be today and without our military whom lay down their life for us each and everyday, and who are under paid where the flock would we be. Wise up and make a change. They also need to put a time limit on the amount of time they can get help, a lifetime limit, and when they find work have to pay a percentage back to the government.\  (May 29, 2014 | post #26)

Grayson, KY

worthless people on welfare and there huge tax refunds

I don't know about the tax issues but if they can get money back it is a shame, what I do get is this the working class people are the ones who cant afford to put food on the table, get medical help when they need it, or help with rent but all those welfare bums can get all the above, there is something wrong with that. Welfare was never meant to be a way of life but help in difficult times, but so many people think it is their god given right to receive it. There needs to be a time limit on it, drug test them, get these women who have live in baby daddy out, and even a limit on what you can use medical for, some women take their kids to the doctor because of a little runny nose, that's bull crap. When I was young my mom took care of a cold, and I am still alive. What about that EBT card, I see a lady go into Speedway almost ever night and she by the way is fat as the Jeep she drives in on but anyhow she will buy like 20.00 or 30.00 worth of candy, chips, and pop. I see it every single night. That fat ass needs to buy some veggies and fruit. Then there is this women that goes into Foodland who drives a white Monte and she buys cases of MT Dew and tons of candy for her daughter, really government needs to put a stop to it, I am so tired of feeding your fat ass and your family. I am tired of working two jobs so you don't have to, I almost forgot about the government cell phone they get dam when is enough going to be enough. I have three kids I raised on my own, I never once asked for help, I made my children and I took care of them  (Apr 25, 2014 | post #26)

Vanceburg, KY


Look all around you, you have the highest rate of pill mills in the US and now that they shut them down they meaning the government needs to step in and open up more places for them to get help, most wont understand it, but people on pain medication started out being regular people working class people. The problem started when these doctors got greedy and figured out they could make a killing by putting people on them then raising the dose and the amount, next thing you know you have a problem state wide. Now who can say just let them all suffer or they did it to themselves, its not true in most cases. They need to have them same doctors who made them the way they are accountable for what they did, make them fix or help them people. We are programed to listen to the doctor and when you get a shady doc out for themselves sometimes it just to late. However I do understand that not all pill problems are because of it, but again these doctors gave so much meds out and the people didn't need them and found out they could support their habit from the extra and the cycle just keeps going  (Apr 2, 2014 | post #6)

Argillite, KY

What do u think Leonard Hall (constable)

Wow where do you start, well here goes, he thinks he is a good person, but no one who has a family ( wife and kids) just walks out and leaves them for a pill head women who has a few kids of her own, second the man uses his the constable seat for his own good. He acts like he is a good person when he really is just another pill head, dead beat dad himself. What really kills me is he really thinks he is gods gift to women because he found a pretty little girl to buy into his lies. Truth is any other women if they seen him would laugh at his fat ass and tell him to go *uck a duck. He also lies with every breath he takes. He tells everyone he is a REAL COP when in fact he has been trying for years to become a State Highway Patrol but they tell him every time he is to fat. He needs to tell the government he is not disabled and stop collecting money from all us tax payers. The way I see it if you can go and arrest people and fight them you really are not that bad off, second when his house burnt to the ground and it had to be cleaned up why was he out there dumping the burnt remains of the house up himself. They need to put his big but in jail for fraud. If he is reading this just remember if you didn't have the house or cars that pretty little lady you have now would be gone, you better hope your pain meds don't stop coming in or you can arrest enough dope head to take their pill cause once its gone ....................she gone.. Your wife did the right thing and moved on. Its about time she got to be happy instead of working day end and day out to support you. She finally got a good man and someone to spend really dad time with her son, you cant call him that cause you mistreat that kid and not physically but you mess with his head and her daughters, at least now they can start to heal and be happy, they so deserve it and you Deputy Dog well you lay with dogs you wake up with fleas.. Donna go and be happy  (Apr 2, 2014 | post #2)

Vanceburg, KY

Why are there so many women in Grayson running around wit...

Just have to ask yourself why are so many women whoring around with another women's man? Really why can't they find their own single man. I am so tired of women who sleep with a guy that has a girlfriend or wife at home, and then cry because the guy won't leave his women at home. It is simple, why leave the wife or girlfriend at home? Men are so comfortable with the faithful women at home, knowing they can go home smelling like a two day old can of tuna and the person at home will take it. What is even more amazing is that most women will put their children thru it with them. They all say I stay with him to keep the family together, meanwhile the kids hear ever fight they have. Some women stay because of the money. They have kids, and don't have a way to support the kids, so they say " I will make the SOB suffer" well its the women and kids who really suffer. Some women find that a man who is pretty good in bed, or have a long shaft and think they will never find one again. Either way these women need to open their eyes and stop being so stupid, or at least stop making other women look stupid. Another thing, stop acting like its the other women's fault over the whole affair. Your man had a big part in it. They are one ones who lied to you then came home and played house with you again. Of course there are some women who know about the shit from the get go and think screw the other women she can't have him I love him. Please grown the hell up and be a women, really women don't hold on to men like that, they find really men. I almost forgot the kind of women who holds the mans kids in front of him. Really please, if he cared or love his family he never would of been fooling around. Truth be told if he could do it again and again without being found out he would. Matter of fact he is most likely thinking of the other women ever time he is sleeping with his women at home, or when he is fighting with the women at home. The man is probable day dreaming about her off and on everyday. Men like a women who is not whinning and crying about everything, they get sick of the women at home always bitching about shit, and the other women is always willing to give in to them and just have fun in a relationship, to like things they do, without taking control of it, men want to have fun with his friends without coming home and asked where the hell you been, Bottom line is this, women at home treat your men better. like they are the man and maybe they won't have to roam. Take care of them, cause there are women out there who will do what you won't. Just cause he is with you didn't mean he was willing to give up his life just for only you to be happy. A relationship is two not one and don't think just cause you clean his house, wash his drawers and give him a little, it will make him stay or be happy. A happy man is a man who is treated like a man, not a dog on a leash. If you really want to make him happy, and this one is hard but encourage him to find a little strange ever now and then, men like a little variety ever now and then, and it makes for a great sex life,  (Feb 21, 2014 | post #1)

Ashland, KY

Phillip Haney

Phillip Haney is a dope head, he will do any drug you give him, as for committing suicide, if he really wanted to do it, he would of aimed better, he did it so he could get SSI. SSI turned him down so many times, he finally figured if he shot himself they would have to give it to him for being crazy. He is not crazy, stupid yes but crazy no. He is stupid and lazy. He comes from good family, he has a brother and sister, both of which are normal good people, and his mother is one hell of a women. Although his mother is a good women, some of the blame has to be on her for enabling him. She needs to wake up and come to the understanding that everything he tells her is a lie. She needs to let him pay his own way in life and without shit just like the rest of the honest hard working non-druggies out there. Stop paying for a new care, people are going to destroy it again and again and all over Tasha the live in whore of a girlfriend he has living up in there. Tasha is a waste of human life. She will steal, lie, suck and %uck anyone just for a pill. She has three or four kids out there that she claims her husband wont let her see. He husband is right, no kid needs to see there parent doing drugs and *ucking anyone for a pill or money. The Ashland police department needs to raid that house and tear it down. Every last one up in the house needs to be taken off the street and put in jail. Maybe a few years and not months in jail will get them off the pills and drugs. As for Phillips daughter posting on here, she should not ask anyone to post their real name on here, this site is for posting what is on your mind. The only reason she posted anything anyways was because at the time her and her daddy were fighting over daddy taken up for his whore, Tasha. She really has no right posting anything about her dad if she is not willing to post anything about her boyfriend, because he is over there doing pills with her daddy every chance he gets. Truth of it all is this, Phillip and Tasha are both the worst kind of dope heads out there, Tasha is a walking ticking time bomb of STD's waiting to happen, I guess being that Phillip sleeps with her too, he is just as dirty. Any how the whole bunch of them need to be in jail, the government needs to stop sending that piece of shit Phillip a cheek and they need to tear down that house. Tasha needs to fixed so she never makes another child suffer again, and all the low life people in the house take them to jail as well. As for the Haney family, meaning brother, sister, daughter, son, and his mother, they need to walk away, people also need to be aware that his family are good people mostly his mother, who has worked her whole life to give her family what they needed. Now is the time that her son needs to be there for her. If she really loves her son, she will walk away from him. As a mother I know its hard to turn your back on your children, but if she does not do it, she might as well just start planning his funeral now. If not I hope he will be able to live with the shame of putting her one foot closer in the grave. I think Phillip still has a small shot at life, he may be a dope head and stupid, but he is a kind person. When he is not thinking of himself and his drug needs, he will help anyone out, he needs to get help and get away from that Tasha.  (Feb 12, 2014 | post #26)

Vanceburg, KY

Changed MYSELF

FYI I was reading your comment and had to say that although you may not be a "Pill Head" or your habit may not be like most, you still have a problem. When you start taking pills one pill leads to another. I know many people just like you who say I only do it sometimes, well sometimes leads to all the time and then you end up just like everyone else, waking up chasing the need for another. If you do it just once and a while, stop while you still can. You can say you don't have a problem, but what will others say. Most people who do any drug say they can handle it, problem is you think you don't have one, and that is just plain stupid to say, not to mention you are a mother, or in this case a mother is "Sometimes " is a pill head. What would you do if your kids were doing them. Would you be ok with it. NO and if you say you would not have a problem then you don't need to be a mother. As for having a man, a man is not a man if he is ok with the mother of his children doing drugs sometime. Wake up your a parent. Do you want to end up like the rest of the area you live in.  (Feb 12, 2014 | post #21)

Vanceburg, KY

danny mcgowan

If it is Danny from Smithfield I know him pretty well and yes he has cheated on his wife, which she already knows about, but anybody that ever worked at SF before knows that you work side by side people and see them more then your family you start to grow closer to them. Danny is no different then any other man there. A lot of men cheat on the person they are with just look at some of the other people there. Alice and Doug, Doug and Benet, Benet and Tony No Teeth, Jamie and Everyone, Adam and Felisha and David and Kate, there are just to many to go thru them all.  (Feb 8, 2014 | post #7)

Vanceburg, KY

Phil Roberson

No man or women can make anyone believe in what God said in the Bible and no one for sure can say that what the Bible teaches us is true. We each must follow our own heart and mind and make decide weather we believe in it or God and the words written within the Bible. Some people do not believe in God or the Bible and sometimes it take events in life for a person to either embrace religion or find his or her own awakening. I think Phil stated what he believes in and hopes that it may reach someone. I think he and his family are just like all of us, he just has a bit more money. When your a Christian one of the jobs God asks of us is to reach out and tell them about him and his kingdom and it is ours for the asking if we only believe and ask for him and his love. That is what Phil is trying to do. I get it.  (Jan 23, 2014 | post #21)

Grayson, KY

ronnie adams russ wife

You must know of her well. Give her some time to blame it on someone why her marriage don't work out maybe that is why she is in her second or third marriage . I seen it in the paper she finally got Dave Harlow that old fat bald man to marry her. But they do make the perfect couple, he is ugly as hell and a fall down drunk, she said he was screwing this fat, old, Mexican girl he worked with and she caused him to lose his job because she would get him drunk at work. That was another "BLAME IT ON SOMONE ELSE" thing. In some many words she is a lying, bare foot hillbilly bumpkin, cant keep a job or good man kind of women. I hear a fiddle playing when her mouth opens and it smells like cum sucking trap to me.  (Jan 23, 2014 | post #25)

Greenup, KY

name the badge bunnes

I can name one, Lenard Hall, constable for 3rd district in Greenup, he is living with a women named Mary Sparks and her husbands name is Dale. Lenard went to their home and pretended to be a State Highway Patrol and kicked the man out of his home, then moved his big fat butt right into that mans home. Word is he is going around asking people where they might be able to score. He is no better then the dope heads he tries to act like are scum. He pretends to be a law abiding citizen then goes and shacks up with a bottle blond women who is young enough to be his daughter, truth be told, she is pretty and he is fat, lazy, ugly, a liar, a cheat, uses his wife and makes her work her ass off while he sits at home collecting a SSI cheek every month. He acts like he is a officer of the court and he is, but he has always abused his power, and to top it off, he hurts his wife and children by leaving them to live with a women who is know to run with drug dealers and then she tells people she is a undercover cop. Right she does not even have a car, job, or a home of her own. She is with Lenard because he is stupid enough to think someone that pretty wants him because he is hot or something, truth is she is only using him because he will pay her bills give up the *ussy and she thinks because he tells her that he is going to move her and her kids into the new house, he is a waste of life and a no good SOB.  (Jan 7, 2014 | post #2)

Vanceburg, KY

Phil Roberson

The bible says no one sin is greater then the next, Jesus died on the cross to wipe away the sins of all mankind. A sin is a sin, each sin hurts god and it tells you in the bible and I do believe it, its like a family member lying to you, it really does not matter what, what or who, or even how many times, each time they do it to you it hurts you because you love them and would never want them to do it to you. Its also like we are forgiven for every sin, god forgives up with out question, but there is still punishment, I will explain. A child breaks a window playing ball after telling him to play away from the window, the child still plays ball, but bust the window, we as parents will forgive them for sure, it only a window and it happens and kids are kids ( WE ARE ALL BORN OF SIN) but even though we forgive that child, you punish him by some means weather it be spanking, grounding, or even paying for a new window. God said we are all born of sin, he gives up the chose in how we live or lives and hopes we will live by the examples he sets for us. We as Christians can't pick and chose what rules we will follow. Because we are human and made of sin, we will, I know I do will make wrong choses and for those I and we will someday stand in front of him and try and explain each to him. Phil just tries to live as the Lord asked us to, and he also carries his message in hopes it may reach some people. Phil never said he was a angle nor did he say he was without sin, I understand why he does not like the subject of Gay People, or why he thinks it is wrong. He never said he hated them, just didn't like their actions. I have lost a family member to Aids. I don't know if he was gay or not, I don't think so, but he lead a life of crime and went to jail, which is where he spent most of his short adult life, and where he laid handcuffed to a prison bed in a comma dying of Aids. He was 25 years old and left behind a family who loved him, a child and a life time of hurt, because we miss him so much.  (Jan 5, 2014 | post #13)

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It is true the man was doing things to his wife, and from what I have been told the relationship is very rocky, but the husband was afraid of going to jail. It is true, you can go to her Facebook page and see the photos of her and the constable and they admit to being together. Mr. Hall keeps going to his home where his wife and child are and harasses his wife and want to keep her and the other women in case it don't work out. I know for a fact that they Mr. Hall and his wife are always fighting because they bring it outside for everyone around to see, he even came after his wife while she was on the phone with another person who heard the fight and called the law, he was such a coward that he ran and hide. I know if it were me I would have a problem going to the law, because most likely they are going to take his side on things because of the office he holds. Her name is Mary Sparks but now uses her maiden name which is Belvins, he meaning Mr. Hall uses the name Terry Hall but his name is really Lenard Hall. The picture are there on her Facebook. I do understand that no one man or women have the right to abuse their spouse but that was the wrong way to go about it. She tells everyone she is part of a undercover drug op, truth be told, people have come forward about them asking around for drugs. I am not saying the constable is doing drugs, but she and her husband are well known for drug abuse. He helps her look in hopes he can keep her. The young women is very pretty and no one can understand why she is with him besides being able to collect his SS money and now they have plans on moving in a home he owns which sits right next to his wife and child' home. Everyone is afraid of him because he does have some power to put you in jail, if a cop comes to your home are you going to do what he said, most likely or you would end up in jail. Think about it. The only reason he was reelected a few years ago is because the elected constable passed away. Mr. Hall had to ask the judge for the job back and he judge said no, so he then went to the Democratic Office and they got his job back. The judge did not want to give the constable job back to him because he had be reported by people for stopping them on 207 in Carter County, and on he Ind Parkway. He was warned, but like I said when someone stops you in a cop car you are most likely going to stop, the car is really only meant for serving summons.  (Jan 5, 2014 | post #5)