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May 18, 2010

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Honest Partners and Clients Needed

Since the last time I posted here I have been busy. I am looking for clients and partners. Let me tell you what I have done: 1. I can now lend money against luxury items such as diamonds, jewlry, gold, silver, antiques, exotic cars, wine collections, art collections, and more. You must show proof of ownership and you must show chain of title. There are no upfront fees. The appraisal must be done at our office and the borrower must pay those transportation costs. 2. I have designed a diamond trading program where we buy individual diamonds at a discount and we sell them for a higher price. Your investment is secured by the diamonds. 3. We set up non-U.S. funds for investors and people who are seeking investments from the funds. We received over 2 Billions Euros in assets in our first week of business without advertising. 4. We set up non-U.S. trusts to protect assets. 5. The group I work with has investors who need to see more success before they fully participate. Once we get going we will be doing a great deal of business in a year as people shift their holdings out of the U.S. If you want to partner with us you must be 100% above board and you either have clients or you want to be a client yourself. I look forward to your contact  (Oct 28, 2013 | post #1)


Loan wanted

Let's get real. There is no such thing as "something for nothing". When a lender offers a loan they underwrite the loan as if they are actually buying the asset used to collateralize it. Therefore, regardless of how low the interest rate is or how wonderful they present the terms the lender is really thinking about how much they can make by taking your assets and then reselling them. They want to make a profit not help you out. Another bit of advice. "An honest person can never be cheated." What that means is people who are so desperate that they hope someone will help them out from the goodness of their heart is someone positioning themselves to become a victim. Likewise, when someone approaches you with a deal that is too good to be true you know it must be a scam. Ask yourself "what do they really want?" You have to wonder about those guys that offer collateral and loans from the same company. This is a contradiction in terms. If they had the lending capability and the collateral capability why do they not just enrich themselves? Oh no, they supposedly just want to help people and projects that need money. Please, we can not be that stupid. There is no love between borrowers and lenders. They sit on opposite sides of the conference table or in front of a magistrate. You had better understand these things before entering into a transaction with anyone. Most of the people on this forum behave like people sitting down to play poker. Everyone wants to bluff and no one has the goods. True business is a matter of mutual benefit rather than bluffs. Real players must have the goods otherwise we are all just wasting time. As you know time equals money; except to those who have none. They can afford to sit at the poker table and waste time because they have nothing to lose. There are real players and deals in this world. But it is not a matter of bluffing and posturing. It is a matter of being honest with ourselves. Good luck.  (Jul 27, 2013 | post #70)


Gold Bullion Buyer Seeks Seller

I represent a group that wishes to purchase gold bullion POF first. If you can help us we would appreciate it. We purchase exclusively GLD-compliant gold sold under full banking responsibility of the Seller's Bank. That is, gold bullion registered in the banking system or "non-system " gold where the owners, in order to assist the sale of their GLD assets, are willing to arrange for their Bank to confirm the Au metal with full "bank-to-bank " responsibility. Brokers welcome. Please contact me at: [email protected] .com  (Jul 22, 2013 | post #1)


Banking Assets

Instead of banking cash why not bank assets. You heard me. This innovative approach relies on banking assets. Once banked then we consolidate and issue our own bonds. The proceeds of selling the bonds are used to fund projects. This is our solution to dwindling access to capital. The thing you have to understand is that capital is just like any other commodity. The less of it available the more it cost. Put another way the higher the demand the more it cost. By limiting access to capital the cost is artificially driven up. Therefore, we deal in assets not capital. That is where true wealth resides. Money is controlled by a relatively few players. They try to force you to use their commodity which they create and control. This is why there is so much competition for capital and why there are so many scamsters. People are desperate for money. You are trying to operate in a market which is controlled by a few very greedy players. Our approach is totally different. We deal in assets which have a value. Then when we approach their market they are more than happy to lend us their commodity in exchange for our true assets. Think what this means to those of you who have projects and ventures to fund. Now you are on a level playing field where you can control the outcome. We have developed this model over many years. Now we are ready to roll it out. We are looking for: 1. Partners who are intelligent, experienced professional team players (we are willing to train you); No liars and pretenders will be admitted. If you do not have references do not bother to apply. 2. We are looking for people with assets to invest. You must own and control those assets. We are not interested in who you know. 3. We are looking for ventures and projects that seek an innovative approach to funding. Message me to learn more.  (Jul 20, 2013 | post #1)


Need Venture Partners

Seeking projects, investors and business partners interested in pooling assets and raising capital in the bond market. If you have a serious project or a serious interest in raising capital in Europe contact me as soon as possible. Let's work together in a pooled syndicate. Brokers are welcome but only principals can participate.  (Jul 20, 2013 | post #1)


"Insurance Wrap" is a Scam

I am an insurance professional having been a VP for one of the largest carriers in the world. I also have 20 years experience in the trenches on the alternative financing side. I can literally say I have been there done that. Do you doubt it? Well give me the benefit of the doubt and read on. The idea of using insurance as a guarantee is very elegant and is in fact being done at the higher corporate and government levels such as in sovereign debt and municipal bonds. However, after 30 years in business the idea of an insurance company agreeing to sign any bank paper as a guarantor is ridiculous. When I hear anyone using the tern "wrap" I know they do not know what they are talking about. This is broker talk plain and simple. There is a thing called a financial guarantee bond. Insurance companies do issue them. However, and as you all know, insurance companies do not take risks. Our job is to make a profit without taking risks. Risk taking is speculation or gambling and we do not do that. Insurance companies are not risk takers. They are risk managers and underwriters. I have heard of a few fake companies that claim to issue financial guarantee bonds but these companies only want to take borrower's fees. Here is how that scam works: The insurance company agrees to issue their bond after you meet certain criteria. An intermediary signs a fee agreement with the borrower/client saying that when they obtain a binder for the borrower/client the intermediary is due a fee. The fee must be deposited in some sort of escrow or trust prior to issuance of the binder. The binder is issued with conditions that the borrower/client can never live up to. The fee is earned and the borrower/client has a document that is not good for anything. Another dissatisfied customer to spread rumors about how we small financiers cheated him and how more government regulation is needed to protect the public. The big banks love this because the more regulations restricting the little guy the more control they have to monopolize their industry. This means that legitimate borrowers who happen not to be of substantial wealth or an insider can not get in the game. We independent guys can go all over the world like cockroaches jerking each other off and taking huge risks. A finer point. The indemnity contract. Before an insurance contract or bond can be paid the insured has to suffer a loss. The lender is not a party to the contract. The contract is between the borrower and the insurer. This means that the borrower must suffer a loss due to an insured event presumably because of default on a loan. After the default the insured would have to prove that they suffered a financial loss by paying a the lender's demand. Then the insurance company can pay the claim. 1. If the borrower could pay the demand there would be no need for insurance. 2. Events that might trigger a default might not be a covered event. A failure to pay is not the only kind of default. A change in financial position could also trigger a default. Also, the events that would trigger the default may not be covered by the insurance. All insurance contracts have exclusions. Covered events may be different from the lender's default. And finally, if I were the underwriter I would insist on having the option of making up a missed payment rather than suffering a complete default. It is a rule in insurance that losses can not be a matter of choice by the insured but rather as a result of events beyond the insured's control. But from a logical point of view why not have the insurance company insure the lender's portfolio rather than the risk of a single borrower? Insurance is about the spread of unanticipated risk rather than taking risks. I am putting together something that will address these issues and I am looking for a small team of financiers to help me. Contact me if you understand what I have said and you want to do something about it.  (Jul 20, 2013 | post #1)