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Oct 24, 2008

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Ford Motor

Have You Heard Of The MYT Motor - Claims of 150 MPG

The perfect match for The MYT Engine would be a hybrid vehicle with a EEstor Ultra Capacitor or a battery pack that can Also, recharge at under 5 minutes and give any electric vehicle 300 mile to 500 mile range. The EEstor Capacitor should be available soon. If you had a 6" Version of The MYT Engine being used as a generator you could drive 250 miles and then have the MYT Engine recharge the capacitor while driving down the road. You could drive across the country with very little fuel and very little for emissions. The MYT Engine is coming and will make it to the production line. A man well known in the drive train testing field from a very reliable company did all the dyno testing of the MYT Engine. Why are our governments not investing in this technology, it's time to vote in new young Eco Friendly government representatives that care. The MYT Engine will save you money, NO Oil changes , No Radiator, less parts to break down, easy to start-no friction. EEstor asked the US Government for a date to have the EEstor Capacitor Technology verified. Several other companies are working on new battery breakthroughs similar to EEstor with the fast recharge times. Electric 18 wheel Semi Trucks are possible with EEstor Capacitor and the MYT Engine as a generator for recharging while driving. If you never seen a electric semi truck check out Eco Inventions ww?.greeninvention  (Dec 16, 2010 | post #3)

Ford Motor

Have You Heard Of The MYT Motor - Claims of 150 MPG

If The MYT Motor Claims Are Proven To Be True Then the Environment Will Be The Winner. The MYT (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine, is a breakthrough of immense proportions that will spawn the next industrial revolution and will rocket the internal combustion engine into the next millennium. Please spread the word. 3 April 2006 - Raphial receives First-Prize in Nasa "Create the Future" Design Contest We do not foresee any material issues, but the goal of the Engine is to push to the limit of available material strength, even though the first generation models are built with enough thickness and sizes. The material used in the Engine (Vacuum melt aircraft high alloy Steel), can withstand over 300,000 psi of tensile stress when heat-treated. Further efforts will be made to make the Engine even more compact. What's the explanation of your clean environment claims? The compression dwell at TDC (Top Dead Center) is a full 12 degrees of rotation time compared to less than one tenth that for a conventional Engine. Complete burning is expected to further reduce Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon and NOX and other gases. The fuel will be incinerated and thoroughly consumed and turned into better pressures (thermal efficiency) during the lengthened dwell, virtually eliminating any unburned fuel to exhaust at any speed. What are the differences between the MYT Engine and the Wankel (Rotary) Engine? The MYT Engine fires 16 times in one revolution vs. single rotor Wankel's 1.5 firings. The MYT Engine is a positive displacement Engine without sealing problems because the MYT Engine uses round piston and round cylinder same as conventional Engines. The MYT Engine does not have to rotate at very high rpm to achieve torque. The Wankel Rotary Engine's pistons and cylinders are of tri-angular and squarish on the corners design. Furthermore, the piston assembly turns away from the center line of the shaft. The MYT Engine design leads to an enormous displacement leading to 850 CID at 150 lbs. The Rotary Engine with 200lbs is only 80 CID. What's the main advantage of the Engine as a gas or liquid pump? Currently, no single pump can exhibit high volume, high flow, and high pressure in one unit. Until The MYT Motor! The MYT Pump can match pumps of 10 times in size and weight and reduces the operating cost by a factor of 5. Is the Engine mechanically sound? Absolutely yes. The Engine has only 15 major parts compared to hundreds of parts for a standard Engine. This lower number of parts means less chance of breakdown. Note that all the parts of the Engine are the proven components of 100 years of Engineering. The Engine is just configured and packaged in a very efficient and smart way. A new industrial era can be spawned by the MYT™Engine The MYT Engine Power to Weight Ratio.......... 20:1(3,000hp/150lb s)................ ................. Parts Count............. ............50 manufacturing cost - very low (less parts to manufacture) Fuel for efficient operation - fossil, and renewable (bio fuel) Maintenance....... ......... very low Mechanical Efficiency (stress) - high due to no reciprocation Fuel Efficiency........ ............... very high Size 14 inch dia x14inches long............ pollution......... very low (more complete combustion). For More Information on the MYT Motor Check out www.greeninvention  (Oct 28, 2008 | post #1)

The Morning Call

How Far Can Your Vehicle Go On 150 MPG?

Have You heard of the MYT (Massive Yet Tiny) Motor The American Inventer Claims The Powerful Motor at under 45 Lbs. the MYT ENgine will get upto 500 Horse Power, 150 Miles Per Gallon Of Gas, Diesel or Bio Fuel and very low pollution. The MYT Motor can be made to fit in the palm of Your hand or large enough to power the largest Cargo Ship and still high MPG and still very low polution. At 150 Lbs. the MYT motor replaces the 3000 Lbs. engine from an 18 wheeler (Semi) Truck and has more power. The MYT motor is the first motor in the world with the power to irrigate the Worlds deserts to grow the prefered Bio Fuel. The transmission for the MYT Motor has a high low range and reverse. Message from inventor the MYT Motor is comming Stand By For info plus video's of the MYT Motor In Action Check Out www.greeninvention  (Oct 25, 2008 | post #1)

The Morning Call

Obama is more credible than McCain

150 Miles Per Gallon Of Fuel The World Economies can be better than ever if Obama Invests in R & D on the MYT (Massive Yet Tiny) Engine. The MYT Motor Is the world most powerful motor. The Mighty yet Tiny Motor can be made to fit in the palm of Your hand Or large enough to Power the Largest Cargo Ship and still get very low pollution. At Under 45 Lbs the MYT motor with upto 500 Horse Power At the shaft will power your Suv and get close to or over 150 MPG. At 150 Lbs the MYT Engine will replace the 3000 Lbs motor from a 18 wheeler (Semi) Truck and have faster take off and more power. For more info and video's of the MYT Motor check out www.greeninvention Only Mr. Obamma would invest in this motor  (Oct 25, 2008 | post #286)

US News

150 Miles Per Gallon of Fuel

Will Mr. Obamma invest in R&D On the MYT Engine 150 MPG And very low Pollution. The MYT Motor runs on Gas, Diesel, and Bio Fuel. The MYt Motor can be made to fit in the palm of your hand or large enough to power the largest Cargo ship on the ocean and still very low polution. For the Most info and videos of the MYT Motor at www.greeninvention  (Oct 25, 2008 | post #1)

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If you vote for Obama then (You're a FOOL)

If I lived in the USA I would vote for Obamma I think He would Invest in the MYT Motor, 150 Miles per gallon of Fuel and very low pollutiion. For the most info and videos of the MYT Motor check out www.greeninvention  (Oct 25, 2008 | post #154)

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