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Jul 21, 2008

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US Politics

Video: Presidential Race Poll Numbers

The GOP is hoping and believing the same way the DEM did in 2004 for Kerry, not wanting to believe the pools and sure that Kerry would win at the end, but BUSH won because the American people stand behind their president when times are getting tough. The same thing will happen this time Obama will win! For some of you GOP saying that it will be like when Reagan beat Carter is just crazy. Romney is not Reagan, far from it! Reagan had a lot more charisma was liked by many people, he did not put his foot in his month like Romney have. He had a clear plan, while carters plan was much more unclear. plus Reagan was more open to work with the DEM then Romney is. Plus Reagan was not a spoiled brat like Romney was! When even FOX is starting to Admit that it looks like Obama will win, then that should be indication to some of you extrem right wing to open your eyes and face the facts. I really to wish that the GOP had good contender, but Romney was not it, but I am sure that in 2016 they will and GOP will win.  (Sep 27, 2012 | post #29)

US Politics

Romney criticizes Obama response to Libya, Egypt attacks

Nicely put “Sad Conservative”! I agree with what you are saying, and it is sad of what has happened to the GOP, and when I read some the post her I feel that there is a lot of people that is further to the right then the Tea-Party, how blaming Obama for everything bad, and taking credit for everything good. I liked Mitt in the beginning and though he might be a good candidate, but now he is just making a fool out of himself, and is grasping at straws trying, to blame Obama for what ever he can find, No matter how small it is. At the same time making up a few lies on the way. He is never being clear about what his plan is except for cutting taxes. Now even his own party are starting to wonder about him. Mitt is starting to look like “ A man with out a Plan or vision". I feel your pain, and it is sad that you feel you have to vote for Obama, we just have to hope that the GOP will come back strong in 2016 as the Democrats did in 2008. Some one how wants to work together with the Dem and not against them on every single thing  (Sep 13, 2012 | post #413)

Some 73 per cent of Romanian patients give up treatment d...

"This is a terrifying number that should raise many questions. We are talking about millions who did not go to the doctor when they were ill because they were afraid of the costs of the medical tests and the drugs.... link to arical http://www.romania eral_News/2012-03- 19/20409/Some_73_p er_cent_of_Romania n_patients_give_up _treatment_due_to_ lack_of_money this is amazing and very sad to read, that if you are sick and dont have money, you are scrwed, i tyruely hope something will be done about this  (Mar 21, 2012 | post #1)

Strip Clubs in Norway Lean to Prostitution

This Documentary si such soap documentary, and full of BS, i saw this porgram and it could not be futher from the truth. this program have recived alot critsisme for the way it is done, and for wrong info. The wrost part of it is that people and Femnist are all over it and belive it will help them in geting the Strip club closed, even though there is no proff of what is going on inside, except for a women who is trying to get you to spend money on here and buy a bottle of Champagain.  (Mar 7, 2012 | post #1)

As a Romanian, what is your opinion about Romania and its...

Ja jeg virklig norsk, og kommer fra Oslo, regner med at du er fra Romania!  (Feb 24, 2012 | post #51)

As a Romanian, what is your opinion about Romania and its...

Thank you very mcuh Adi. Funny one of my GF best friends and who has become a friend of mine too in Romania he is name is also Adi (he is more like her big brother,a very good friend of the family) but I guess Adi is a very comen name in Romania is lilke the name Ole her in Norway:) ohh... and yes we sure have our weirdos too:)  (Feb 24, 2012 | post #49)

As a Romanian, what is your opinion about Romania and its...

I know you said you wanted mainly Romanian to answer this, but I do feel like jumping and give my opinion on the subject, as my GF is Romanian, and well two of my best friends also have Romanian GF, which is kind of funny, and for me I only have good experience with Romanians, I have visited your country 4-5 times, and have always had a good experience, and like in generally the Romanian people, off course you have bad people, and in regards to the people who have written about Romanian women who have broken there hart, these women have Generally been Webcam girls, whose job is to make you spend money on them, and they will take of there cloth for you, I would not put them under the same category as the rest of Romanian people. You have famous people that I like very much such as Ilie Nastase (ok so that is only one)who was one of my favorites Tennis players when he was playing active. And Yes you do have very many beautiful women, that is for sure. One thing I can say is that last time I visited Romania, I did get the impression that the country is really trying to clean it self up and get ride of all the corruption that has been going on there for so long, even tough it will take a while, but it is getting better as far as I can see. One thing I do feel however is that the Gypsy (Rom People) makes it hard for you, as they a lot of times ends up being considered Romanian, and give Romanian a bad rep, and it is not fair, but it is not your fault it the media fault, as they feel that it would be raciest to call or say it is Gypsys so they call them Romania, and to me is wrong. Even though I am not a Romanian, I think you can be proud of your country, and it is a good country even though it has it’s problems too, but still it’s a good country, and you should be proud of you country, I myself is Norwegian, and I am proud of being Norwegian  (Feb 24, 2012 | post #47)

Korina Bliss

Hey FYI Thank you very much for the info, I know there something strange going on, I have not given her any money, (I would never do that unless I have met the person in Real life). what I dont get is who this person have been able to get so many personal photos of this Korina bliss. Anyway thank you for the heads up.  (Sep 27, 2011 | post #3)

Korina Bliss

Hello everyone I was wondering if there is anyone who knows or been touch with a Korina Bliss, she is supposed be famous Canadian DJ and Glamour model, I have been chatting with her on yahoo, but I fell she up something but I don`t know what, I know she is real person, but I feel there is something she up too. so is there anyone else who has experienced or who has been talking to her. It would be great if any could tell me something about her.  (Jun 30, 2011 | post #1)

why are romanian girls ugly

This is funny reading all this stupid comment about Romanian girls, I don’t know where the hell he gets Idea from, All I can do is laugh about it, and then I read all the other comments wish is just as funny too. My Girlfriend is Romanian and she is beautiful, and trust people comment on her looks a lot, and the, her sister is beautiful too, I have been to Romania a few times, and trust me there is a lot of beautiful girls, and the carry them self very nice too, and sexy, and yes if they don’t like you they will let you know as they are very straight forward. Yes they do like older men because that is how they are brought up. like another one said they are well educated and polite. One one very important things to remember to not confuse Romania women with Gypsy, cause they are very different, and Gypsy they are rude and, and they will try to steal from you, truly ae Gold diggers. But a real Romanian women is nothing but polite, nice, beautiful, and Sexy, and two of my other friends are also dating Romanian girls, and NO they are not some Mail order bride!! And to the 15 year old Puerto Rican I just want to say, Stop watching these Animal porn sites you idiot, and don’t every base your facts on porn sites. when you get older you should take trip to Romania and see for you self, or Google Romanian girls and you will see.  (Jun 10, 2011 | post #32)

2008 Presidential Election

bush anger: obama aides leak chat details

Funny, who this is leak is only reported at this one source! All other major news sources such as CNN, CNBC, NY times aso.., don’t really seem to care, so if this is your main source of news and report, “ya’ll not to bright”. And I doubt that if it was sensitive info Obama would not have let it leak out, the way they claim it has. Obama is a smart man, He knows what he is doing, But I understand that all you Extreme libs and rightwing nuts, has to VENT!!! I understand you believe President Bush was the Best President you ever had……NOT!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! Dumas. In a local paper in Norway (yeah it is out side US you rightwing nut cases) had an article with one of the pilots which flew Obama around during the Campaign, he got the chance to talk to Obama, and he was very knowledgeable , he new a lot about Norway, he said “you guys produce your own oil, but in a environment friendly way, You have a big surplus which you save and spend on Education and Health care…”, the pilot also told the paper he was very down to earth guy, and most of the time on the plane he was sitting by him self and reading books, so Yeah The US have got a smart President, who knows what he is doing, compared to the nit wit you have had four eight years. It seems to me you have got a President Barlet form the TV series “White House”, I am looking forward to seeing you right wing idiots, keep complaining, which the only thing you how to do. Your funny to read and brightens up my day .  (Nov 12, 2008 | post #80)

2008 Presidential Election

Obama wins in earliest vote in tiny N.H. towns

I am looking forward to see and hear this from struck2K this will happen. And I truly believe that tomorrow, this sentence will come true on January 21. Because the US is the Greatest Country in WorldObama will restore the faith in the US, and with in the next 8 years, the US will again be the leading country of the world, and the rest of the world will respect the US. Without Obama this will not happened. I wish us all the very best today. Please Die Hard GOPs, I understand you are hurt, but let It go, you had eight years of the Worst GOP ever, so no you the GOP don’t deserve to win, sorry  (Nov 4, 2008 | post #40)

2008 Presidential Election

McCain: Losing It?

Ok….!!!! Uhm… maybe I am not getting this, but does this mean that you feel you had 8 horrible years when Clinton was Prsident? When the economy was booming, unemployment was low and things were going good? Exactly where have you been for the last eight years, in the house with GWB?? Since you most be only person who has had eight Great years under GWB. Green card holder and Obama supporter  (Oct 9, 2008 | post #60)

2008 Presidential Election

Petraeus Talk Bolsters Obama

It is funny to see how in the last three weeks, we have seen Obama just keep on polling more an more away form McCain, and now majority of experts are saying that there is a 95% chance that Obama will win, Unless he screws it up big time the last weeks left in the race, HE will win. So to you who is holding on to McCain and are “diehard” McCain fan, you will loose, I am sorry but it is the true, and you know it. but please get all your “anger” out now. This way you are done with it bye the time November 5 comes around. And to the rest of you who are Obama supporters, let the GOP bitch, they will loose, and they are aloud to be mad and upset. So just sit back and enjoy the rest of the show, (with Palin messing up the words and making no since), and the rest of people on the topix bitching. And remember this is what will happen on January 20Green Card Holder, and Obama Suporter  (Oct 9, 2008 | post #12)

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