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Nov 24, 2010

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New Mexico

Peace, Freedom and our Constitutional rights.

To start with, Peace.. What does it mean for you? Do we have peace here even though we are involved in 2 wars at the same time. Can our so called state of Peace be only in words alone? Freedom.. Do we actually have our freedom at this very moment in time. Or are we given the illusion of freedom, all the time being controled by our government. Being told we are free is only a statement to some. To others it is flying our flag. To others it is pounding other nations into submission to follow our lead. And to some it is just living each day for the better of one's self. Our Constitutional rights.. Considering the two other questions, are we safe from harm. Both foreign and domestic. Does our Constitution give us all the security we need to live the way our founding fathers meant us all to live. Or do we need to ammend the Constitution more to adapt and adjust to the growing world around us. With all the in-house bickering between the left and right, is there a need to re-think our government structure? What do you think?  (Feb 2, 2011 | post #1)

New Mexico

Forming of the P-PARTY

Having a bummer of a day. Dam El Paso elec. is messing with the power on/off buttons. 3 shut downs already. Hope all you are warm, (except Eugene) he needs to freeze solid man.(Just kidding) His "orgabs" don't I'm sure. Back soon with my new one. :)  (Feb 2, 2011 | post #194)

Las Cruces Sun-News

BREAKING: El Paso Electric calling for energy conservatio...

Maybe EPEC should give us a free month of use. Always complaining that we all use too much power. Go figure.  (Feb 2, 2011 | post #2)

Las Cruces Sun-News

More than 390 pounds of pot seized

Does'nt the feds have more important things to do instead of busting people for pot? Granted this rag from Mexico is pretty bad, but pot smokers are'nt going to be wild and nuts like drunks high on alcohol. GO AFTER THE COCAINE, METH, & HEROIN CARTELS. LEAVE THE HIPPIES THERE OWN GOODS.  (Feb 2, 2011 | post #1)

New Mexico

Cannibals: Pro or Con

That's cool. My Doc is a Mormon. I am "patient 1" Yup, the pot head patient 1. Nothing more or less. Changed his eyes and his wisdom. He is now a champion for the cause. What 1 heck of a nice fellow.  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #36)

New Mexico

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill

Excellent. This will change your life forever. It sure has done for me. If it is not to much prying, where will you be coming from? The area is good enough, no need for the city local. For privacy.  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #465)

New Mexico

Egypt & Oil

Watch for something "wonderful " in the next day or so. The "Toker" has instructed.  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #21)

New Mexico

Forming of the P-PARTY

Carefull of those snot cycles hombre. I'm getting tired. Talking about gun control and advising CAT, hopefully she listens about this. A good thing for any woman to carry a handgun. My wife is tiny, 4'9" and she packs a Glock as well. Nighty night all my friends. Soon your "Toker" will have a new thread to follow :)  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #187)

New Mexico

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill

Training from ex military is very good. If you are in a war. But I strongley recommend George Schrader here in Las Cruces. He is a semi retired state policeman who trains ALL of New Mexico's officers in the art of hand gun training for/and conceal/carry permits. And he does not ream you for the cource. About $125.00. Hell this one coppper here wanted over $600. for the cource. BS!! George is in the phone book. CAT!! trust me. It is worth it. Call George Schrader. Ask any State or LC cop.  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #463)

New Mexico

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy readies gun control bill

Hey Lowglow hombre. This is because our women out live us by a 5 to 1 margin. But not me. Me and my ol lady are going to die at the same moment in the desert. Stumbling over a rock while we search for peyote buttons. At 110 and 108 years respectfully. We hope. But always with my Glock and my huge 45 with us. No punk or liberal sissy is going deprive me of protecting my loved ones. LADIES!!! The Glock model G19 is the best personal protection handgun on the market. Take it from one who swears by it. I'm 1 for 1. And I'm the living 1. Peace to you all. Mainly to Cat. This is your weapon of choice. Trust ol' GS :)  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #462)

New Mexico

The Cool NICE Thread

Very good wit. I am thinking real easy on a new thread to post. Something.. wonderful :) and no it's not 2010 the sequel......  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #104)

New Mexico

Say it in six words

I'm firing up my old Strat.... Time to rock out real loud!!!  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #3231)

New Mexico

Forming of the P-PARTY

Man I wish I could send you some of Gods meds. I wish I could do this for all of our world. The snow here is bringing back to me a time when I lived at Lake Tahoe. Waht a gas that was. Got my first job there at 12 years old. A big bugger at 12. I looked more like I was 18. I wish to you a painless night. Wish to help but can't. :(  (Feb 1, 2011 | post #185)

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