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Aug 28, 2010

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Ulster County, NY

Ulster judge no fan of plea bargains

Wait until all those petty criminals are let out of prison in a few years as hardened criminals. This judge must know the statistics on the stupidity of his actions. With 1 in every 34 American citizens incarcerated somewhere in the USA already, and every jail and prison overcrowded, I'd say he has no sense at all. Maybe he has a family member that bids the prison construction contracts- who knows! Long jail terms for inmates that are not habitually violent, have been proven to do nothing but breed worse criminals. The worst problem in Ulster county, as in most every town, is poverty, illiteracy and substance addiction. What this judge should be doing is mandatory alcohol and drug treatment, along with short jail terms and/or probation. I've never been arrested in my life, but I have absolutely NO resepect or trust in any part of the system, just from observing the corruption and stupidity that fills it. I'd honestly feel safer if they emptied every correction facility and locked up all te corrupt law enforcement- INCLUDING JUDGES! What's wrong with the attorneys that are allowing this judge to violate their clients' legal rights? They're all as corrupt and dangerous as this clueless judge is.  (Aug 28, 2010 | post #7)