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Apr 19, 2014


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St. Paul, MN

St. Paul Man Accused Of Fatally Shooting Girlfriend, Tryi...

Again another Abusive S.O.B. can just get a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD. Because Timothy first pointed a rifle at his 13 year old nephew. Then he was conditionally released from jail. WHY ????? Because it was a child involved and the system lets child abusers walk. Michelle's Dad knew Timothy was crazy and feared him but yet knew the system would fail them and it did. Timothy was and is a abusive control freak and like others of that type the system let's them walk. Timothy should had never been allowed to even ever see the baby or be near Michelle. I am so sick of hearing excuses for these bastards, such as hooked on pills or lost my job or stressed out etc.... Come on stop giving these creeps excuses. They are dangerous control freak abusers that knows they won't be given any jail time or their case will be dropped. Because of lazy County Attorneys and Judges because it gives them job security. ALL CHILDREN AND WOMEN SHOULD ""NOT "" HAVE TO HAVE THEIR LIFE PUT IN DANGER BY HAVING ANY KIND OF CONTACT WITH THE ABUSERS WHO HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. THESE TYPE NEVER CHANGE AND NEVER HAVE TO THANKS TO THE SYSTEMS. THEY WILL GET WHO THEY WANT.  (Apr 20, 2014 | post #1)