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Jun 25, 2013

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Stanhope, NJ

Does Stanhope have a Zoning officer ?

Federal Senators and members of Congress in Nv and NJ have reqeusted investgiations agaisnt the US Attorney, US Postmaster and IRS that have protected hundreds of corrupt government offcials The Borugh of Stanhope fired its town Administrator Ricahrd Stewart after he reproted the town's corruptiuon to the corrupt FBI in NJ and the State police but got severence pay. The prior corrupt town administrator teri Massood ran away without servence pay Aafter the Govt Record Council citied the corrupt town's municpal clerk for violating 4 OORA laws Now 100 witnesses have been identified to the press and state senators and reps adn the orrupt GRC will itself be cahgned under Senate bill S-2512 over 100 jdgues and govt attroneys are under investigation by the corrupt NJ Supreme court which just stalls see http://thomascaggi rant.pdf on filing agaisnt the corrupt Administrator of NJ Courts and the attorneys on the corrupt ACJC that prtoects judges infesting Sussex County, Morris ?County, Essex County and Mercer County. NJ is a ceasepol of corrution with 250 officials, jduges, attorneys, mayors, governing body emmbers, CFO, Professional engineers engaging in fraud, perjury and criminal abuse of ciourt prcoess as perjury and false audit reports are constant in Stanhope for 20 years or more. Get court records from Green township I can't adn the cases were in violation of court rules trasnferred to theat corrut municpal court taht the superior corut already made findings on dozens of false court orders taht the couyrt violated court rules constantly and its corrupt municpal prsoecutor did NOT even ahve a valid contract for years defrauding everyone convicted. See http://thomascaggi for lots of reports, court videos and more. Want to read about the corrupt judges then go to the directory http://thomascaggi anocom/corruptjudg es  (Jun 25, 2013 | post #6)