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Dec 7, 2006

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Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Drunk Jr

yea jr is a drunk hore  (Feb 28, 2007 | post #120)



Hi Flees  (Jan 25, 2007 | post #1)


Lions Assistant Suspended After Arrests

I believe that sums up the character of the DETROIT LIONS. they don't care. Personally I think Ford should sell the team and start all over  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #1)


Kevin Harvick's future

Hey anderson 24, come and reply on my topic.(Is Junior the beggining of a failure) Its in the NASCAR forum. thanks dude  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #160)


Crew Chief Changes

I wasn't expecting them either PS: try to reply to my topic in the NASCAR forum  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #2)


Is Jr. the beggining of a failure

Yes he is.  (Dec 20, 2006 | post #1)


NASCAR's Gordon Excited About Fatherhood

How bout' before you start writing shit about gordon, learn how to spell correctly you dumb ass  (Dec 18, 2006 | post #3)


Wie playing with girls, but belongs with boys

your cool!!!  (Dec 18, 2006 | post #195)


Wie playing with girls, but belongs with boys

Mike Weir is the best!!!  (Dec 18, 2006 | post #194)


Who is the greatest Thrash Metal band of the 80's

Rod Stewart and elton John all the way baby!!!!!!!!  (Dec 14, 2006 | post #12)


Jeff Gordon's new bride expecting child

How can you say gordon is gay. Dosen't look like Jr has a kid coming or has been married, does Jr. even have a girfriend. So when you say gordon's gay how bout you put your money where your mouth is  (Dec 14, 2006 | post #13)


NASCAR Star Gordon an Expecting Father

That's great. that's awsome that Gordon is going to be a dad  (Dec 14, 2006 | post #9)

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Is Jr. and Gordon the best of all drivers?

Jr. and Gordon are the two drivers that all race fans argue about. I'm a Gordon fan, actually a die heart Gordon fan. I have every sinle limited edition die-cast car that he has driven. Gordon wall paper, Gordon blankets and pillows, and the worst part of it all is that my brothers and grandparents are Jr. fans. I may not have 1 Jr. collectible but have the most respect for Jr. I think Jr. had to work like hell to get over his dad's death. also I believe he isn't near overrated. Ha! must be pretty weird to hear that from a Gordon fan. Tell me what you think about Jr. and Gordon. Also if your a big Jr. fan say whatever the hell you what about Gordon, I don't give a shit. But like I said write if you think Gordon and Jr. are the two best drivers out there. -thanks  (Dec 14, 2006 | post #1)

Jeff Gordon

Top Cup Finishes

That was a good race  (Dec 12, 2006 | post #1)