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Sep 21, 2013

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Hanover, PA

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I am an IBO in Mississippi with some stores in Arkansas. I am trying to figure out where you are. What city is the furthest south you go? Everyone wants weekly service but it can't happen. As someone else mentioned before you may consider delivering one week in the big truck and pack the store out, then come back in your car with a trunk full of nuts and a backseat of your best sellers and fill in holes and pull up the rest. Otherwise they have to go to every other week. Find out the reason they want weekly service. Is it a mom/pop with cash flow issues? Pack the store with a 2 week supply and have them write 2 checks and hold one for a week. Are they running out of an item? Double face and kill a slow item or ask to leave backstock. Give them a 1% discount if they agree to work it out. Are they concerned about the rack looking empty? Once again explain how it will cost you and give them a 1% discount to maintain the display. Unless it is Walmart most of the time these people have a reason behind their request.  (Sep 24, 2013 | post #4562)