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May 6, 2013

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'New York City was next': Police say Boston bomb suspects...

Oh my.... do you still believe obama is worrying anyhow about people's security in this country? Still wait someone here to move a finger to protect your ass? Well, just get ready to have a long wait! What these people in their cabinets now do is just practically everything to deprive ordinary American citizens of our right to defend ourselves, to defend our families and to defend our houses! Mind it: they significantly restrict now the gun laws for Americans while the same islamists buy the same weapons freely here illegally, give pistols to their children that in turn wear it even in schools and colleges.... Why don't they finally deal illegal weapons in hands of moslems? Sometimes it really seems to me that there is a certain gang of Pakistani agents occupy currently the White House having it as an aim to free immigrants' hands in US and to restrict American origins in rights as much as it might be possible now.... You wanna get know where will the next explosion take place? Be sure, you'll get it as soon as another bloody portion of news will reach the news agencies' offices... no earlier... and may just god save you all from appearing in the lists. People in America are left to themselves....  (May 6, 2013 | post #6)