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Apr 8, 2013

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Chicago, IL

Steve Wilkos : talk show host ? or simple minded goon ?

Darn straight; steve's a douche. Why does this site make me edit curse words? It is friggin' lame.  (Apr 9, 2013 | post #309)


Blacks, Religion and Homosexuals

Why are so many black people such hypocritical bigots; I don't understand why they often live in "sin", yet claim to be christian. Party and thug all week then go to church on Sunday hungover and f*ck your ho after church too. They are almost always so homophobic it is ridiculous. I am really glad not to be black and gay; that must suck to be black, but an atheist and a queer too.  (Apr 8, 2013 | post #1)


Who else thinks its awful for kerry washington tomin in s...

Yeah, I agree; good for you. I need to get a job and go back to school myself. Now I feel a f*cking rant and it might seem a bit off topic, but not really. This is lame, now I have to edit my language. I saw all kinds of racist talk and I can't say f&ck. Also black people need to stop blaming white people and creating more white racist; some white people try not to be racist, but they are only exposed to ignorant blacks. This is in real life and in the media; blacks with money, fame or in the media really need to get a Public Relations Manager. Bring back The Cosby Show instead of all this b(tches and hoes money money corporate greed sh*t. Smoke some herb and instead of being douche bags get in touch with your inner hippy and listen to some Hendrix or Marley or if you listen to new rap something like Lupe Fiasco. Whatever it is just so long as it has a positive message. Whites and blacks are equal, but they often don't seem to understand that they are equal. Also get involved in activism; stop the prison industrial complex. It is modern day slavery and most of the people incarcerated are black so you should all care very much. The war on drugs is a joke; it was created to flood the streets with more and worse drugs and keep you down. It just so happens that this racist system spills over to hurt the whites too. We must work together to put the powers that be in their place. I don't believe it is nearly as racial the motivation much these days, but more class oriented. Cops, they are definitely still racist and if they are a black cop they are self hating powermongers. Education reform is much needed and wear a condom each time you fuck; don't be white, be smart. Whites are fucktards too; humans mainly suck. If this shit sounds racist, you are retarded and part of the problem. White people are so scared to speak their mind and they bottle shit up, so I see white people all the time, even the dumb wiggers that as soon as they are with whitey they start all this dumb n**ger this fuck n**ger that you can't trust a dirty n**ger. You can't tell who is really racist anymore; blacks will call a good white person racist and be all like hell yeah with some of the biggest racist. I bet the biggest racist trolls out there have really good black friends and it is just their f*cked up secret outlet. Yeah, my first post sort of went on a bit of a f*cking rant. I'd bang the hell out of Kerry Washington by the way; I have a thing for all women.  (Apr 8, 2013 | post #1147)