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Jun 17, 2013

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How do you find a trusted provider?....anyon e? anyone? you ask your friends, family or circle of trust. However, knowing who knows what is a mining expedition that takes forever or just might come up short. Read this story... "Two years ago, my oldest dog passed away from CushingÂ’s myopathy. She underwent 2 unnecessary, major surgeries before we found the right veterinarian. I was left with the sadness that the referral for the right provider came a bit too late from someone I always knew. My friend was very apologetic for the delay and told me that my past requests for help got buried in her email." The Goldenslate Team, based in Sunnyvale CA, has been focusing on solving this problem and have created a social referral platform enabling consumers to connect with each other and with businesses through referrals. Goldenslate is a web community and a mobile app that with one click you can ask friends, family members or community members for a trusted doctor, dentist, lawyer, contractors....via email, text, social media and/or just the local community. To reserve your spot, go to m and make a reservation. Goldenslate will be live shortly. Please forward to friends or providers that you think would love Goldenslate!!!  (Jun 19, 2013 | post #1)

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