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Dec 23, 2012

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The security services are stripping us of basic Internet ...

Open Rights Group International - The latest revelations from the Guardian give good evidence of why they have recently been the target of government harassment, and also why this is entirely unjustified. Their reports of NSA and GCHQ attacks on fundamental Internet security really matter. These are the basics of trust on the Internet; they are the reason you trust your bank, your credit card payments or Virtual Private Networks not to leak this information to criminals, blackmailers or governments. Thus the real impact will not just be about security, it is about economics. Of course we all expect for NSA/GCHQ to try to break encryption systems from time to time, it's their job. The problems arise when they make us all vulnerable as a result. From the Guardian article, it appears they use threats and secret orders given to commercial companies to insert backdoors that must now undermine our trust in very common software products. They covertly insert vulnerabilities that weaken security of technical systems for everyone, not just their targets. The idea that this won't be abused by yet unknown parties can only be na├»ve optimism, plain stupidity or complete disregard for anything other than the NSA and GCHQ's mission. How it works This isn't about breaking the maths - at least not usually - it's about exploiting the 'joins' between the pieces of software, introducing flaws in the implementation of cryptology, and more general 'backdoors' to the communications, which don't rely on the cryptology. Schneier gives some good examples. Basically, the NSA asks companies to subtly change their products in undetectable ways: making the random number generator less random, leaking the key somehow, adding a common exponent to a public-key exchange protocol, and so on. If the back door is discovered, it's explained away as a mistake The agencies seem to be doing this directly with companies and standards bodies, on a very wide basis. Many of the exploits are better thought of as exploiting software vulnerabilities. Thus their strategy relies on people trusting big companies, or not paying attention to the work of standards bodies choosing security protocols. READ FULL ARTICLE: https://www.openri /2013/the-security -services-are-stri pping-us-of-basic- internet-security  (Oct 20, 2013 | post #1)

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The Tyler Group Barcelona Reviews | Briefs....

good to know.  (Jun 28, 2013 | post #4)

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The Crown Capital Management International Relations&#947... /groups/14120-The- Crown-Capital-Mana gement/discussions /69183 Terms of Use Users can print or download content from the Site only for their non-commercial personal use and provided that any intellectual property right is observed on the material. Any use of Site content for other purposes without our consent is prohibited. The CROWN management reserves the right to edit or update these Terms of Use whenever deemed necessary, even without prior consent from users. In which case, please be reminded to check on this page regularly for any changes as you will be understood to be in agreement with this through your continued use of the Site after changes have been made. Source: The Crown Capital Management  (Feb 1, 2013 | post #1)

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BP Holdings Madrid Spain Small Business Tax

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The Tyler Group Barcelona Articles-DAILYMOTION

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Biomass Boiler Addresses Alaskans' Environmental

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Improving safety in Iraq │newgrounds

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