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Jan 6, 2011

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Tarzana, CA


This was a Triple incalmo with the Pink on top, on one blowpipe, then the Latticino of multicolor on another pipe and then the last bubble of another pink on another pipe. The hard part and the making of Triple Incalmo was to put all three pieces together onto 1 pipe, and to make it into 1 bubble and blow a finished, Beautiful piece. Then to Transfer to a Punty and open the mouth. Da-Da! Still available at  (Mar 24, 2011 | post #1)

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What Your Church Won't Tell You by Dave and Gary Higgins

Alpha & Omega, I liked reading the above, and when I read about different denominations I am involved. Born and raised Catholic, Re-Baptised Baptist in Texas because of my beliefs. and now I just am helping all churches and synagoges with their stained glass windows. And now I have a Jesus looking for a home with me, on the cross with the Alpha and Omega. This is a Stained glass window done with painting on glass. Looking for a home.32" x 50" w Arched top, get back to me if interested, [email protected]  (Jan 6, 2011 | post #20601)

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