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Jun 23, 2008

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Red Bull Racing

Formula BMW's Championship Leader Brook Johnston Has Trou...

So Ive been following the Formula BMW Internationals series and although its hard to find out the news on each team and how the series is progressing, the drivers next stop is at Circuite de Monza, Italy. Most of the teams have been practicing all weekend for next weekends race, including Sauber Red Bull Racing who currently has both drivers as 1-2 in the points standings. Points leader Brook Johnston had a very hard impact with the wall today in turn 4 at the Variante Della Roggio corner and spun off into the dirt totaling the car and sending Johnston with what looked to be some pretty serious injuries. Teammate Matt Jaskel was having problems of his own all day long and couldn't get the car to run near the lap times that Sauber Red Bull Racing was expecting after an okay run yesterday. This is definetly the start of trouble that everyone was looking for and said that the two Americans would fall into. Question is will this ruin their championship hopes and will Johnston even be racing this next weekend? I find it terrible as a supporter of the American F1 movement that this could possibly ruin his season if injured enough, and I was really hoping to see some American dominance. Too bad because its not looking that way now!  (Jun 29, 2008 | post #1)

Toyota Atlantic Series

Atlantic's Champ Driver Johnston Reigns Over Europe

You all know that the Toyota Atlantic's Championship has come and gone with the movement of its father series Champ Car gone to IRL. Yet you remember when the series was huge while it followed Champ Car and took in some of America's top drivers. The 2004 Atlantic's Champion Brook Johnston has recently lead the Championship points standings for the newly founded Formula BMW International series and been asked to test for F1's STR team this August. I remember Johnston back when he first started Atlantics with G-Racing and the terrible first season he had with them, almost dropping off the racing grid itself. Yet he was given the perfect chance to redeem himself for another season from Team HDI Racing and placed third that season and won the championship the next season. This guy has been to the bottom and almost been gone from racing itself and has earned himself a top spot in STR's eyes. Just wanted to recap the memories dating back to what I thought would just be another rookie dropout, that ended up turning to gold. He just won a race in Monaco the other day for the first race on the European tour and is suprising the hell out of everyone. Who is this guy? Well he is the young man that went from Atlantics screw up to Formula BMW International golden boy. Not sure how he will do in F1, but he has my vote.  (Jun 23, 2008 | post #1)

Red Bull Racing

Brook Johnston Wins in Monaco

I have got to say I really think STR will be taking Johnston if he keeps his performance up this season. He is young but he keeps suprising everyone. I think he will blow away Danica and Graham on the F1 circuits in August. Do you know what track the tests will be held at?  (Jun 23, 2008 | post #2)

Red Bull Racing

Who is STR's newest picks for the 09' F1 season?

Well we have all heard much speculation lately about new small announcements or rumors of drivers in F1 for the 2009 season trials. One large one includes IRL's female phenom Danica Patrick who is a supposed candidate for Torro Rosso's test sessions this August. Danica is certainly a crowd favorite and Torro Rosso does love their American drivers. But as an Speedway IRL driver can Danica do her thing and perform well in F1? Also, Graham Rahal, son of Indy Car Champ Bobby Rahal, is said to have been asked to test for Torro Rosso as well. As a much younger candidate and with plenty of karting and IRL experience maybe Rahal can turn heads at Torro Rosso. The last candidate that has slowly risen into the rankings and public display is Formula BMW International driver Brook Johnston. Also an American, Johnston has taken the series by storm for Sauber Red Bull's elite program and has performed well on some of F1's toughest circuits. Dare I say that a Formula BMW driver be a better decision than an IRL Speedway driver. Well Johnston is young, has a ton of experience of F1 circuits and open wheel road racing, and has a special edge by already being an affiliate of Red Bull Racing's program. Will it be Patrick, Rahal, Johnston or another driver filling Vettel's poor performing spot in F1 next season?  (Jun 23, 2008 | post #1)

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