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Apr 3, 2012

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Use Martin Luther King Day to support same-sex rights, too

This is only good for stealing the thunder from Blacklivesmatter. If they didn't exist, more queers would be targets.  (Jan 19, 2016 | post #1)


Foolish blacks want white extinction

These negroes are a joke. But I have to say I don't care for the ones who try so hard to integrate as if they are desperate for white people's attention and we all know there's plenty of those as well.  (Sep 30, 2015 | post #8)

Nashua, NH

Why does NH Suck?

New Hampshire of course has its losers but it has more good points in my experience and is in fact cleaner than mass is. The mass people who move up there even are more relaxed. See I feel that Hillsborough county New Hampshire actually has some in common with the Hillsborough in FL only with smaller cities and snowy weather but cleaner even. The Tampa suburbs and outer towns in Hillsborough remind me of NHs Hillsborough kind of and the cigar scene looks to be getting bigger around the area as well with Castro's being a good start. Salem has another nice one too other than 2 guys. And some of the rednecks in the outskirts have that freedom loving way about the 2nd amendment but while the area can be liberal at the same time as well, kind of like Florida can be and I even heard NH is primarily a transplant state too with fewer natives.  (Jul 21, 2015 | post #167)

Dover, FL

Dead body found in Dover strawberry field

Dover may not be perfect, it could have some of this element but I believe that Gibsonton is a worse place than Dover is through first hand experience attempting to live in both. Dover doesn't seem to have much as far as restaurants though that's for sure or at least not yet . I see it as primarily a majority mexican farming town with some whites but the whites there seem better mannered than the ones in Gibsonton do.  (Jul 21, 2015 | post #53)

San Antonio, TX

California Sucks

I got news for everyone. I am leaving the Suckramento region ASAP and you want to talk about regional snobbery, us East Coasters are good at that bad boy but will also set the record straight. California SUCKS. Your snobbery is out of character 90 something % of the time. Very good at hiding your true feelings face to face but I detect it. I am relocating to FL ASAP where some real crazies are like me. I moved to CA due to a family situation (non marriage) and hated most of it. To make a long story short. I wanted to move to Portland but mom and stepdad settled in CA...Portland didn't work out so that makes being in CA suck even harder while waiting to go back East.But ya many of you Californians think your shit don't stink. I prefer TN or FL anyday. Its like someone said. at least they're a lot more courteous.  (Oct 9, 2014 | post #32)

Sacramento, CA

Calif. Minimum Wage Could Grow to Highest in U.S.

But they aren't all that much smarter if any. They have their own Appalachia in NorCal with so many drugged out, pro pot liberal types its ridiculous. Their IQ's are not very high to me.  (Oct 2, 2014 | post #13)

Carmichael, CA

Sacramento sucks more than:

From my time in the Sacramento area. This is not a very cultured region at all. I don't care how many Thai restaurants or Mexican ones there are.. that doesn't always mean well rounded and cultured and all the less so if most people act very segregating. Are there good people in Sacramento? Yes but sadly enough they're fewer and far between. I am also including the outskirts. There sadly also is not much of a difference anywhere in this region whether you're in Rocklin, Auburn, Loomis, Carmichael, Citrus. Most of it has the same kinds of people. Its just some is closer to the city and some isn't but no much difference other than that. Seems the same douchebags permeate the entire area no matter where you live or lets just say theres not a vast difference between anywhere in the immediate Sac area to the towns Northeast of it. Some of Sacramento County and Placer County is identical. Only time it isn't is when you're in the "hood" in South Sac or even the nicer pockets of Sacramento like East are some of the best because they have a New England feel. I liked it over there/Arden Arcade the most I'd say and maybe Land Park too but the rest forget it. Most of Sacramento is a sophomoric place from my experience and residents do act clique most places and if they move new, they know many of the people they're moving with and separate in these new places as if they're better. The whole region seems to do that. People can point at Boston or the South as being the most racist places but they aren't. Sacramento/SF can easily tie them or be even worse since many are not in your face and up front in California.  (Oct 2, 2014 | post #119)

Boston, MA

Why Is Boston The Most Racist US City, Many People Claim.

Exactly. I believe that true racism is a system also. It goes beyond I don't like you because you're black, I don't like you because you're white. When real racists and racism actually stops certain people or groups from living their life dreams, than that's racism. And that is the work of the devil indeed. I may not like some people, but at least if I make the laws that say you aren't allowed, it doesn't go beyond that. You are free to set up and make your own money elsewhere and form a community elsewhere. Or at least that should be how it is designed but most of the time in our country it isn't. Or whenever someone else did try to make a life or be more independent, the elite Jews and bankers in control now tried crushing that hope because of their own jealousy. I am talking about Black Wall Street.  (Oct 2, 2014 | post #47)

Billerica, MA

Section 8 Fraud

But you gotta ask yourself, why is that? Why are these people nearly broke who worked their whole lives? Something went wrong. Maybe they also over indulged in their own materialism? I mean not all of them have 10 kids to support right? The working class is very guilty of a lot of problems going on right now and how a lot of them vote and spend their money. Blaming the Section 8'ers is always a good alternative right? You're just jealous because some people know how to make money when they're a bit down on their luck. I mean if I am wrong tell me I am wrong but maybe theres a reason all these people who continue to go to work while being taxed to death are being laughed at. I mean we all know the story. There are working class folks indeed who are just as guilty when they themselves try to act rich and act above and spend above their means so they aren't all innocent angels either.  (Oct 2, 2014 | post #341)

Sarasota, FL

Gas prices for Labor Day will be lowest since 2010

Hopefully low enough to make my move back even smoother.  (Aug 27, 2014 | post #1)

Billerica, MA

Billerica crim,e 70s 80s 90s

So you came out to Sacramento area because you got dragged out to a prison in the area? Well welcome lol. I been back and forth from MA and Sacramento area myself. A family situation is what had me relocate to CA. I like it on the East Coast more though, especially Florida.  (Aug 27, 2014 | post #359)

Boston, MA

Why Is Boston The Most Racist US City, Many People Claim.

It doesn't look like white people have the balls anymore to start taking their land back from the real evil these days. You probably wouldn't have to move to NH if MA did its job and remained a more free state for white people. Its like they say, Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, White countries for everybody. It really holds true.  (Jun 16, 2014 | post #43)

Billerica, MA

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts in 2010?

For the record, I am for the official purge of many Jews in power. Their time is coming.. Look at the star of david. 6-6-6 all around. Wake up everyone, vote for a true nationalist!  (Jun 16, 2014 | post #5150)