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Apr 3, 2012

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Hillsborough County, NH

I hate New Hampshire

Still learning the ropes in NH although have a somewhat good idea after 3 months what its like living here. I moved from FL but originally from Lowell area. FL is a shithole state in its own right. Schools at the very least are better in NH but people for the most part seem like stuck up snobs. If I had to pick between the yuppies and older money, I'd take old money but either way you aren't getting into too many social clubs with too many people either way. NH Natives overall don't seem to have a sense of humor that I seen and that frikken queer flannel scene now seems to be coming to Nashua. And its not 100% authentic either.. The low taxes myth. Sure taxes seem lower but its offset in things like property tax, expensive goods just with no tax. Some things are actually more expensive than they are in MA. Eating out seems more expensive in NH actually. More hoity toity restaurants than anything although good coffee shops when I can find them like Riverwalk or whatever they call it. There are good cigar bars in NH also, some nice older downtowns but so does MA too, nice mountain areas, low crime, decent schools but really, that's where it ends pretty much. When my mom moves back to MA toward the cape, I could move back there. Not all places in MA are like socialist dumps. Just play your cards right, you can own firearms. In fact the way things are going, NH might one day be just as gun controlled or more with the more people who keep moving up to NH and less moving to MA. I find in NH also, more cops get bored so that could get them on your tail even more. The worst place in MA to get stopped is the Lowell Connector but beyond that, I find NH cops get bored in these small places like Brookline and pull people over just for something to do or look up someone with an out of state plate. All in all, the real true nice people of NH seem like a minority.. most seem to have a stick up their ass with very little character to them from what I see and don't like newcomers too much. People also play games, try to put out any serious relationship ads or meetup ads, people play too many games like no tomorrow. I am here technically for a trial living in NH.. I could stay but maybe not too.  (Jan 27, 2018 | post #8)

Portland, OR

how you hate oregon; let you count the ways

Portland blows. The city is much more boring than its portrayed to be in Portlandia. I think you can live an exciting life in Portland if you're rich and go out to the brewpubs every night. Then you can kind of segregate yourself from others, maybe meet others in that scene but it gets costly. When I was doing that VISITING, I found Portland to be a great town. Almost like I was kind of rich when I was there but I wasn't. I just had a breakdown, went there and spent money like a crazy person. I moved there in 2012 officially and it was a whole other reality. I saw all the natives, the bad side of town because that was reality when you weren't doing what I did visiting vs living there. In actual practice when you move there, you literally could be in a bad neighborhood because the good parts get hot and theres too much competition. Its not just Portland though, ANY mid sized city or slightly smaller city with a terrible economy, many homeless people (cough St Petersburg FL) are NOT good places to be. A lot of vagrants are attracted to them. FL has their share also now more than ever. CA, FL and Oregon have to be 3 of the worst states to live in. I think Oregon sucks in another kind of way from California. I'd rate it better by a little as long as you're not in Portland.  (Oct 4, 2017 | post #2564)

Nashua, NH

Why does NH Suck?

I am from MA originally, I live in FL now but when I return to New England, I want New Hampshire hands down. And ya while you can trash Massachusetts all you want, since I traveled other places in this country, there are worse places than Mass. MA is just NH's immediate neighbor so its easy to take frustrations out. MA still has good people, but I'll just say that the democratic party has wrecked many of their cities and it shows in the smaller cities even more than Boston even. Look at Chelsea, hellhole.. Lawrence, hellhole. New Bedford has a high crime rate as well as Fall River, Worcester. Fitchburg is down lately in crime. I try not to fall into the trap of making MA to be terrible because I know its not. Its my homestate, its just a fucking shame that it became less republican or at the very least independent, less free thinking types over time otherwise it would be like NH or Arizona. The state would be great ordinarily. I don't like what home has become. I however do think NH is the best state going in the NE but I also know Mass supplements it. Working residents from MA who ordinarily may not be bad people. Its not all their fault. They do bring income there and if that's really the case for NH being more vibrant, then trashing MA people is counterproductive. Because I see what MA WAS.. The silent generation times or the greatest generation times in MA were amongst some of the most republican conservatives in the state and many were great people and family oriented. I am Gen X/Y from MA but don't identify with MA boomers so much but I am more like the OLD Massachusetts so therefore NH is a better fit. I kind of "pahk the cah" but my accent is mild or not so Boston to hardcore Boston people but hardcore to anyone not from the area. So yes, I opt to be part of NH to LIVE FREE OR DIE and yes, I am from MA and will not vote democrat. Maybe if someone is more left leaning and they're 3rd party or something. I was a Ron Paul guy in 2012. It was the opinion of myself that Ron Paul was the ONLY guy who was going to save this nation. Not Mitt Romney, Not Paul Ryan, NOT Obama. Marty Walsh is cucked also. That's where I stand, I wont bash MA as badly overall besides the politics of the state and when you travel, you go to CA, FL, TX, you hear about places that are getting overpopulated and they have more crime than Mass and they are not places you want to be. I'd prefer MA to any of those 3 anyhow, just not the free thinking states left I wouldn't pick MA over.  (Oct 3, 2017 | post #184)

Sarasota, FL

Sarasota FL: Losing the cool factor

Ok this city seemed really neat when I first arrived to the area back in 2004. I never lived in Sarasota until 9 months ago as I was either in Manatee or I left the state and came back. But anytime I saw Sarasota from a visiting eye, and not just from one time only, I mean from keep on going back whether it be to bars, or meeting up with what I thought to be a new friend or something, I thought this would at the very least be a good city to live in with some balance between the rich and poor anyhow or they made it look like such an area where anyone could move here and make it. My mom came here, she would make fairly decent money so she did. I thought I'd be able to find work. I found a few jobs in my first 4 years in FL, then the crash happened and everything went down from there if you ask me. And even I used to hang out near Ringling too and it felt cooler than it does today back then. It seems like I was meeting people more often around the 2005 area but I am living here in 2017 and wow, while a lot seems the same and it is, a lot of the cool factor is going. Even in 2008 the vibe in Sarasota felt pretty good but wow.. what a change times make. Many of those people must have left or something because all I see now are the leftovers.. they are all coming to the forefront now, either the old people or the trashier white people in their pickup trucks. This town is getting more of a crackerized feel to it than a more educated feel. As if the bad elements of the old FL South are trying to take Sarasota back again with some of the transplants contributing too. Does anyone else feel the same? Did a new crowd move in here not like some of the past residents who were educated? Sarasota once had a cool factor.. I know this.. but it lost it. I don't feel it too many places anymore. Some remnants may be here but I got this feeling all the cool people left Sarasota. They either left the area, maybe moved to St Pete, or just didn't stay in the area after graduating Ringling or like I said, maybe they found a better area around here. As far as Sarasotas neighbor Bradenton goes, it will eventually be a tie despite all the pushback from Sarasota to ever become like Bradenton. It wont be any better eventually if it already isn't now.  (Apr 8, 2017 | post #1)

Sarasota, FL

I-75 ramps will close Wednesday overnight for University ...

University Parkway is a crowded hellhole now. I try to avoid that place as much as possible. I used to live around there though for a little bit. Its plastic, colorless, sterile. and Lakewood Ranch is more of that.  (Apr 8, 2017 | post #1)

Sarasota, FL

Racism and Hate & Discrimination

I know this is true and especially in Sarasota, I see it more. I know people here are racist as hell even if I am not always told. I feel it in the air. Theres tons of resentment going on, people stay to their sides of town. Sarasota = one of the most segregated places I ever lived in. Its more so than Bradenton even I dare to say and its not always the FL natives. I bet its some of those MI transplants who helped make Detroit hell by not attending to it or giving money to it, Moving out instead of staying there. That's the mindset these people here are all about. They would mass exodus somewhere if any "threat" was in their existence. I just wouldn't be surprised if the bulk of the racist people and those doing the discriminating in Sarasota are from places like MI or Indiana.. its the places you don't often expect. If I met more Chicago or Boston transplants, I'd fit in better.  (Apr 8, 2017 | post #38)

Sarasota, FL

I'm so bored in Sarasota......

+Sly Cooper Wow that's pretty bad. I don't mind Chinese restaurants if they're good ones. If its slop at the buffets though, then no its not good. That Super Buffet on Fruitville.. HORRIBLE. I went there and I hated it. I can tolerate Oriental Buffet but its more money. The best buffet is Grand Buffet in Bradenton truthfully. They even have chicken teriyaki. A Japanese/Chinese mix. Sarasota is totally a stale dull place to be in and after you seen everything, its no fun and it feels confined like its a real pain to go anywhere. I thought Mid Pinellas was bad when it came to being peninsula locked or locked between US 19 but in another way its bad in Sarasota. University Parkway is terrible now too. Bad traffic. Maybe even worse than Brandon as Brandon now is all built out and they don't have anymore to do really. If you're living in Sarasota Springs say, that's where you'll stay most of the time its safe to say. This is a city where you stay to your part of town pretty much. People don't venture out. If they're north, they stay north. If they're south, they stay south. They never go to Bradenton either. I cane here thinking I'd get a fairly decent social life but nope, that hasn't happened. I came here believing the job market would be better than Pinellas, haven't worked. I feel shut out of employment here on purpose. People who are well part of Sarasota don't want to share the wealth as far as I'm concerned. They don't want to give jobs to people the fair way or let a new person into their circle. They find stupid things to discriminate on. Sarasota = more racist than St Pete by triple. St Pete is the city improving here in general, not so much Sarasota. Even South St Pete is ahead of Newtown area and they're not too ahead as it is. I am scared though to go to anywhere North especially on the inbetween streets or Gillespie Park area.. I don't even like the 41/301 corridor but 301 is a total hellhole in N Sarasota omg. The more institutional racism a city has though is the worse its bad parts are going to be and that's evident. I don't think kicking out all the blacks and replacing them with the rich is the answer, even if I don't want to hang around blacks. Me and the blacks still have a common enemy with the top 1%.  (Apr 8, 2017 | post #15)

Portland, OR

Homeless: Get out of Portland, Salem,

My stepdad wants to move to Washington like an hour south of Seattle. Apparently it's ok around there. But ya Portland is becoming a hellhole like how the bad parts of Florida are where I currently am. There's a place called "Larghetto " deemed By the locals and it's just like felony flats and high prostitution, just not as many strip clubs but people like that scene there anyhow. SE Portland was so much like that and even a few other parts. NE sandy also looked sketchy with homeless too. Salem was calmer from My experience but probablY a lot of shit there too as it's the Capitol city.  (Aug 2, 2016 | post #3)

Nashua, NH

Why does NH Suck?

I love you Lisa, marry me. I like when women like you come around and tell the real truth. Hopefully the Donald will put a stop to most of the garbage across this country going on with welfare and the shitskins who abuse it, mostly blacks. Hispanics are hit and miss, many mind their business but the Dominicans who have that black blood are the worst.  (Jul 31, 2016 | post #173)

Billerica, MA

Billerica crim,e 70s 80s 90s

Now it's only about time within 10 years now that Billerica becomes a little India town.  (Jul 31, 2016 | post #390)


Use Martin Luther King Day to support same-sex rights, too

This is only good for stealing the thunder from Blacklivesmatter. If they didn't exist, more queers would be targets.  (Jan 19, 2016 | post #1)