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Nov 23, 2009

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Independence, KS

virgil peck

Rep. Peck has by now blamed just about everyone for what came out of his mouth — most recently the media — except the owner of his mouth. This man simply does not know when to shut up ... or ... he thinks he can say what he wants and the public will be dumb enough to vote for him again. I think not.  (Apr 28, 2011 | post #88)

Independence, KS

anyone used Cashmere Canine?

When Jolene first came to town and was starting up, she needed any business she could get. I took my two miniature poodles to her to get taken care of ... and she did fantastic work! I was thrilled and my dogs not only looked great, they liked her too. Over time, she became popular. Then one day, I was told she could not take my dogs any more because I did not bring them in often enough. I cannot afford to have my dogs groomed weekly. Apparently, she prefers to gouge the well to do than to keep the loyal customers who helped to build her business from nothing.  (Apr 28, 2011 | post #6)

Coffeyville, KS

Gay Marriage - Coffeyville, KS

The Bible is a great book for people who don't, won't or can't think for themselves. It also tells us to kill people ... the list is too long, but you can read it here: http://www.evilbib WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS ... Why does anyone care who sleeps with whom? Why do straight men seem to be so afraid? Are they afraid they won't be able to control themselves? Frankly, straight men should REJOICE that there are gay men around, otherwise they'd take their wives and girlfriends from them. Smart straight men go and find a gay man as a companion for their wives or girlfriends. The woman gets a companion, the straight man gets someone to look after her in his absence so he can hunt or fish plus she's perfectly safe with a gay man. I believe that (right or wrong in anyone's eyes) every individual should be allowed to become a saint or sinner in the eyes of God. As long as the rights of others are are not infringed upon, let people associate how they want. Why does anyone care if they want to get hitched? It's not for us to judge others. God is much better at it than we are.  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #111)

Cherryvale, KS

Who do you support for Attorney General in Kansas in 2010?

We need him fighting for the people.  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #24)

Cherryvale, KS

Who do you support for U.S. House in Kansas (District 2) ...

I want someone working FOR me, not against me.  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #5)

Cherryvale, KS

Who do you support for U.S. House in Kansas (District 4) ...

He's FOR jobs IN Kansas, not Mexico or China.  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #3)

Cherryvale, KS

Who do you support for U.S. Senate in Kansas in 2010?

Lisa is interested in the people, not corporate yes-men.  (Oct 13, 2010 | post #16)

Independence, KS

Do your christan coworkers represent chrisianity well?

I have found that while some people are true Christians and live by the spirit of God's teachings, the majority are "Convenience Christians" and are Christian when it is convenient or benefits them. I think our focus is supposed to be on looking outward to help those around us, not inward to benefit ourselves.  (Nov 23, 2009 | post #34)

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