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May 15, 2010

GilnoKoibito Profile

Q & A with GilnoKoibito


Priestess of the Mountains


I hang mostly in Hazard...

Local Favorites:

All my fav stores around here sadly closed down...RIP Sam Goody's and Sword in the Stone...but yay to the Fall Festivals!

I Belong To:

The Gods

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm on FB, drawing, watching/reading anime stuff, posting on Wiccan forums, watching TV, cooking, attending college classes

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I try to state facts and be fair

I'm Listening To:

Random Jpop, rock, punk

Favorite Things:

Drawing, photography, flowers, reading manga, Wicca, the paranormal, anime, Japan, mythology,goth and goth-loli fashion, psychology, philosophy

On My Mind:

ANIME!!! Wicca...and personal thoughts

Blog / Website / Homepage: - my story's website!

I Believe In:

The Goddess and the God Being tolerant of others!!! That we all have a place in this world!