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Jul 23, 2009

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Darien, GA

Man shot in McIntosh County after police chase

I can relate to you because my son was shot nine times in 01/07 by his cousin and the way darien police handle the whole situation is crazy; still they cannot give the family any answers but, you know there are alot people in darien that just want to put their two cents in and do not know a jack thing about what is really going. I pray that who ever son that was shot by the police that he recovers because you know god is god of second chances no matter what man says. My son is a living wittness. Be encouraged  (Jul 23, 2009 | post #138)

Darien, GA

Darien Georgia

I have a problem on 01/06/07 there was a shooting that involved three indivduals two males and one female from brunswick ga. I am very upset with the darien police due to there lack of consideration to the victims and all other parties families. The lies they told savannah news and darien news about the whole incident. They were related to me and I mean very close related to me. I will brake the story down to you A young man who was 24 just snapped for no unknown reason and shot his cousin and then went to brunswick and shot his girlfriend behind her mothers house and then got back in the car he shot his cousin in and killed himself. You read about things like this in books or see it in movies. This incident has really damaged the family as a whole. Funny how darien police allowed certain members to receive there belongs but the victims never did. When I approached one of the officers who made a comment I asked him why did he give that statement when my family member was in very serious danager.  (Jul 23, 2009 | post #1)