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Nov 5, 2013

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Don't watch these Black Racist Actors

As a response to those who say we only point out the black people. For someone that joins in on this conversation you should be aware of this much at the very least. We have to go to blog spots and hidden news sources to find these things out, simply because the only time we hear people making "racist remarks" through the media on tv, or newspaper, it's because there being condemned and there only white. Somehow everytime a white person says something racist or offensive it's all over the news, but you have to dig Really deep to find out about the rants scumbags like whoopi Goldberg and Vanessa Williams make, because it's inconvenient to the black apologist agenda. I.e Trayvon Martin unfortunately passing away due to the fact that he was beating a man into the concrete and I suppose he didn't wanna die because the guy thought he was a creepy ass cracker. Maybe you think that's more of a reason to die since he wasn't black, but to be fair one guy was beat to hell and the only marks on the black man were bruises on his knuckles and tattoos in his face(another something you had to dig deep to find out) because the media showed his pictures from 5th grade instead lol. A college baseball player in Oklahoma literally got killed simply because three blacks were bored and he was white, and yet the federal government pursued hate crime charges or tried to atleast on a Hispanic man defending himself against a black but not charges on the blacks that killed a defenseless white for being white. Riley cooper fined for one offensive word outside his work hours and workplace yet he was fined through his work. Yet whoopi Goldberg makes anti semetic comments on national tv with no consequences. She'll probably win the Nobel peace prize for her "courageous anti Jew anti white philosophies. To say it isn't a level playing field is a drastic understatement. Notice I didn't use the "n" word once, but my arguement was still solid. Call me a racist if you want, but I'm sick to death of the "oh the poor black race, lets give them everything and not arrest any of them because it's racist" mentality in it's entirety. And the blacks that not only encourage racial unrest but advocate and emplore it, are disgusting and are not doing the other black people any favors at all, they don't truly care about it. It's just their racket, and it's sick that people like sharpton not only make a living off it, but make millions to create and promote it. And anyone who isn't aware, the Africans are the ones that fought the Africans, and sold them into slavery. First to the Dutch and Spanish and then the British and French, and they mixture of all brought it here. For one thing we freed you. And have over 500,000 white people lose their lives for that very cause, Then we enacted certain civil rights to make sure no one hurt your feelings and you were not only treated equally but actually much better than equal, and we shifted our welfare system from white people destitute from fighting world wars , to perfectly capable black people as retribution to what happened to their ancestors. We might as well shift the allotment to the Jews, 6 million died in 5 years and they've been persecuted and enslaved 100 times worse than African Americans. we didn't shove millions of blacks in ovens either. And somehow there treated as the group that has been through the most and thanks us by promoting anti semitism and anti white behavior. You can call me a racist I you want if that's how you see it I respect that, but I see it as a person that draws a line in the sand between making a few amends that likely weren't merited, and kissing your ass and putting you above everyone else because something you never had to suffer. I have ample black friends, but an African American that thinks everyone owes him somethin because his race is no friend of Mine.  (Jan 25, 2014 | post #141)