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Nov 27, 2013

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How I Killed Scabies In Less Than A Hour, naturally, and ...

Hey guys, to all ya out there battling these things, I know your pain, stay strong,. You will beat this. I picked them up in Turkey, backpacking. Things that I have tried are all listed throughout this forum. I can't tell you which one worked specifically. Having got back from the dermatologist today I am full of optimism that they are gone. What is very common is for your nerve endings being sent into over drive after contacting scabies. Your brain and nerve endings are in over drive, playing tricks on you. What the dermatologist recommended was wiping out all of those chemicals I've put my body through over the last month (Epsom salts,bleach,borax ,hydrogen peroxide,pesticide s) and showering once a day, with a gentle soap. I was also prescribed menthol in an aqueous cream to sooth and relax my skin and endep. Endep is an anti depressant which I have never had a history of, nor did I go in requesting. The dermatologist believes this will calm the anxiety, reset the brain and nerve endings. Good luck and never give up hope!  (Nov 27, 2013 | post #371)