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Jan 3, 2014

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Melbourne, FL

The state of popular music in Brevard County

This, in my opinion, is a three part problem. Musicians play at local venues based in large part as to whether the venue thinks the act will bring in additional customers based on the type of music played, the band (or musician's) following, and other details involved in marketing, promotion, and what the venue perceives that the public wants to hear. That said, if I were a band I'd always keep "Mustang Sally" in my repertoire. My point is that the venues in Brevard County control content to a large extent and if they don't think it will satisfy their customer base, you're done as a musician. So we heart similar crap coming from virtually everyone in the county and the chance that this area will ever produce anything truly original for the larger audience is unclear at best, and totally unlikely at worst. So, the second problem is that in order for any musician in this area to make a buck, they generally cow tow to the venue demands. Thirdly, the audience in this area is partly to blame for not demanding a wider variety of music from which to choose. Particularly original music. I'd like some feedback and I don't mind a contrary opinion. So, fire away.  (Jan 3, 2014 | post #1)