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Nov 2, 2009

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Ludowici, GA

Long County deputy fired

Wont be knocking on my door either Jed. If they were gonna let him go back to work why not just give him his deputy position back or why even let him go to begin with. anybody know? makes no sense.  (Oct 16, 2010 | post #23)

Ludowici, GA

Long County deputy fired

I see what is being said cyrus but that fire investigation went WAY over Daryl Ballance's head, John Oxidine's (Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner) office assisted in handling it so Im not buying this bull. sorry. heres the link to the story that mentions this. m/Global/story.asp ?s=12729944&cl ienttype=printable Something was found or he would not have been arrested in my opinion. But of course innocent until proven guilty. I'm not saying he did it. Im like you wouldn't think you could sue over being investigated, maybe after it was all over and you were aquitted you could. but who the heck knows for sure thats just what im thinking  (Oct 12, 2010 | post #18)

Ludowici, GA

Long County deputy fired

A few things about this post. For one, how the heck does preacher give away the way you make it seem like tons of money to charity and people on a deputy's payroll?? They make nothing hardly. Yes he is a nice guy friendly, I wouldn't ever call him a jerk, but thats not my problem with him. My problem with him is that he is TOO friendly. and yes probably TOO many favors. Wheres the upholding the law here?? He hangs around too many of the younger crowd, parties with them, going down to jekyll with them for prom graduation ect. and thats a fact! and is not right. They are his "friends " and he will not uphold the law with the kids that he hangs around with and is friendly with . He opened that bar and most of them were in there, underage. and don't nobody try to tell me different, know this for a fact! what kind of law enforcement officer does that?? or to even open a bar?? I don't get it. he needs to grow up in my opinion. he would feel bad if any of his "patrons " would have wrecked while leaving his bar drunk. Most people like him, mainly the younger crowd and why wouldn't they. they sure ain't worried he's gonna do anything to them. about his house burning twice I dunno. will have to see what happens.  (Oct 12, 2010 | post #16)

Jesup, GA

Stop nepotism in Long County

well I would like to say that the Long County Government is not a "family business" and to compare it as such and to say its right to look within your family members to see WHO NEEDS WORK is just a ridiculous statement. jeez. It SHOULD be a matter of who is qualified for the position. And sorry but there are many many people who are NOT related to each other in this county. And the definition of nepotism does not have to be someone working under the direct supervision of another family member, it is favoritism based on kinship. and Im not saying if this or isn't the case in this matter but sorry if that would be what it meant...kin working directly under the supervision of kin,then we all know that Long County is guilty of it, maybe not in this case but in other cases. but thats ok. I know Ms Goode has stepped on some toes it seems lately and I understand that, but some things are not handled properly in my opinion either. As the entire hiring process in this county. you said that that position would have been given to somebody if it was not given to you. fine. I understand that you are well qualified for the position, But what I want to know is... was this job posted?? say in the newspaper for it to be fair for anyone to apply for this job??? Wouldn't that be the fair thing to do and the right way to conduct business?? I cannot recall ever seeing a job posted for any job in this county, or maybe they have been and I have just missed them. So was it posted?? Are ANY jobs posted here in this town?? Im also having trouble understanding the position. You said it was about problems with the reading of the meters. exactly what do they have you doing, if you don't mind me asking. reading meters? there are people I thought who do that. straightening out the bills? and whats with the meter problem?? are they tore up, not read right, what? Im curious. I mean fix the problem, whatever that may be...sort out the mess its caused and move on, don't see where it would call for a permanent position, really I don't. I mean is there ALWAYS gonna be a problem with the reading of the meters?? if the problem is fixed, whats the need of having a position open for a problem that no longer exist?? I understand that you were hired by the council and the mayor, and thats their decision but I think everyone should have had the chance at any position opening including this one. Sounds like yes Ms Goodes behavior is a somewhat out of hand if what all you are saying is true. especially threatening your dad. But really since you are now an employee of the city, should you be putting out there for all to see someone who has applied for the position, wouldn't that be something that should be a private matter. Heck it could be public record for all I know. I just think as a employee of the city you or any other employee shouldn't stoop down so low to throw out something that shouldn't be public knowledge. Its really unprofessional, no matter who you are so mad at or even if it is public record. So is who applies for a position for the city a matter of public record?? I'd like to know this so if you could. can you please answer if it is or not. Also if this job was posted say in the newspaper or anything. Well guess thats it. Yall have a nice day ok!!  (Sep 26, 2010 | post #15)