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Sep 23, 2012

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The Goodness of Chocolate Brownies

Okay, so what do I mean when I say "the goodness of chocolate brownies"? I'm not necessarily referring to the health benefits of these delicious little chocolate delights although if you use dark chocolate you have just made a healthy snack for yourself (see www.chocolate-reci lth-benefits-of-da rk-chocolate.html) . Brownies are such a handy little snack to make and they're so popular. You can fill them up with little bits of healthy ingredients for those who have fussy little eaters (God bless 'em) such as carrot, fruit or zest and nuts so long as there are no allergies. Or you can just make plain brownies. Bake them in a pan and cut them up into squares or use a muffin tin and cook them that way. All you need to watch is your cooking time for the first batch and then repeat until all of your mixture is finished. I recently added Grand Marnier and Cointreau into a couple of batches I made. The boys at work were very impressed. My personal choice when it comes to baking chocolate brownies is to slightly under cook them. In the past I have had the displeasure of trying to swallow well-baked brownies then immediately needing a drink to wash them down (literally) - yuk. If you make them slightly moist and fudgey, not only do they go down very well but they taste absolutely amazing also. There are a whole heap of chocolate brownie recipes to be enjoyed at www.chocolate-reci colate-brownie-rec ipe.html Feel free to share them with family and friends also, no need to keep them to yourself.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #1)


A daily dose of chocolate is shown to help prevent stroke...

This is really great news for us guys for two reasons - we get to eat more chocolate and we live longer so that we can eat even more chocolate. Sounds like a win-win situation here. Found a really great resource on this topic at www.chocolate-reci t-dark-chocolate.h tml It appears that dark chocolate is good in so many ways. This is well worth a read for men and women alike.  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #1)