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May 14, 2007

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What's Missing from Your Local News?

Has Kibaki scored honors ( Ph.D Perfecting Tribalism Science

President Kibaki's government as finally and officially inaugurated tribalism as a yardstick for public office appointments. Elected on a platform of zero tolerance of corruption, equatable distribution of public wealth, vetting of key govt appointments etc...this is not the case. Things took a nosedive for an unprecedented ethnic chauvinism, xenophobia and gender inequality among other social, economic and political injustices. For info tune in to http://eastandard. net/hm_news/news.p hp?  (May 15, 2007 | post #1)

Appointments in the Kibaki administration

DO MEMBERS OF OTHER TRIBES/ETHNIC GROUPS STILL EXIST IN KENYA TODAY??? A former colleague sent me this and I thought I should share it with you people. May God bless Kenya as we move closer to the election period! It is unbelievable. FINANCE MINISTRY (Controls Finance, Banking, & Economy in general) Minister - Amos Kimunya - Kikuyu Asst. Minister- Peter Kenneth - Kikuyu Permanent Secretary - Joseph Kinyua - Kikuyu Economic Secretary - Kamau Thuge - Kikuyu Pensions secretary - Anne Mugo - Kikuyu Budgetary director -P.B Ngugi -kikuyu ERD director - Kenneth Mwangi -kikuyu D/Finance secretary - Mwirichia -Meru CENTRAL BANK OF KENYA. Governor- Prof. Ndungu - Kikuyu (curious appointment in election yr) Dep. Governor - John Gikonyo -Kikuyu CONSOLIDATED BANK OF KENYA. Chairman - Phillip Njuki - kikuyu Chief Executive Officer - David Wachira - kikuyu KENYA REVENUE COMMISSION **The most absurd** 1. Commisssioner General: Michael Waweru - Kikuyu 2. Board Secretary: Mrs Ngang'a - Kikuyu 3. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr J! oseph Nduati -Kikuyu 4. Deputy Commissioner, Investigation and Enforcement: Mr Namu Nguru 5. Deputy Commissioner, Administration: Mr Karimi - Meru 6. Deputy Commissioner Procurement: Ms Murichu. - Kikuyu 7. Commissioner Customs: Mrs Wambui Namu. - Kikuyu 8. Senior Deputy Commissioner (Customs): Ms Githinji.-Kikuyu 9. Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement (Customs): Mr Maina.-Kikuyu 10. Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Ms Wachira.-kikuyu 11. Commissioner Domestic Taxes (LTO Mr Njiraini. -Kikuyu 12. Deputy Commissioner: Mrs Mwangi. -kikuyu 13. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Finance: Mrs King'ori.-Kikuyu 14. Senior Assistant Commissioner, Security: Major Kariuki.-kikuyu 15. Senior Deputy Commissioner, Southern Region: Wagachira.-kikuyu CAPITAL MARKETS AUTHORITY Board Chair- Chege Waruingi -Kikuyu CEO - Edward N'talami - Meru DIRECTORATE OF PUBLIC PROCUREMENT Chief Procurement Officers - 23 out of 36 first appointees are all from GEMA. Rest of Kenya = the remaining 13 (out of the 36). KENYA RE-INSURANCE CO. Chairman of Board - Nelius Kariuki. -kikuyu Chief Executive Officer - Johnson Githaka -kikuyu Financial controller - John Kinyua - kikuyu The latter two were just recently sacked for grand corruption. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION : Minister - Prof George Saitoti - Kikuyu Asst. Minister(s) - Beth Mugo - Kikuyu Kilemi Mwiria - Meru Permanent Secretary - Karega Mutahi - kikuyu Director Basic Education - Mary Njoroge -kikuyu Director City Education - Margaret Thiongo- kikuyu Kenya Institute of Education(KIE) Director - Gabriel Muita -Kikuyu Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) Chairman - H.M Kimura -Kikuyu Commission for Higher Education (CHE) Head of scholarships /credentialing Snr Asst. Commissioner- George Njine -Kikuyu Head of Administration (Asst. Comm) - Margaret Kobia -Meru MINISTRY OF INTERNAL SECURITY & PROV. ADM Minister- John Michuki - Kikuyu Asst. Minister - Peter Munya - Meru Permanent secretary - Cyrus Gituai - kikuyu CID Director - Simon Gatiba Karanja- Kikuyu AP Commandant - K. Mbugua - kikuyu GSU Commandant - Mathew Iteere -Gema Deputy & Asst Commissioners of Police - majority -kikuyu Provincial Commissioners (PC's) 3/8 Nairobi J. Waweru - kikuyu Coast - Earnest Munyi- " NEP -Kiritu Wamae - " DC's 38/71 are GEMA with most concentrated in; Rift Valley (19), Eastern (8), Coast & Western (3 each) MINISTRY OF DEFENSE Minister - Njenga Karume - Kikuyu Asst. Minister - none Permanent secretary - Zachary Mwaura -kikuyu Vice Chief of Armed Forces - Lt. Gen. Julius Karangi - kikuyu Army Commandant - Lt. Gen. Augustine Njoroge Navy Commandant - Maj. Gen. Mwathethe " Dep. Air Force Commandant - Maj. Gen. Jackson Waweru " God bless Kenya.  (May 14, 2007 | post #1)

The Kamba Alphabet

The Kamba are a Bantu ethnic group who live in the semi-arid Eastern Province of Kenya stretching east from Nairobi to Tsavo and north up to Embu, Kenya. This land is called Ukambani. They are either the third or the fifth largest ethnic group in Kenya depending on the context. They speak the most romantic language the world as ever seen, called Kikamba language. However, there are lots of gray areas when they attempt to speak English be it British or American. This has been attributed primarily to their alphabet which only the gods of Amadioha or Ojuku know where or how it was developed. The politicians from the region have not helped the situation. Some try but others, without name calling ,you should listen to their cheap political bellyaching. For example the talk of the infamous Agwambo's Hummer aka nyundo, or pieces of land grabbed. It's utterly deluded, wacky and absolutely demented. It's a classic example of what anyone of sane mind should never think of let alone say it. It confirms the obtuseness that occupies the zone between the left and right earlobes. Anyway the alphabet goes as follows THE KAMBA ALPHABET 1. A (Hay) FOR HUNDERWEAR (Underwear) 2. B (Mbi) FOR Mbushit (Bullshit) 3. C FOR CEENAKI (Snake) 4. D (Ndi) FOR NDAMBILIU (W) 5. E (Hii) FOR HEATING (Eating) 6. F (Hef) FOR FINJAWT (Peugeot) 7. G (Nji) FOR NGONJIAS (Gorgeous) 8. H FOR ANNEI (Honey) 9. I FOR ICCUPS (Hiccups) 10. J (Njei) FOR NJUIS (Juice) 11. K FOR KETO (Kettle) 12. L (Elo) FOR LEMBO (Label) 13. M FOR MBIGIE-NJI (Big - G) 14. N FOR NGILINI (Green) 15. O FOR HOMBIT (Orbit) 16. P FOR FACKING (Parking) 17. Q FOR KWININE (Quinine) 18. R FOR LAIS (Rice) 19. S FOR SONJA (Soldier) 20. T FOR TWINGOH (Twinkle) 21. U FOR YULAINO (Urinal) 22. V FOR FENGETEMBOS (Vegetables) 23. W FOR �SII NDII" (See D) 24. X FOR ENZEL (Excel) 25. Y FOR Y (Why) 26. Z (Nzedi) FOR NZED (Z)  (May 14, 2007 | post #1)

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