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Jul 8, 2008

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Top Stories - Supreme Court

Troy Davis put to death in Georgia

This is outrageous. One more reason why Innocence Project and like groups need our support.  (Sep 22, 2011 | post #1)

Louisville, KY

Election Poll, Sept 2011 - Louisville, KY

I campaigned for Obama in 08. But I would not vote for him now, he has not focused on the economy and appears unconcerned about the middle class. Romney's background seems better suited for the challenges ahead.  (Sep 22, 2011 | post #9)

Top Stories - Wikileaks

Visa Disrupted in WikiLeaks Blowback

Shame on Amazon. The company that says it's all about books and freedom of expression helps shut down a site that has done nothing but report the truth. Where is the First Amendment? Maybe Hillary (who often hates the truth) has intimidated companies like Amazon & MasterCard all over the world. Let's hope the grass roots support for Wikileaks prevails.  (Dec 8, 2010 | post #2)

Lincoln Memorial

DC rally shows support for struggling Democrats

The Democrats deserve to lose the House, but I hope that they hold the Senate. Obama needs a lesson - he must focus like a laser beam on the economy.  (Oct 5, 2010 | post #801)

Top Stories - Wall Street

Oscar flashback: When Michael Douglas won best actor for ...

I hope that his ex-wife drops the suit wanting a share of his Sequel earnings, not appropriate given what's happened since.  (Sep 27, 2010 | post #1)

US Politics

Rand Paul tries to defuse controversy over racial discrim...

It would be a shame if Paul does not win in November, the Senate needs free thinkers like him.  (May 23, 2010 | post #184)

Blog News

Rand Paul: The Scary New Face of the Tea Party Movement?

Rand Paul may have won the Republican Senate nomination for Kentucky but he is far from certain to win in November. He faces Jack Conway, a very smart Democrat who is salivating at his new election prospects after Paul's win. Kentucky is a conservative state (after all, McConnell won by 6% during the Obama landslide) and even Kentucky voters may find Paul's views too extreme. It would be a shame as it would be refreshing to see a free thinker like Paul in the U.S. Senate.  (May 23, 2010 | post #1)

Top Stories - Pope Benedict XVI

Roger Vangheluwe, right, the bishop of Bruges, with Pope ...

POPE Benedict, as Bill Maher says, must long for the days when he was called a Nazi! It gets worse every day. The Church has looked the other way for years about child sex abuse and the chickens have come home to roost. Clerical celebacy must be a #1 Cause as other churches do not have this issue on this volume.  (Apr 23, 2010 | post #1)

Top Stories

Steve Jobs: 'Most valuable CEO'

Jobs clearly is a great CEO. But the IPad may be a challenge. It's big & clumsy and we don't really "need" it. If you have a Blackberry or IPhone & a Kindle, plus a laptop, why do you need it?  (Mar 28, 2010 | post #1)

Top Stories

'the Pope, You Know, he is Lying': Mother of Victim Leads...

The Pope's days are numbered. He's not the man the previous Pope was. He's not a man of the people, he's a ex-German bishop out of touch w/families shocked by the behavior of the Church in not stamping out these crimes against children.  (Mar 25, 2010 | post #7)

US Politics

The Coffee Party Movement Faces Its First Challenge

A more appropriate name for the times. Who drinks tea? More of us drink coffee.  (Mar 16, 2010 | post #444)

Top Stories

China Says It Will Move Cautiously on Currency

China will need to move cautiously. In 2008 China saved us when it bought our Treasuries; if they're not there, we're in serious trouble. Let us not forget it.  (Mar 6, 2010 | post #1)

US Politics

Tea Party Movement Racist: Fox News Poll

The Tea Party cannot make up their mind who they are. Are they populist? Yet they charge over $500 for their Nashville convention because they had to pay $100,000 to Sarah Palin to convince her to speak.  (Feb 15, 2010 | post #614)


2010 Academy Award nominations

Good 2010 Oscar choices, except for "Up in the Air". This film is all about nothing and is particularly insensitive to people portrayed in the film as being laid off (many scenes use real people, not actors). There are other more deserving movies.  (Feb 2, 2010 | post #2)


President Stresses Jobs In State Of The Union

The fastest way to generate jobs is to abolish, or phase out, payroll taxes. They are a fine for employing people. If Obama announced a payroll tax abolition, or phase out, on Monday, effective immediately, jobs will be created within hours.  (Jan 30, 2010 | post #244)

Q & A with Geoff Hasler


Geoff Hasler


Santa Barbara, CA.



Local Favorites:

Montecito Cafe, Stonehouse & Pascucci on State Street, Fresco, Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant in Five Points, Canary Hotel Bar & Restaurant, Woodys.

I Belong To:

Democratic (Conservative liberal or liberal Republican)

When I'm Not on Topix:

hiking in the hills above Santa Barbara, hanging out on State Street, checking out the musuems and libraries here, travel especially Eastern Europe

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I enjoy writing them ... :)

I'm Listening To:

more mellow than it used to be

Read This Book:

The Big Short; Thin Bitch - it'll turn you off meat forever & The Audacity to Win by David Plouffe

Favorite Things:

New York Times, The Economist are my two staples

On My Mind:

politics, investing, business