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Apr 3, 2007

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Milwaukee, WI

U.S. Economic Meltdown Poetic Justice?

Trying to isolate and squash someone with such a prickly and disagreeable tone yet nothing I stated can be soundly refuted? Further I question the validity of anyone's opinion without first addressing what I wrote in this thread before their profanity and rally to judgment. No 'Midnight,' it is sociopaths like those Americans who hardened themselves like steel while reports of mass orphaned Iraqi children and decimated families, directly resulting from American bombings, reached our media outlets. Tell me what is more sick, mindless war mongering, flag waving, and huffing at peace advocates when from 100,000 to 1 million Iraqis died in that unjust war, or the disappointment in the moral authority of one's country? Bitter--perhaps, but at a country acting like a violent ape on the world stage, not a moral leader. What I expressed was distilled and pure apathy for the countless thousands of war mongorers whom themselves now suffer. Yes, they got fat while entertaining themselves with American combat missions on television, on scenes of screaming Iraqi women while the bodies their innocent husbands or children were pulled from the rubble of their homes. Now they're suffering, and I am looking the other way the same way they did.98  (Jan 30, 2009 | post #3)

Milwaukee, WI

West Allis mayor to veto pit bull ban

I agree with Elizabeth. Any dog can be aggressive, regardless of breed. It's not the dog, it's the owner that instill the negative trait, or positive trait, in the dog. There are plenty of German shepards and pit bulls, for that matter, as gentle as a dove. And by the way, both are outstanding breeds!  (Jan 15, 2009 | post #5)

Milwaukee, WI

Obama's Hypocrisy Exposed

I don't think you can "wound" your allies, deliberately or not, and expect their loyalty. Even the Republican Party doesn't do such things to their constituency. I also take umbrage to having to continually sit back and watch religious bigots take shots at personal liberty as enshrined in our Constitution just because they don't like homosexuals. As an atheist I am not fond of the evils of Christianity, but I am not joining Freedom From Religion to fight back. True Christians should invite all people to the Church and not be exclusive. Until they do that, I don't have anything more to say to them. Church may try, if it wants to begin reaching out to the Gay community, consulting their gay clergy. Righteousness begins in their own house, dare I say, the "House of God."  (Jan 13, 2009 | post #5)

Milwaukee, WI

Bailout CEO Gangsters and Tax Paying Suckers

Hey! Check out 2008's list of swindlers and thieves in the header page of today's Huffington Post. It will blow you away. For starters, AIG mortgage insurance giant got 124 billion in government money (not a loan!), which its senior managers used to reward themselves for gross company mismanagement with lavish gifts such as a $440,000 week long trip to St Regis luxury resort in Orange County California and an $86,000 traditional Ol' English hunting trip! Also, the defunct investment firm Lehman Brother's CEO Richard Fuld, who ran his huge company into the gutter, ruining lives, faith, and tradition, bagged $240 million dollars between 2005 and 2007. His refusal of an orderly restructuring of the firm amounted to a $75 billion dollar loss and collapse of the firm. And that's just a sliver of the abuses before and after the massive bailout of abusive bankers and mortgage brokers living high off the hog of taxpayer money (as the old saying goes). Ironically, the lavish gifts AIG affords its managers wouldn't have been possible if Bush and Congress simply had placed oversight measures into the bailout bill disallowing the abuses. This doesn't even address the failure of the bailout bill to force banks to the job the funds were intended to do, which was to loosen stringent lending practices that dampen the nation's commerce. So then the bailout has been a total failure and the biggest fraud in 21st Century history. And whose its sucker? Mainly it is President Bush who had the power to stop the measure. Secondly its every member of Congress who voted for it. Incidentally Senator Feingold, once again showed supernatural presience by warning Congress about the bailout, describing it as a shakedown of American taxpayers and doing nothing to prevent the abuses that caused the mortgage meldown and credit collapse of today. This is the same man who described the Patriot Act as an abuse of power and threat to the American Republic after being the only elected official to actually read it. Other talk in Congress, but Feingold does his homework first, and in the end HE is right.  (Dec 31, 2008 | post #1)

Milwaukee, WI

Why Republicans are right about Privatizing Social Security.

You're right as concerning bonds, temporarily so to speak. Bonds sometimes are losers, too. However, their yield trends steadily upward. Regardless, what does it matter what is most secure, gold securities or bonds when such a national pension plan guarantees l,against losses? Besides, I am keeping everything in my 401K in securities and am weathering Wall Street's slide well, for now.  (Nov 20, 2008 | post #3)

Milwaukee, WI

School Voucher System Maxxing Out--Thank God!

No need to resort to inflammatory gesture and tone. As for venomous, yes. Clouded, no. The Church does owe many apologies down through the ages though. It started with the Vatican's issue of an official apology for the Inquisition and humiliation of Galileo and his so-called, "heresies " against the Divine order (Sun goes around Earth) 400 years late. If you want to laugh, laugh like a fool at that. I wont laugh though, because I DO believe in education, just the right kind of education, not bigotry, ignorance, and silly notions about what the framers of the Constitution felt was the role of public education toward the "General Welfare of the People. I bet most Republicans are afraid to come to terms with that. I bet you are, too. You see, the Republicans are never going to be able to undermine public education in favor of private school vouchers. For one thing, taxes would eat them alive, starting at their backside. Of course, if you do support the Voucher system, you must persuade the public and government to abandon public education for something too expensive to exist as a sole entity and answer to American education. The laugh clearly is on you. Furthermore, I am done with this conversation, for I've nothing more important to add to this thread.  (Nov 14, 2008 | post #7)

Milwaukee, WI

School Voucher System Maxxing Out--Thank God!

Thousands of parents and academics don't agree with YOUR opinion. No matter, it's still a free ride for their kids. Their parents had them, their parents should raise them. Taxation without representation is tyranny. Have your forgotten one of the mantras of our Revolution? As a Republican, that should strike a nerve with you. When I was a kid, my parents, who were immigrants of meager means, sent me to Catholic school and could barely afford it. Time and time again they debated whether to pull us out of the Catholic school system, because they distrusted the secular environment we would be fostered in within the Public school system. Ultimately I threw God out with the tooth fairy when I came of age, but I had a reasonably good education, on MY parents' money. That is the way it MUST be. The public schools system is for those whom can't afford private education. Furthermore, it is unconstitutional to fund religious schools with secular tax dollars, MY atheist dollars. And for what good reason, should dolts like President Bush want to fund faith-based education with my atheist dollars, tell me? Probably to foster children in an environment of religious bigotry, which in due course of their lives leads them to denounce anything non Catholic, or "ungodly, " like Gay Marriage and Pro-Choice. Don't try to convince me that the Voucher system is not politically motivated, because it most certainly is. Bush doesn't care about the sound education of inner city black kids, come now!  (Nov 12, 2008 | post #5)

Milwaukee, WI

Why Obama's Reforms Will Ulitmately Fail

Some how the message I originally intended for this thread was lost hoopla. So I'll restate the message with an addendum. The problems facing the world are so dire and deeply seeded that his administration cannot solve them EVEN with the help of a Democratic Congress and support of the majority of Americans. If any significant improvement is felt in the livelihood of average Americans due to his measures it probably wont be till late in his tenure or after he leaves office. The addendum is that the Dems failed to secure a 59 seat majority and coalition with the Barry Sanders, a Socialist, for a filibuster proof Senate. That means that the Republican party can filibuster to death ANY bill they want, those for healthcare reform, energy policy, savings and retirement, foreign policy as it relates two America's two precious wars, etc., etc. So speaking as a former Democrat to my colleagues still in arms, don't get your hopes up. You are going to be disappointed. Also, please check the price tag for all the bills to be introduced to Congress. If you believe the Federal Treasury is going to be able to afford the many hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars in revenue Obama's Administration is sure to require, you are so very mistaken. We already owe nearly 11 trillion dollars, and somewhere between 12 and 40 trillion in Medicare and Social Security debt entitlement is going to hit the fan beginning within in ten years. How in God's name (I don't believe in God, by-the-way), is America going to accomplish all Obama's plans without an economic strategy. Funny thing about Americans, they have a lot of hopes and aspirations, but no common sense and no blueprint. Americans are the most arrogant people on the face of the planet, and that is no understatement.  (Nov 5, 2008 | post #5)

Milwaukee, WI

Why Daylight Savings TIme is a Pain in the...

I loath DayLight Savings Time. Twice every year you have to reserve time to change all the clocks and associated settings on all time-setting equipped appliances, clocks, computers, watches, MP3s, in your home, workplace, and automobile. Should you forget how to program something, your pain is multiplied. All this stress just because someone wants more daylight hours during winter. They better be comfortable with the stress swapping on opposite sides of the year when all clocks have to b changed again. And so what if you get an extra hour of sleep for six months--or is it eight months this time? You have to give up an hour of sleep the next six or eight months of the year when you have to change all the clocks and everything again. It makes really less sense than as described by WWII advocates for times such as ours, when we're set to a certain biological clock and routine. It's unhealthy to change it. Of all things the human race should should resist tampering with, it's TIME. No wonder the human race is so jacked up. And I would just love to ring the neck of to whomever the idiot was who came up with such an utterly stupid concept of changing daylight hours, inconveniencing 50% of our population for the gain of the other 50%, or trading half a year's inconvenience for the next half of the year's convenience. But hey, you know human nature. Have you forgotten it? It's all about how complicated and inconvenient you can make something, the more so the better.  (Nov 2, 2008 | post #1)

Milwaukee, WI

As an Independant I Won't Vote Obama

!. He supported FISA's "Protect America Ammendment," which together with the "Terrorist Surveillance Amendment," threatens the tripartite balance of power of our constitutional democracy. For those of us who don't know what that means: the Feds can survey personal emails and phone conversations, track your internet activity, and maybe seize your electronic devices and equipment in a manner that violates the 4th Amendment, one of the pillars of the Republic of the United States of America. A nation that loses its foundation of laws, ceases to be [that] nation. 2. He is too conservative in his foreign policy, especially with respect to Israel. Stating that Jerusalem must remain undivided and forever part of Israel runs perhaps contrary to the conditions of peace, which is clearly more important than one nation in the conflict can selfishly want. It is also unrealistic given the historical facts surrounding the Israeli-Palestinia n conflict going all the way back to the Mandate of Palestine. Zionists and Apocalyptics may like his aspirations, but not those of us who care about preserving our green world for future generations. 3. Gays are second class citizens under an Obama Administration. Continued banning of gay marriage in favor of domestic partnership laws accorded by state is akin to Separate but Equal laws and Jim Crow, and patent discrimination has no place in a [true] democracy. 4. Obama wants to expand, not rescind, faith-based funding of religious establishments in gross violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution. The irony is he calls himself a Constitutionalist when he knows that the Constitution prescribes the "wall of separation" between Church and State to protect America from the long abuses of history whenever the interests of dominant religions and state become one. I am voting for Ralph Nader.  (Oct 22, 2008 | post #1)

Milwaukee, WI

Barack Obama: The Perfect Next American 911

Many upright Americans did nutty things in the tumultuous 60s. How many former Hell's Angels, Black Panthers, Alaskan or Vermont Separatist Party members, both former or current, are in politics today? Why single out Obama for nothing more than some wild seeds that were never even sown. Yes, he sat down and broke bread with a renowned former radical Vietnam War reactionary, many years after he reformed and joined 'correct' society. What about Sarah Palin's past advocacy for the Alaskan Separatist Party? No one is calling her a traitor, and they need not do so, regardless. Can't you see the 'real' mission this man, Ohama, is on? This nation has some severe entrenched problems that no one of George W. Bush's ilk shall solve. Why get entangled in such trifles when the real traitor of this nation has already done exponentailly more damage than ever Obama could. His name is George W. Bush and here are a few of his accomplishments: 1. Doubling the National Debt from 5.5 trillion to 10.5 trillion, and increasing the debt to GDP ration to 70%, the worst level since 1954. And please spare me the Congress-helped-hi m bit. When the chief executive's signature is the equivalent of 435 Representatives and 99 Senators, the White House should always be first to blame before Captil Hill for National Debt contributions. Clearly, in addition, From Reagen to George Bush, and from George Bush to George W. Bush, with the exception of democrat Bill Clinton, the debt has increased substantially. 2. Isolating economically and diplomatically Russia during the critical formative years of its fledged democracy (1991 to present). The threat of nuclear war during this heightened global proliferation of nuclear weapons has never been greater, except arguably during a few key heights of the Cold War. 3. The Iraq War, which George Bush, Senior, would never have advocated. This misguided war not only badly damaged our reputation among traditional long term allies all over the world, but hundreds of thousands of mostly innocents perished in the war, millions became refugees, and heightened tensions between neighbors Iran, Turkey, and Syria. All of this so Americans could obtain a false sense of security while Iraqi and Iranian religious fanatics wait for our troops to leave the region before making their move.  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #2)

Milwaukee, WI

Yes to Universal Health care, but what kind of program is...

Remember Hillary Clinton's argument that health care must be made mandatory for every single last American, that it must be once and for all the law of the land. Well, I didn't believe her then, but I do now, and here's why. Oh, but first, let me tell you why Obama's national health care plan is no solution. In it, he doesn't require that health care should be required, only made affordable to almost every last American, doubtless surrendering to the age old notion that it's not a perfect world and the poor shall always be. Very well, pray tell me how granting access to health insurance that is provided for state reps and senators by our tax payers is fundamentally different than Hillary's, except she wants to extend the benefit to the small remnant of our population that STILL wont meet the affordability requirement for national healthcare? My point is that if you're of necessity are going to setup and fund a massive new government agency, go all the way, not 95% of it. To enshrine a human right into the Law is worth a 5% markup, however none so paltry. While it's true that this is socialism, so is the current Federal bailout of troubled mortgages, 9 huge banks, and the mopping up of hundreds of billions of PRIVATE bad loans. And aren't we all getting tired of the free market success story when there never was such a thing as pure as the free market. That's is truly nonsense. So there you have it. One big step for American bankers and one big step for soon-to-be insured American health care recipients. It's only fair. Besides, under a health care plan like Hillary's, health insurance companies stand to make a lot more money. More money means more new jobs, right? Why should proponents of trick down economics which have run things in our country for so long argue with that?  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #1)

Milwaukee, WI

Why Republicans are right about Privatizing Social Security.

I suspect you're thinking here is another huffy republican making a case for Wall Street's need to save Social Security, that remnant of FDR's New Deal that insures an income for people who have retired with funds padded with their own hard earned dollars. Well, I'm not a Republican, but here's why republican views are right on this one. Beginning in 2017, the National fund is going to start running a deficit for the first time in it's history, and as retirees come to claim the benefit in increasing numbers, the fund shall be depleted some time in the 2040's. Until now, proponents of change argued we must extend retirement to age 67 or beyond and curtail monthly benefit payouts. What? Forgive me, but do they not essentially advocate theft as official and sound government policy? Why mince words? That's what it is when you're taxed 100% of 6% of your regular annual income now, but you'll get back only 70% of what you paid when you retire, even though inflation shall also take it's toll during the years this extortion goes on. Further, what ethical precedent is there for forcing people who can't work anymore to continue working, unless you wish to convert senior citizens into wage slaves (talk about what you can do for your country, hah!). Democrats would like to see Social Security remain mostly unchanged, because they argue correctly that as essentially an insurance policy speculation Wall Street could snatch the life savings of millions of Americans in a future meltdown. Just look at the current subprime mortgage and risk default management crisis on Wall Street today. Very well, let's have a hybrid between these two ideological encampments. Especially since pension programs--and I'm getting to my point now--are almost extinct for Americans, except for they whom are lucky enough to be franchised by a union. A "National Pension" program, call it whatever you want, shall be backed by a new commission for the task, similar to the way the Security and Exchange Commission guarantees the loss of bank deposits. That way no one investing in only the most conservative of securities and, perhaps, T-bonds, suffers any loss. The program would also supply substantial liquidity to markets while mostly in the realm of the private sector. The rate of return should be pegged to the rate of inflation so that returns on investments for retirees virtually are an insurance program that guarantees that what each member puts in they get back out in retirement. These measures also would relieve the Feds of the massive exit of retiring Americans threatening to eat away the National Budget, bloating our deficits and debt to unmanageable levels.  (Oct 19, 2008 | post #1)

Milwaukee, WI

Major CNN Blooper on National TV Today!

Hey Wind, I still don't get what you mean. Not that I have a feeble mind, but what did you mean by describing his blooper as, "the die was already cast..." I was reading your profile and see you're an advocate of perhaps Machiavellian tactics/strategy? Personally, I couldn't understand the magnitude of Niccoli's will upon a kingdom and world that so reviled and repudiated him. He must have had an obsessive/compulsi ve lust for power, feeling lost without it. Of course, you could say the same for the Devil, but for his existence. [It] was an interesting read, but thank fate he never regained the power of his previous stature; he did leave the Bible of all megalomaniacs to study, along with another book (I've yet to read), "Book of Five Rings." That one has to do a Samurai quest for power, and something about honor being only achieved by crushing your enemies and severing heads. Sorry for all this shock value.  (Sep 27, 2008 | post #5)

Milwaukee, WI

A Vote for Obama Will Kill Us Economically

Sorry to hear of your woes, but don't place the Wall Street melt down on stupid dregs who support Barney Frank and his endorsement of Ben Bernacke's bail out program. Ben is a Republican, after all. Besides, I don't believe in parties, I think they're poison for your precious Republic. You're contention that our country's economic entropy is because of Democrats and the plebs whom subscribe to their ideology is hollow, because you can point to members in either party who profited from the mortgage backed securities industry. Just look at McCain's campaign organizer. I think what hurts the most is how betrayed some of us feel by our own country. I, on the other hand, feel a bit more sheltered from its sting. I threw away my patriotism so long ago, I cannot remember ever having anything for America but scorn. And it is indeed a great assuage to throw such useless creeds as bad faith in one's country as far away from you as possible and get back to being human again.  (Sep 25, 2008 | post #8)

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