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Feb 13, 2012


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Syria Army says has made more gains

More or less. The code of chilvary was brough in to alter the viking code used by the knights of europe. (It was not fitting for Christian Knights to be seen follow Odin's warriors ways)  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #50)

Rebels blaime Govt hours before Attack

It had been watched 40k times before the incident was said to have happened' "Video statistics Up to 21 Aug 2013 Views 39,705 Time watched 4 days Subscriptions driven 0 Shares 60 "  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #6)

Kerry confesses 'we know there are several al-Qaeda leade...

Good article that; "...Oct. 2012, (also from the above mentioned USA Today article) a terror plot was thwarted by Jordanian authorities and 11 men linked to al-Qaeda were arrested. They were armed with explosives and mortar rockets smuggled across the Syrian border. Middle East analysts say these arrests, in Jordan, are proof that "extremist Islamist groups are increasingly entering the fight in Syria." It's said that these weapons might have been supplied by Saudi Arabia which were meant for Syrian rebels. It was reported by Reuters in June that Saudi Arabia had supplied Syrian rebels with shoulder-fired missiles, allegedly for the first time. If the Saudis supplied the rebels with missiles then it is very likely they supplied them with other weapons as well. All the reports this Examiner cited above, the Obama administration had access to and more but they seemed to have failed using common sense before supplying Syrian rebels with weapons. By Kerry's own admission the Obama administration knew Islamist extremists were in Syria yet sent aid to the rebels anyway. Now weapons designated for the rebels are ending up in the hands of al-Qaeda affiliated terror groups. No matter how al-Qaeda procured these weapons, one thing is for certain they are using them in their terror plots. They are using them to commit atrocities against the Syrian population."  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #2)

Top Stories - Syria

UN chief urges Syria to respond 'promptly and positively'...

some probe that will be then. The UN does not even know that the area is held by the Rebels.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #2)


Syrian official blames rebels for deadly attack

Its the hailstorms though which gets me. http://www.sacred- m02a15a.htm "she acknowledged also all that she was asked concerning the abjuration of the Faith, and copulation committed with an Incubus devil; saying that for more than eighteen years she had given her body to an Incubus devil, with a complete abnegation of the Faith. After this she was asked whether she knew anything about the hailstorm which we have mentioned, and answered that she did. And, being asked how and in what way, she answered: “I was in my house, and at midday a familiar came to me and told me to go with a little water on to the field or plain of Kuppel (for so is it named). And when I asked what he wanted to do with the water, he said that he wanted to make it rain. So I went out at the town gate, and found the devil standing under a tree.” The judge asked her, under which tree; and she said, “Under that one opposite that tower,” pointing it out. Asked what she did under the tree, she said, “The devil told me to dig a hole and pour the water into it.” Asked whether they say down together, she said, “I sat down, but the devil stood up.” Then she was, with what words and in what manner she had stirred the water; and she answered, “I stirred it with my finger, and called on the name of the devil himself and all the other devils.” Again the judge asked what was done with the water, and she answered: “It disappeared, and the devil took it up into the air.” Then she was asked if she had any associate, and answered: “Under another tree opposite I had a companion (naming the other capture witch, Anna von Mindelheim), but I do not know what she did.” Finally, the bath-woman was asked how long it was between the taking up of the water the hailstorm; and she answered: “There was just sufficient interval of time to allow me to get back to my house.” But (and this is remarkable) when on the next day the other witch had at first been exposed to the very gentlest questions, being suspended hardly clear of the ground by her thumbs, after she had been set quite free, she disclosed the whole matter without the slightest discrepancy from what the other had told; agreeing as to the place, that it was under such a tree and the other had been under another; as to the method, namely, of stirring water poured into a hole in the name of the devil and all the devils; and as to the interval of time, that the hailstorm had come after her devil had taken the water up into the air and she had returned home. Accordingly, on the third day they were burned. And the bath-woman was contrite and confessed, and commended herself to God, saying that she would die with a willing heart if she could escape the tortures of the devil, and held in her hand a cross which she kissed. But the other witch scorned her for doing so. And this one had consorted with an Incubus devil for more than twenty years with a complete abjuration of the Faith, and had done far more harm than the former witch to men, cattle and the fruits of the earth, as is shown in the preserved record of their trial. These instances must serve, since indeed countless examples of this sort of mischief could be recounted. But very often men and beasts and storehouses are struck by lightning by the power of devils; and the cause of this seems to be more hidden and ambiguous, since it often appears to happen by Divine permission without the co-operation of any witch..."  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #7)

Still not the 'red line': Obama edges away from 'difficul...

Obama has pulled the Red Line incentive away to stop Rebel false-flag warcrimes. That is noble enough.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #13)

Syria chemical mayhem: Another Israeli false-flag?

Interesting that the Jewish owned Sky News was in on it along with Saudi and Qatar.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #4)

Rebels: Syrian nurses die after treating attack victims

At least they had the decency to eradicate the nurses who administered the treatment. No loose ends; but the only 'justice' the victims will ever see.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #6)

US avoids setting - red lines' after Syria chemical claims

They are not going to get taking Obama for a ride  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #56)

Rebels blaime Govt hours before Attack /syria-chemical-pr epared-advance-901 / "... materials of the incident and accusations against government troops had been posted for several hours before the so-called attack. Thus, it was a pre-planned action.” Below are the three videos posted on Youtube said to be showing the child victims affected by chemical weapons near Damascus. Despite the date of the alleged attack – August 21 – being mentioned in their titles, they were posted on YouTube one the previous day, August 20. Despite the 7-hour time difference between Syria and the US, where the YouTube server is located, the mismatch of the dates in the videos raised concerns among some experts about the exact time of the upload. ..." oops. Looks like UK, France and Turkey believe in Witchcraft afterall.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #1)

Anybody remember the rebels caught with sarin?

An excellent reminder.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #3)

Chemial Atrocity of Conveniece to coincide with UN visit

For some reason all the dead are wearring western clothes, yet it is an islamic-extremist held area? This is infact sinister. RT Rebels planned it in advance: /russia-syria-chem ical-attack-801/ "Reports by “biased regional media” about alleged chemical weapons use near Damascus might be “a provocation planned in advance,” says Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Aleksandr Lukashevich. “It draws attention to the fact that biased regional media have immediately, as if on command, begun an aggressive information attack, laying all the responsibility on the government,” Lukashevich said in a statement on Wednesday. The Russian Foreign Ministry, citing its sources, said that a homemade rocket carrying unidentified chemical substances had been launched from an area controlled by the opposition. “A homemade rocket with a poisonous substance that has not been identified yet – one similar to the rocket used by terrorists on March 19 in Khan al-Assal - was fired early on August 21 [at Damascus suburbs] from a position occupied by the insurgents,” Lukashevich said. ..." or Saudi propaganda? ~One guy thinks so; dge/syria-gas-atta ck-chemical-propag anda-796/ "... In May, Carla Del Ponte, a member of the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on Syria, said that testimony gathered from casualties and medical staff in Syria indicated that the nerve agent sarin was used by rebel fighters. They found no evidence of use by Government forces. That proved highly embarrassing to the faction of war hawks in the Pentagon and State Department, agitating for Obama to escalate direct military intervention including a no-fly zone, de facto an act of war against Assad’s regime. I..."  (Aug 21, 2013 | post #3)

Chemial Atrocity of Conveniece to coincide with UN visit

The rebel slaughter of civilians in a northern town was ignored by the western media showing that it is not about civilian deaths at all. Syria denies chemical weapon attack. /21/2013/08/21/498 338.htm "...dismissed as untrue the news broadcast by some media outlets that chemical weapons have been used in the Ghouta region in Damascus Countryside. The source stressed that the reports circulated by the TV channels of al-Jazeera [Qatari owned], al-Arabiya and Sky News among other channels which are involved in the shedding of the Syrians' blood and supporting terrorism are completely baseless. The source said the aim behind broadcasting such reports and news is to distract the UN chemical weapons investigation commission away from its mission." Jewish owned Sky News m/story/1131320/sy ria-conflict-1300- killed-in-gas-atta ck "... Foreign Secretary William Hague said the UK would be raising the incident at the UN Security Council. "I am deeply concerned by reports that hundreds of people, including children, have been killed in airstrikes and a chemical weapons attack on rebel-held areas near Damascus," he said. "These reports are uncorroborated and we are urgently seeking more information. But it is clear that if they are verified, it would mark a shocking escalation in the use of chemical weapons in Syria." 'made for good copy chaps; Good copy, yes?'  (Aug 21, 2013 | post #1)

Syria: Up to 635 Reported Dead in Chemical Attack

western-clothed children in Rebel islamic areas. Dead Dead Dead (upon that we can agree)  (Aug 21, 2013 | post #4)

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