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Dec 20, 2010

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Peachtree City, GA

David Bebout Supplying Phony Letters of Intent

David Bebout is not who he says he is. He holds himself out a banker. He cannot prove he ever was one. He goes around issuing along with this Canadian Kingsley Jackson, billions of dollars of Letters of Intents on deals they never can fund and never do any due diligence on so that they can bill the unsuspecting client for hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses. They give you impossible terms and phony reasons why they want a $100,000,000 plus Letter of Credit. They call this a forgivable loan. David Bebout tells you how successful he is yet he cannot show you a single transaction that he or Kingsley Jackson have funded. He has no assets in his name and he lives in a $100,000 home. If he is successful then he shows none of the trappings of a successful banker.  (Dec 20, 2010 | post #1)