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Aug 5, 2008

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Tucson, AZ

Desert Beliefs: Father Gary Underwood update

For everyone else that has posted, I am not Catholic, but I too know Gary personally and have witnessed first hand the torment this hole ordeal has been to him, his family, and everyone else that loves and knows him. I can understand the guilt and toture the four young men must have endured IF they were molested and I believe some justice would be deserving if true, but to hear the venomous hate spewing from your hearts is more troublesome than the actions of a man, who if truly guilty, is in need of help. Fr. Gary plead guilty to the charges, but I still don't believe he is guilty....and here's why. Let's say I gave you a revolver with two chambers, one empty and one loaded, then forced you to stand before the court to play Roulette with your life. You could plead your case, your word against mine. If you pull the trigger, well who know's what might really happen. Your freedom, your life, or the end of it as you know it. Now lets say before you pull the trigger I offer you one more option. That option is to plead guilty, but instead of Roulette with your life...a life sentence, I offer you a shot to your stomach. It's going to hurt, you'll forever be wounded, but you will live. If given those choices...really.. .which would you pick. You can try to prove your innocence and leave your life up to a Jury (oh and by the way, we already know the history of the Catholic Church, so these accusations must be true right...I could read it in your posts), or you can accept a plea-bargain, admit guilt, and serve a sentence of not longer than 12 years (6 years if paroled). This is the position Fr Gary was in, so while he DID plead guilty, I truly believe he did so as not to play Roulette with his life. I am so disgusted with some of what the above posters have said. "I hope he burns in hell", "there are plenty of men that would love to get a piece of him. Eye for an eye. AMEN". AMEN...nice touch...and I'm glad you all are so perfect and Christian at that. You should be ashamed of yourselves. So here's my quote, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."  (Aug 5, 2008 | post #9)