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May 23, 2012

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Kirbyville, MO

Taney County tax computer error impacts school budgets

I believe the Collector's office has corrected the computer error and gotten everything back on track. However, there is another office that needs to be gotten back on track, that's why I am voting Chuck Pennel. VOTE CHUCK PENNEL--TANEY COUNTY ASSESSOR Qualified, Impartial, Knowledgeable THIS I BELIEVE: *Your County Assessor must be fair and impartial. *Your County Assessor must function in accordance with Missouri Statutes. *Your County Assessor must do every State mandated reassessment with integrity. *Your County Assessor must be careful, considerate and frugal. *Your County Assessor must be a team builder with proven leadership skills. As a former Commissioner and Presiding Commissioner for Taney County, I am thoroughly knowledgeable with this land and people I love. I appreciate our county employees and value their skills and service. I am an active volunteer, serving community ministries and organizations as a proven public servant. As a small business owner I understand the challenges faced by business and property owners. I am a licensed real estate agent. I know Taney County properties and I know Taney County people. I am Chuck Pennel. I want to be your Taney County Assessor. VOTE CHUCK PENNEL FOR TANEY COUNTY ASSESSOR VOTE AUGUST 7 Paid for by Citizens to Elect Chuck Pennel, Bob McDowell, Treasurer  (May 23, 2012 | post #2)