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Apr 8, 2012

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JonBenet Ramsey

Ransom Note: "Good Southern Common Sense"?!

I apologize if this has already been discussed. I did do a search for it but so much popped up it would take me a couple of years to go thru it all! I'm as confused by the ransom note as everyone else seems to be. There are just so many weird things about it, but I'd like to address just one that's always puzzled me. Near the end of this epic ransom note, the writer tells John to "use that good Southern common sense of yours"! As Patsy herself pointed out, that makes no sense--umm, no pun intended. Patsy was a quasi-Southerner (I'm Southern and while all Southerners agree that Virginia is definitely Southern, most of us consider West VA "iffy"-- more of a "border state".) But obviously Patsy did consider herself Southern, so it wouldn't have been so odd had that remark been addressed to HER. But it wasn't--it was directed at John, who was born in Nebraska and grew up in Michigan. Midwestern, absolutely. Southern??? No way!!! It seems to me that either the writer knew very little about John's upbringing (for example, knew that John had lived and worked for some time in Atlanta so assumed he was from that area) OR someone knew very well that John was in no way a Southerner and put that in the note--why? To make ppl think, "Well, obviously the writer can't know John at all well if he/she/they believe him to be Southern"--a ruse to disguise just how well the writer DID know John. (Or at least, knew about him.) I can never decide which scenario to believe--that the Ramseys or someone very close to them were involved, or that JonBenet died by the hands of an intruder/intruders . I still haven't come off the fence about this one even after all these years so I really don't have a bias in favor of any theory. It's all such a mess. I'd like to hear your opinions--esp. that crazy reference to John's (non-existent) Southernness!  (Apr 3, 2013 | post #1)

JonBenet Ramsey

Clarification on DNA Report Request

First of all, I find it alarming that DNA may not be as reliable as a lot of us used to think--I only hope somehow that info is wrong (!) because without it we'll be back in the Dark Ages of forensic investigation IMHO! A terrifying thought!! :-( About the pineapple which JonBenet CLEARLY ate (despite the denials of all the adults who might have given some to her)--isn't it possible that she woke up hungry after everyone else in the house was asleep, went downstairs to the kitchen and helped herself to some pineapple? She was a bright 6-year-old and as I recall the pineapple was in a bowl on the kitchen table--it seems entirely possible to me that JonBenet was perfectly capable of having eaten some pineapple sometime during the night without anyone else's knowledge. I've read quite a bit about this case and I can't recall anyone ever suggesting that JonBenet herself might have swiped some of the pineapple as a midnight snack. Am I missing something?????  (Apr 12, 2012 | post #125)