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Nov 29, 2010

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Boone, NC

Mabel Murder Investigation Continues

WCSO can arrest all day and all night as long as family or others get them out they will never learn .. It is about time they let Jeremy Russom pay the price for what he has done .. and yes his grandfather was a big part in this .. but JEREMY KILLED Heather In FRONT of Their SON! So just how much can he care about him or love him , to do this to his kids and let Little Daniel see what he did the child is the one that will pay for this crime the little girl will have a hard time remembering her mom and thet is SAD my Wish Is That Both KIDS Forget Who There Father IS and what he did to there MOTHER ..Jeremy Russom May You Die IN JAIL ..  (Nov 29, 2010 | post #1)

Boone, NC

Who do you support for Sheriff in North Carolina (Watauga...

Sheriff Hagaman !  (Nov 29, 2010 | post #25)