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Oct 20, 2012

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Forgiveness is the suppressed of agitated bitterness via expressing freedom on the disruptive deed, hence it demolish the mending of oneself to harmful behavior. Should GOD forgive bad deed if the doer asked for forgiveness? As harming others, murdering and so on are bad deeds. Perhaps GOD will forgive the doer after expressing remorse. How if the doer commit the bad deed and asked for forgive repeatedly? Repeated bad deeds have no forgiveness under the law of divinities and humans. How does forgiveness do well to the forgiver? Forgiveness is a decision of mind to fluctuate the thinking of resentment and desire of vengeance to the person who has harm us. Literally forgiveness is all about lessening of the feeling to harm and spontaneously the increase of feeling to do well on another. This process of forgiveness also will cease the desire to do ill things to the person who has wronged us and promote goodwill toward the wrong doer. Consequently the hurt from the doer will always remain in the mind therefore in our life, but forgiveness shall lessen the pain and direct us towards the positive part of life as it should be, where forgiveness brings a kind of harmony in our life which aids us to keep on moving with our life. Can good relationship established with the person we forgive? Forgiveness is entirely up to the forgiver because it is one person’s inner retort towards another’s wrong doing. Typically forgiveness is reconciliation because it’s not possible to forgive the wrong doer without the mending of relationship between each other. On other hand one may choose not to reconcile owing to the faith that the mended relationship will not bring any good to the affiliation, therefore the wrong doer may not be a part of our life if we think it’s unnecessary to establish relationship. Do we still have hatred with the person we forgive? Forgiveness is process of telling you about the wrong that have been done to you, it reflects on how you take it and consequently you’re ready to leave the resentment. If you dwell on a resentment event, then vengeance shall fill up the mind where you might get angry and grieve when you’re injure by someone you adore and have faith. In addition to this, holding grudges will literally do no good to anyone where your life might become so covered up with the contemplating of wrong deed that has been done towards you, hence you shall not be able to take pleasure in the present because of the ill past. Forgiveness may lead to healthier relationship if we let go of grudges between both parties. Can we forget to forgive? Logically forgiveness take place when there isn’t any resentment and desire for vengeance on the wrong doer, thus we may forget the things that wrong doer has done to us sometime at this stage; beyond doubt we no need to forget in order to forgive someone. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Earth is the habitation place of human and living being which habitually distinct heaven and hell pertaining to ones faith of afterlife. Merely we‘ll are actor and actress on this enormous stage called EARTH. Why we call earth home for human being? Planet earth home to our kind because on this stage we call earth is the place where we all were born and bred apart from other living being such as animal and insects. We humankind is enacting thriving and mutually beneficial relationship with our planet earth; humankind also learning how to sustain the living at every instance of their life on earth. How to stop us from destroying our world? We humans are destroying our world earth drastically by harvesting the natural resources from it hence creating unbalance living with natural world. Every single one of this destruction shall be ceased by education where educating the ignorance ones about their destructive deed which they commence on earth. How if educating fall short? Furthermore we should have better perception of natural resources hence to fully utilize the resources without draining it, thus there should be a progress on developing renewable sources of energy using natural resources, increasing energy efficiency with present operating sources and literally reducing greenhouse gas emissions by implementing all this mandatory safety measures. What is the connection between human being and nature? The true fact is we mankind share the earth with all living being and literally we’re always together with nature in every consequences. Humans are forgetting that we’ve strong connection with nature in our human life stages where this bonding has changed significantly owing to population and economic growth. How to unite us with nature? We should promote sustainable living hence to cultivate the global movement in order to connect us with the world of new thoughts and solutions with an endeavor to enhance the link between humankind and nature. Why life forms other than mankind is vital for earth? Naturally there are life forms on earth compare to other planets in solar system where plants, animals, insects, bacteria and so on coexist and evolve over time hence to shape the earth biosphere. The earth system is supported by both mineral resources and earth biosphere where it is used by human population for survival. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Consequently sleep cease suspend of the body owing to commence deeds through putting body into respite. In countless instances sleep aid the recovery process of oneself from illness and intoxication of body. Sleep is a state of subconscious mind which resembles meditation hence an individual can meditate while trying to fall asleep. When we need sleep? Naturally we need sleep when our life chronometer say so where 24 hours will be the time cycle our bodies abide. Literally the presence of light shall determine the peacefulness of a sleep where night sleep to be notice more restful than day sleep. Logically the amount of sleep needed is directly proportion with the restlessness of a person where the more a person stays awake the more rest is needed by body hence to perform efficiently. In addition body temperature affects the sleep of a person where a person will feel sleepier when the temperature drops. Why sleep is a must to us? Sleep is a must for us because of restoration for our body; the bodies literally revive hence to build up strength and then commence on the reinstatement process as a final aspire. Whilst in the midst of sleeping the body is in ease thus it allows mind to contemplate the past and present activities hence to arrangement the forthcoming agenda. In fact the sleep also promote on wound healing process where sleep deficit shall have negative effects to immune system. It’s known that a typical person need 8 hours sleep hence to perform efficiently while undertaking daily task the next day. On other hand whilst sleeping we also attains energy conservation, this permits us to be fresh on the next moment we get out from sleep. Why sleep is vital for our body? Sleep is vital because it affect our performance on daily task where less sleep with reduce the efficiency of the task performed. The consequence of not enough sleep will cause lack of concentration on subject matter and sleepiness where this shall be the root cause to major incident such as fatal. Alarmingly sleep is vital as physical fitness, mental health and good nutrition; it’s proven that sleep can affect our mental health such as mood disorder if severe deprivation is observed. What about dreaming in a sleep? Dreaming in a sleep is all about an individual having real images and sound effects where the dreamer participates as an observer in the dream by mind view the happening in a sleep. The anecdote enacted in the dream shall be the concoction of images; literally sceneries which known to the dreamer, it also can be the altered play back of happening in the day where the dreamer has went through an annoying experience. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Revenge is a retaliation of oneself towards the harm of love ones or oneself. Literally this arouse feeling of loathing shall consequence oneself to punish others in any relating subject or object matter in order to acquire satisfaction of oneself. The repercussion, revenge is a malice deed which has its retribution legitimately. How is revenge explained in general public? Grievance shall be the retorts one performs harmful deed against others; this retaliation may distinguish the form of justice which put into effect righteousness aside from the legal structure. Revenge set off from grievance as the core retort where there is a need for oneself for self defense when one has gone through a phase of disgruntled dilemma. How is revenge taken by an individual? Revenge is paradox in today’s world where it is classified as ferocious response towards anger hence it shall be the last thing in the mind as a commence deed; I would say one shall not contemplate about revenge at all, paraphrase it “IT’S A BIG NO TO REVENGE”. The utmost attempt prior to revenge will be the exhausting of all option, thus this shall provide more positive solution rather than negative ones. Does revenge beneficial to the doer? Accumulatively revenge does more harm than help to the doer as the doer literally trying to alter the happening which has taken place by putting their thought and deed to set off. The doer should understand that once damage has been done nothing can return to the original state; what is lost its lost forever and no one can amend the repercussion of the happening. In fact revenge is a planned attempt to eliminate disgrace and increase respect by asserting authority, one should realize that it fails because asserting authority promotes aggression rather than respect. Why revenge is common? Mainly people seek revenge when they feel they have been assaulted and there is a necesity for them to protect themselves. As a result of them wants to protect themselves from the disgrace they feeling, they will do anything in order to get rid of the disgrace. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Divorce is a legal parting of matrimonial attachment of husband and wife owing to their contradiction. The lawful assertion and custom doing shall undertake the separation. In addition, abolishment of the valedictory treaty shall be observed if affection has bloom up among the couple or vice versa. How divorces affect an individual? Separation is the consequences of the happening after a husband and wife decide not to live together anymore; they’re no longer attached and want to be married to each other. This divorcing couple will accord to sign legal papers that make them single again and allow them to choose differing part in their life such as marriage once more, become a preacher or single parent if they have young ones with them. When parents get divorce children will literally suffer the consequences the most where they will lost the place for them to depend. On average one out of three marriages end with divorce in this globally challenging life nowadays How divorce process is encountered? Divorce is a thorough contemplation process by husband and wife where it is not easy as it sounds like, this ending of marriage journey will drag and test the relationship of the divorcing couple. Often the divorcing couple will try to fix their problem with the various imply of way out; if it get out of hand and then they shall come to conclusion that divorce is the best solution. In many cases, one of the divorcing couple wants to divorce and other doesn’t where both are disappointed that their marriage is a disaster and will never last forever. For divorce to happen both husband and wife need to accord to the phenomenon that they want to divorce and then only they will be legally separated. How children affected by this divorcing progression? At all time it hurts children’s feeling when one of the parents decided to leave them behind and proceed with another life. It become worse and hard to take in when children see it with their bare eye that their loving parent is leaving the house and will never return. What should divorcing parents do to their children? It should be clear that divorce happens between husband and wife not with children and parents, eventhough there is a situation where a parent leaves the house and separated from the family; the children shall not be abandon in any circumstance hence parents should have responsibility on their children even if they’re divorced. Do children’s cause divorce at any circumstances? No children don’t cause divorce in any circumstances where divorce is parent’s utter doings. Parents get divorce for differing reasons when they can’t fix the mere problem; no matter how committed they’re to safe their marriage. This divorce journey initiated when parents don’t want to understand each other, get angry with each other and stop interacting, thus this fading love will make one of the parents to seek for another loving being to fall in love again. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


An infant shall be the life form whom shall mesh together the deteriorating relationship of a couple. Literally the infant fill the emptiness of a married couple, thus bring blissfulness into the household. The state of infancy of the new born shall be repercussion indicating the new experience of a living being. How we explain an infant? Typically an infant is a life form below a year old and the existence of the parents who gave birth to this precious life. What is infant mortality in their first year? Infant mortality is very essential where their vulnerable health is easily exaggerated by infection and cleanliness, hence everything pertaining an infant need to be clean at all time. How to mitigate infant mortality? Infant mortality can be reduced through good healthcare such as medicine, healthcare team and facility. How emotional attachments of an infant develop? In general the emotional attachment developed the same way how it developed for adult which is by interaction. Infant become attached to adults who behave such as caregivers where approachable interaction occur between them. How emotional attachments of an infant undeveloped? Characteristically the un-development processes happen when there is no attachment between infant and subject or object matter. How to protect an infant from environment? An infant is vulnerable to heat; infant’s body will never respond as an adult body where an infant is more sensitive to environment such as temperature from heat. In consequences to heat parents need to be very cautious and always monitor infant’s body and surrounding temperature. Furthermore parents need to maintain the core temperature of the infant’s body at acceptable level hence to avoid an infant from getting heat stroke. What affect the immunity of an infant? Poor nutrition such as lack of carbohydrate, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins in daily food intake will literally affect the immunity of an infant. Infants are at high risk of being underweight because this poor immune system shall make them vulnerable to sickness, in other word susceptible to infections. Poor nutrition also can lead to overweight condition where an infant getting to much of the particular type of food, hence this can be risky to health. Adequately good nutrition is required by an infant hence to prosper, have steady flow of liveliness and less frame of mind swings. Primarily an infant with poor nutrition backdrop is anticipated to do not well in studies, performing daily task and personal development. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Responsibility is the sense of accountability of oneself or to others deed. An individual with power or obligation has great state of responsibility in commencing or enacting an order. What responsibility person does? Responsibility means a tasked chore that need to be accomplished with great accountability experience in executing it. Responsibility appears in a lot of differing figure such as the thing that a child will gain knowledge of where we merely pick up this attitude at our early state of human life. What responsibility family members have? A family member is more accountable than a single person where this single person only needs to content his wants not others. Therefore the family member’s accountability increases significantly owing to the requirement of the family activity. For instances parents play major role in grooming the young one’s where their responsibility has no limit hence their committed to the family member never cease at one level only such as providing proper meals, accordingly parents need also to provide education and security to their children. What is more vital than responsibility to family? The responsibility to oneself is more vital than any other responsibility because accountability initiates from the individual itself prior to it get into group such as family. What personal responsibility is common in our daily life? There is a lot example of personal responsibility one may perform daily hence to get task satisfaction such as going to work on time, do budget planning for family every month, prepare addition reports on company lost and profit and so on. The nature of accountability is easy break if there is no discipline in following and performing the task. What other responsibility are parts of personal responsibility? Career and social responsibility are parts of personal responsibility as one need to be equally performed in issues related to family, career and social. In general people with accountability will try to perform their job the best they can and consequently acquiring credit for their hard work. They’re also responsible with the social group where some will literally involve in carnival for donation collection, participate vigorously in dealing with youth cases and demonstrate good leadership qualities in tackling arisen issues. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Karma is the aftermath of the number count owing to the deeds committed by an individual whom shall be computed on JUDGEMENT DAY. The repercussion of judgment day shall conclude whether the individual goes to heaven or hell. Adequately if the deeds cancel off and the numeric value indicated ZERO, hence the soul shall take the reawakening in the form of human being. If an individual has abundant of good karma, the soul of oneself will go to heaven and dwell there until the recompense for ones goodness is carried out. Subsequently the abundant of accumulated karma shall determine the rebirth of the soul into what caste. On other hand if an individual has abundant of bad karma, the soul of he/she will go to hell and dwell there until the punishment for ones badness is carried out. This bad karma shall conclude the rebirth of the soul into category of living being. Once the life of living being has ended, perhaps it’ll be pondered as a human being in next life. Prior to the consideration of living being into human being, the soul shall go up the hierarchy of animal kingdom owing to the level of intellect. Literally karma will determine the fate of being in next life. What effect karma produces? Karma is literally about the effect an individual will confront in lifetime owing to the executed deeds. This effect can be negative or positive where the individual shall experience the effect in the present lifetime or afterlife. The typical perception of karma is for every bad deed there will be bad consequence hence one should try to do good deed; thus the individual will acquire good effect. In addition to acquiring positive effect; one should make truthful verdict in life and accordingly perform good deeds at all time where a relief on not getting hold of negative effect shall be attained. What do people think of karma? The people’s perception about karma is that people are suffering on the consequences of their own deeds which is pertains to the ignorance of the subject or object matter. Even though the religion is differing; the deeds are initiated from the recently contemplated thought which is acted owing to ignorance or knowledge. People will merely attained good or bad karma due to their acted deeds literally; there is no law of nature stating that good people will never acquire bad karma. Therefore good people will have bad karma also but this bad karma can be reduced by prayers offer to God. There’re people who take karma as performing good or positive things will upshot into good result. Some believe karma will downtrodden you if the believer has genuine faith in it, where you will experience it everywhere, with everyone and every instance. How to get rid of bad karma and replace it with good karma? I cannot do anything if I’m confronting bad karma; say who – this is utterly a wrong perception toward karma. There is always method to get rid the bad karma and replace it with good karma and this can be done spontaneously with a little effort. At all time be spontaneous with positive thoughts were when bad karma strike meaning bad effect fluctuate it with good thoughts hence one shall start encountering good karma. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)


Jealous is an emotion on another owing to ones aptitude and triumph. This feeling of envious shall provoke oneself to prevail over the achiever at any cause. The yearning within ones boundary shall cease the agitation of this feeling. What is jealous personality? The jealous personality is all about an individual who feel green with envy of others at a certain degree of our emotion encounter. Why we feel envy of others? This typical question is easily answered with aptitude and accomplishments of others are the core reasons of the embedded resentment in us. How jealousies affect an individual? Jealousy always affects an individual when there is likelihood of losing the most yearning things to others within family members of public. This detrimental emotion can shaken any unyielding relationship where fear of losing to others shall downtrodden the jealous person. In addition to losing to others, people get envy too when others be better off them in any circumstances. How to identify jealousy? In many occurrence, jealousy shall trigger the mind with questions which will overwhelm oneself when confronting other such as reluctant of family member or friend to be with you; this will ponder the mind with questions pertaining whether the friend are getting bored with us or did I do anything wrong for this to happen? Jealousy literally isolated oneself from others hence it’s a harmful emotion which need to be ceased at the agitating stage. What an individual need to do when jealousy take over? Never behave in vicious manner where it shall literally downtrodden oneself hence pinning the jealous one with negative pondering. At all time contemplate what is positive; thus eradicate the negative thoughts where this act will minister to initiating good deeds rather than bad one. On other hand make room for discussion of the doubted matter, by doing this it’ll strengthen the relationship and each person in the consequence shall have better understanding and high self-esteem. The key word for eradicating jealously is to be positive with every issue which can demoralize and literally downtrodden the jealous one. The merit of being positive shall enhance the faith between the confronting parties in the healthier approach. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Nov 5, 2012 | post #1)

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Marriage is a legally proclaim unite of husband and wife to public. This ritual shall give accordant and endorsement to the married couple to have intimacy. It merely illustrate that the couple has accountability on the wellness of each other and will dwell together hence to abolish the forthcoming impediments. Why marriage is consequences of loving couple? Marriage is the process of kinship by which two people who love each other make their relationship offically public. Basically it is joining of two people till their last breath, but doubtingly this relationship is cut short by a phenomenon called divorce where these loving couples lose their mutual understanding. One may claim there is no marriage free of conflict; marriage has great bonding owing to the mending love that rejuvenates the relationship each time when it began to shade off. How to sustain a glimmering marriage? People marry for uncountable reasons which pertains emotion, economic and religious. The ceremony may be presiding by two couples getting together and tying a knot to proclaim themselves as husband and wife. Literally the marriage initiates with love and ends with love; love is the only remedy to keep the marriage healthy and strong. Do marriage enact soul mates? If you gamble faith of the idea only one soul mate for each person, you may assume two souls that being together in challenging the arisen impediment when married couple found their soul mates. In reality it’s attainable the enactment of soul mates where love shall grow and initiate the experience of soul mate between couples. Why marriages fall short? Numerously marriage fails because no adequate quality times spend together, on other hand permitting bitterness and hatred to build in our hearts. Hence this shall developed resistance in our relationship where communication is not open anymore, consequently relationship shattered and literally marriage fall short. This relationship problem can be resolve if quality time, open communication and forgiveness are present in the couple’s daily life. When communication begin to enhance, hatred shall fade away and unsurprisingly one want to spend more time together; this is a good sign and definitely this cant happen overnight. What about couple’s fight? Typically couples fight about financial, sex, kids and housework. This fight is all about detachment between the couple in dealing with the things related to household. Once there is detachment, the household issue are not in controlled anymore where negligent arise in the heart of the couples where it precedes to hatred. How to stop the couple’s from fighting? Love, mutual understanding and open heart are the key remedy to cease the couple’s from turning into the duel mode couple’s. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Oct 20, 2012 | post #1)

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Family is an intimate bond pertains to an infant, children, parents and grandparents. The blood related household value shall be sustained with love hence it differs owing to an individual. In addition some may utilize this word family for their mere intimate relation. What types of intimate bond exist in family? Family is literally made up of lots of differing type of families with an intimate bond. Merely typical family will be the family we were born into through a couple, thus the members will be father, mother and their children. In addition some would stay with family which is not blood related, hence this can be conclude as family created owing to intimate relationship. How this intimate relationship works? Spontaneous created families may be constructed on differing relationship pavement but they’ll have one thing in common which is; sense of belonging. Consequently it enacts the person to be accepted into the family with new identity, support and sense of security. This aftermath is the building bricks in every household, where through mother child will learn about the world, father pertain security and teacher will provide education. The bond of family is intimate when love is present in the heart. How to strengthen love in the typical family? Get children engage in your daily agenda, that’s it. Children play a major role in enhancing relationship in a family where their involvement bonds the family together. Parents need to encourage their children to talk about the things they understand about family such as respect and love. What is the prime thing in family bonding? Family bonding; communication is essential where the way we communicate may differ pertaining on how we converse with each other and it shall enhance the bonding if the family is communication orientated, “WE MUST TALK OUT OUR GOOD’S AND BAD’S” i would say. When does family bonding demolish? All the put up bonding shatters when parents have contradiction and come apart. Divorce shall be huge drawback for children who are longing for parents care. In this circumstance children seek out for other family relation for aid and security; children are innocence and they don’t deserve all this turmoil. What family value got to do with family bonding? Typically there is always value that mends together a family with or without the family member’s realizing it. In bad and good times, value is the key thing that keeps the family blend together where the principle accorded is the first line of defend a family exert in solving the arise problems. Literally all the principle a family has enacted will groom them to be tough in confronting the real world out there and this will be inherited. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Oct 20, 2012 | post #1)

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Depression is a brim out of an in-auspiciousness which shall aftermath into downheartedness. The unexaggerated feeling of despair will cast out oneself. The depressed shall get medication or involve in an activity which merely will perk up oneself from the mental state. Why we encounter depression? Depression is longer sadness which involves oneself where this severe feeling of unworthiness shall ponder in mind and aversely expose the feeler to unwanted state. The harming state shall unable ones mind by ceasing the ability to function mundane and spontaneous task. In countless circumstances we know that we’re sad but we won’t know that when depression has take charge until our family member, friends or person we encounter everyday notice it. What is other matter that may cause depression? Not sadness only can cause depression, though numerously it’s the main reason. Doubtlessly other circumstances such as family, relationship and work problems can be the propagating issue which shall drag into depression. Apparently the wrongly chosen path of smearing off sadness through alcohol and drug has inadequately safe no one. But it literally drags the believer into depression and cause more harm; mental illness it’s. How this happen? The negative thinking owing to all other reason will enact oneself to be negative in all his deeds. Consequently the clouded mind shall drag the thinker into the valley of darkness where the world of darkness is the abode; meaning the thinker will have false perception on thoughts and deeds. What to do? Early medication will aid the severely suffering individual from unwanted tragedy where it is common for one to take off their life. Why this happen? They can’t bare the pain, ignorance of the illness and merely no aid has been given. Is there any other way need to be accompanied with medication? Yes, at early state if the suffering person can perk up, hence this intense mood is eradicated and normal life can be observed. If not, medication should be taken hence to safe the victim from the valley of darkness. How to get out of depression with the aid of medication? Never be alone at anytime, unless you need rest because loneliness shall initiate the thinker to contemplate negative things. Be around people, mingle with them, get strengthen up by breaking impediments; literally you will know how to confront with others and deal with problems. On other hand, exercise regularly, listen to music, watch movie, get around with family occasion, go for vacation and do what you like. Will this help? This will aid in long run if it has been implemented in daily basis where it shall enact oneself to be invulnerable to hurdles of life. In addition be with positive thinking individual hence to obtain positive impulse in life. There is other problem solver such as meditation and motivation talks. Utterly ideal health is needed in order to gain perfect mentality, therefore take good quality food and practice healthy life. http://ganesan-vis vanathan.blogspot. com/  (Oct 20, 2012 | post #1)

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