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Sep 7, 2009

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South Tibet or Arunachal Pradesh

i don't really care about those Tibetans even people in Xinjiang where most of the people there are Muslims. It's their freedom to fight for their rights and justice in their mind, you can hard stop someone whose mind was manipulated by himself or someone else. Think about 200+ years ago, British tried their best to prevent the 13 colonies in the north america from independing while you know how the history turn out. If Mr.Franklyn or Mr.Jefferson would listen, I can ensure you somebody else at that era would do the same thing which kick the British out of the New England. This is the history,man. I've heard dozens of presidents in US said:We would create the history, blah blah blah.... Nonesense!  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #123)

South Tibet or Arunachal Pradesh

forget about the arguments on the territory, forget about the war in the past and in the future; think about our children; think about our falimias; think about our boyfriends/girlfri ends; think about innocent soldiers who died for no reason just because they were manipulated; who are you dying for? who are you arguing for? there's no hard distinction between right and wrong ; likewise, most of the time, we're living in a grey area. no matter which country wins the war, the benefit never belongs to civilians but those politicians, those generals and those arms dealers. those power's selling soldiers in a human grocery where everything in the world is tradable. Sounds terrible? but it's true.  (Sep 8, 2009 | post #122)