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Apr 23, 2014

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Looking for lawsuits in Michigan against DHS/CPS/Macomb C...

your right michigan is corrupt maybe we should all meet i know what your going through been there with my daughter through all this breaks my heart cause my daughter has done everything the courts,cps and dhs has asked its never enough for them  (Apr 23, 2014 | post #75)

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Looking for lawsuits in Michigan against DHS/CPS/Macomb C...

im writting on behalf of my daughter she has been dealing with DHS and cps for about 4 yrs now CPS and DHS case workers that are in this for a paycheck my daughter's case started when my oldest grandson was 1 1/2 yrs old his father's girlfriend had bit my grandson's arm to teach him a lesson thats when CPS and DHS got involved my grandson's father is currently still with girl that bit my grandson.His father took the blame for his girlfriend told them he bit his son what kind of father would do that well they went to court his girlfriend lost her children but later got them back plus she also had 2 more kids my daughter was saddened she wasnt allowed to have her son she has been fighting with cps and dhs and the court she also has 3 other children my granddaughter which she gets to see she has visitation with her while my oldest grandson's father denied her visits my daughter went to the friend of the court told her its up to the father which again isnt fair ..the 2 other children are in foster homes there hasnt never been a investigation my 2 yr old grandson was taken out of the hopsital after he was born and placed in a foster home without contacting any of the familly my daughter has a learning disability when she went to court they never explained what the papers were just told her to sign that she would be reunited back with her baby that wasnt the case the worker what she was doing so my daughter signed them after the case worker told her her rights have been terminated my daughter tried to appeal it and was denied again a year later my daughter got married and was pregnant CPS and DHS found out they came to the hospital and took the baby away from the parents the worker who took this case was the same worker who told my daughter the paper she signed in court was to unify the baby back with his mother LIES LIES so this foster care worker took my 4th grandchild and placed him in foster care she told my daughter she had a friend who couldnt have anymore children she wanted to take my grandson and give it to her friend which is BS she has also broken a HIPPA LAW what happened privacy so my daughter only got to bond with her child for a year then went to court 17th of april when they told that they couldnt provide a home for the baby which my daughter and son n law have a very apartment she gets disability and he has a job thats not good enought i guess for the state they both have done 3 different parenting classes psysh evaluations drug testing counseling etc... tho still not good enough the courts and dhs cps and foster care workers are all in this for a paycheck making money off taking kids from homes offering gift certificates to be foster parents they have taken so many kids away from families and have now where to place them my daughters case worker has belittled her made feel stupid need to file class action civil suit against this messed up state michigan is so broke they do just about anything to make money  (Apr 23, 2014 | post #74)