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Feb 20, 2008

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England, United Kingdom

Japan's Conspiracy in Europe Has Been Serious

Japan has manipulated Europe from Behind since Ancient Times http://park.geocit 103/p036.html#page 251 Camouflage and Deception are two of Japan's evil strategies. ( http://park.geocit 203/p039.html )  (2 hrs ago | post #8)

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Was 9/11 a conspiracy??

Japanese Military Commanders Are All Henchmen of Imperial Empresses http://book.geocit iracy/0102/ ml#page199 It is a miserable fact. But it should be true. In short, they are perfect traitors against ordinary Japanese men and against almost all the human beings in general. ( http://park.geocit /p044.html )  (23 hrs ago | post #279490)


Wiretapping Has Been Conspiracy of Government And Police

Japanese Government Is Fake Authority http://park.geocit 103/p032.html#page 216 And the government has never changed its principle since ancient times. ( http://park.geocit 203/p034.html )  (Yesterday | post #11)


Hurricanes And Tornadoes Are Japan's Conspiracy

There Has Been Variety of Camouflaged Japanese http://park.geocit 103/p036.html#page 249 From day one, the Japanese imperial clan has controlled the US government from behind to the full. They are, in other words, perfect traitors against ordinary Americans. ( http://book.geocit iracy/0202/ ml )  (Thursday | post #12)

Chicago, IL

Great Chicago Fire Was Japan's Conspiracy

Japanese Samurai Turned Out to Have Been Empresses' Subordinate Warriors http://park.geocit 103/p037.html#page 263 It is a really sad story, But samurai were actually chicken-hearted traitors against ordinary Japanese males. Japan is still the matrilineal empire. ( http://park.geocit 203/p031.html )  (Wednesday | post #4)


Emperor hails strong ties with Britain

Japan Has Been Matrilineal Dynasty http://park.geocit 103/p038.html#page 265 Japan is a nation of camouflage and deception. So, emperors have not been the real authorities. On the other hand, empresses have been the real authority and have manipulated the emperors from behind. For example, sumo wrestlers are usually sons or husbands of the empresses. And they can be famous only under their female authority. ( http://park.geocit 203/p032.html )  (Tuesday Aug 26 | post #12)


Japan's Conspiracy Strategy Is Insidious

Japanese Samurai Turned Out to Be Mere Satellite Warriors of Empresses http://park.geocit 103/p038.html#page 266 In other words, Japan has turned out to be not emperors' empire but empresses' empire. It is really a shame. But it should be true. ( http://park.geocit p319B.html )  (Tuesday Aug 26 | post #24)


Assassination of Luther King Was Japan's Conspiracy

Martin Luther King Jr. Was Probably Japanese Camouflaged Ninja http://park.geocit 103/p037.html#page 261 Japan Is really an insidious nation. ( http://book.geocit iracy/0202/ ml )  (Tuesday Aug 19 | post #8)

Scotland, United Kingdom

Japan's Conspiracy in British History Is Serious

Now Japan's Conspiracy in British History Is Obvious http://park.geocit 103/p036.html#page 251 It is an ugly history. But revealing is much better than hiding. ( http://book.geocit iracy/P08/ ml )  (Sunday Aug 17 | post #5)


Eruptions of Mount St. Helens Was Japan's Conspiracy

Volcanic Eruptions Are Japan's Conspiracy http://park.geocit 103/p037.html#page 256 Today, most Japanese believe that the Japanese government manipulates volcanoes. But most of them are still obviously silenced by the government and the police. ( http://park.geocit p319B.html )  (Wednesday Aug 13 | post #18)