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Sep 4, 2010

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Wally 'the Beer Man' won't return to Target Field job, ta...

No way am I a fan of no spin zone and I'm sick and tired of his blame the police for everything rants. He takes things too far and stereotypes all cops as evil. But, this case bugged me. I understand the desire to catch those who sell to underage drinkers but this was a ridiculous entrapment. Truly there are more pressing crime issues than a 19 year old sneaking past a seller with a crowd around him to get a $7 beer at a Twins game. Twins games are hardly the place that underage drinkers go to get smashed. Not to say that they don't try to buy a beer now and then, but having underage decoys, police time and then court time, to me, was a blatant waste of everyone's time and taxpayer resources. Like Wally or not, I know he checked ID's because it's required, but this time he got fooled.  (Apr 5, 2011 | post #19)

Gadhafi vows 'long war' after U.S., allies strike

This is good stuff to sit and watch. Liberals so confused that they don't know which way is up or what or who to be upset about. Stay tuned. (This is YOUR guy)  (Mar 20, 2011 | post #70)

Wally 'The Beer Man': Undercover operative who got him bu...

Spare us the dramatics. No one here is advocating selling alcohol to minors, so unbunch your panties. Wally sold to an uncover DECOY. ENTRAPMENT. Underage drinkers do not choose to get smashed at Twins games when one beer is $7.00, and then go driving home in Daddy's Buick. $7.00 can purchase a cheap bottle or 6 pack to be consumed elsewhere. This was, pure and simple, a waste of tax payers money and entrapment. There are more pressing matters for the police to concern themselves with than Wally missing an ID during a game.  (Mar 19, 2011 | post #28)

Obama to Gadhafi: Stop or face military action

My guess is Gadhafi isn't at all worried what Obama thinks, he's more worried what Clinton thinks. She's the one with the balls. (And should have been the Dem's choice for Pres instead of the hopey changey, yes we can! emotion based, inexperienced, genius marketing experimental failure)  (Mar 18, 2011 | post #13)

'Wally the Beer Man' trial starts; accused of selling bee...

I feel so much safer knowing that our police are protecting us by doing undercover stings at the crime ridden Twins games. So they entrapped a salesman selling an over priced beer to a minor. Guess I can sleep soundly tonight with the doors unlocked and leave valuables in my car, knowing that Wally the Beer man is being tried for his violent crime. Glad to know where the priorities are for Mpls.  (Mar 17, 2011 | post #12)

Burnsville parents accused of child neglect after son fou...

Well, it's a very tragic situation for all of that family. Sadly, the mother chose to be very irresponsible by having kids when she and the father are clearly unable to be fit parents. Those kids are scarred for life.  (Mar 17, 2011 | post #149)

Burnsville parents accused of child neglect after son fou...

MOST parents of disabled children take very good care of them. Please reread the article. Stench, urine and feces filled town home with 12 animals and 4 children all living in total filth. Not to mention NEGLECT. If having the 7 year old disabled son was too much to handle, she DEFINITELY should not have squirted out more children. Sorry, but these parents deserve to have stones thrown at them.  (Mar 16, 2011 | post #140)

Burnsville parents accused of child neglect after son fou...

Racist clueless hypocrite. Take a hard realistic look at the success of parenting within your own culture. Then get back to us. Fool.  (Mar 16, 2011 | post #129)

Burnsville parents accused of child neglect after son fou...

Too many people are becoming parents when they have no business breeding. If you are immature, mentally unstable, abusive, stupid, financially or emotionally incapable of taking care of yourself, irresponsible, filthy, etc., please consider that raising a child properly is the most difficult thing you will do, and then choose to remain childless. This woman chose to go ahead and have 4 children and 12 animals in squalid conditions. I would like to know who was supporting this family? Do they work? Do they get assistance, if so when did it begin? After which child? I believe as tax payers we get to say NO MORE CHILDREN for this woman if indeed she gets a free ride financially. That would be the compassionate and responsible thing to demand. No wonder this state is broke. Time for a little responsibility.  (Mar 16, 2011 | post #128)

Blame more than oil cost as airfares fly higher

OK. Good for you. Well, hope you don't need to get from one end of the country to another in a quick amount of time. Some people do, you know.  (Mar 12, 2011 | post #3)

Ear infections in young children are down, and fewer smok...

I'm not sure what you were trying to say here. I am far from a liberal, and if you think so, you are new to topix and sorely mistaken. My only point is that people here are in denial if they believe smoking is harmless to themselves and others. This coming from someone who in younger days loved to light up. I knew it was bad then and never would have claimed otherwise. That would have been foolish. It's an opinion thread and that's my opinion.  (Mar 8, 2011 | post #104)

Warner Bros.: Sheen fired from 'Two and a Half Men'

I can agree with that. It becomes less glamorous and appealing when young children are present and when Sheen assaults or threatens women and becomes abusive and violent. Then it's not so cute.  (Mar 7, 2011 | post #29)

Coroner: Mississippi toddler found in oven died from heat

Yikes. Hold on. You should be coming down from your LSD trip in 24-36 hours or so.  (Mar 6, 2011 | post #45)

Ear infections in young children are down, and fewer smok...

You sound very proud of that. Hopefully your kids will be around to take care of you when your health deteriorates due to your smoking. They may not have had ear infections, but your kids and home STUNK. You've made your choices. I believe in personal choices but the denial here about the hazards of smoking are amazing. BTW, I used to love to smoke but stopped many years ago. All anyone needs to see what happens to a life long smoker needs to take a look at my mother-in-law. That would scare the crap out of any high schooler. (none of her kids had ear infections, either)  (Mar 6, 2011 | post #89)

Baby tossed in Minneapolis snowbank; parents arrested

Very interesting. This momma is 21 with an extensive criminal history. Such a very poor decision she made to allow herself to breed. With her criminal background and this latest stunt of throwing her infant into a snowbank, take the kid away, sterilize her, cut off all public funding. She has lost her rights. No debate needed, no more chances.  (Mar 6, 2011 | post #7)