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Jun 2, 2011

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Looking to buy a used Insulin Pump

Hi,i am in the UK but i do have a brand new,still in the box Paradigm 754 VEO (http://www.diasho roduct2270... ) or a used but perfectly working Accu-Chek Spirit pump ( http://www.roche.c om/accu-chek_spiri t.jpg ) Its never been out of the box and im willing to throw in some infusion sets and cartridges also for free (i am willing to pay for postage also) It cost me 6000 GBP new ($8000 OR 3900 Euros) but i am willing to sell it for 1715 GBP (or $1065 or 1900 Euros) with the added bits for free as mentioned above so you can get pumping really soon. As i said,its brand new in the box,never been used and is one of the newest on the market with 0.025 bolus increments so you can fine tune your control perfectly,a lot of pumps only go as low as 0.050 so this is a great feature plus it has "auto off" and it can be set to switch off if you are prone to hypoglyceimia unawareness (it senses no pump contact within a given "set time" and will switch off until you switch it back on so no more insulin can be delivered if you were unconscious for example. If you are interested,let me know,i am happy to post abroad,only genuine,SERIOUS people need to respond,thank you (i have a few who seem to want to mess you around or want you to give it to them for "what they think they want to pay for it") This is a great bargain for those who cannot afford a brand new one but still want a new,top of the range pump with free postage and infusion sets of your choice* (* i a week to get you the sets of your choice if i do not already have them,but i can get any sets/inserters as well as cartridges,all of which would be saving you even more (over $150,45 GBP or 50 Euros) Also have a second hand Accu Chek "Spirit" which was used for 2years (with no problems) and all i would like for that is 500 GBP ($805 or 550 Euros) i may have a few infusion sets/cartridges to throw in but cannot gaurantee this but will definately "ship" anywhere in the world for free also. If at all interested,let me know,i can also get One touch Ultra Test Strips,Accu Chek "Compact plus" (17 strips in drum) or Accu Chek "Mobile" test strips) Thanks for looking  (Jul 4, 2011 | post #810)

Looking to buy a used Insulin Pump

Hi,i am in the UK but i do have a brand new,still in the box Paradigm 754 VEO (http://www.diasho roduct2270/product _info.html) or a used but perfectly working Accu-Chek Spirit pump ( http://www.roche.c om/accu-chek_spiri t.jpg ) As im not in the US the "warrenty " may not be valid,but it would definately have a manufacters warrenty of about 4years but as its never been out of the box i have not read it and only looked just now for you on another website,so at best,is a guess. I am willing to sell the new one for less than i have advertised as its for your son,something very close to my heart as if all kids had one,complications years later would be so reduced so as its for a childs well-being, i will offer it to you at reduced cost at $2600 instead of $4600 (so im giving you a $2000 reduction at my own loss) so your son can resume pumping. Its easy to use and i have sets/resovoirs too if you need a few to get started (i am even willing to give you some for free) but id have to see about postage costs (assuming it will be about $16-$20 due to its weight/size of packaging) and how you could make payment ie Western Union Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ACH)[RECOMMEN DED) which is free to to your end but takes 3-5 days or "Wire Transfer" which would cost you $22 but i would then send it for free so you would in fact get it for free and id be paying the postage costs-i cant do much better than that,so,if your interested in anyway,mail me back and we'll see if we can sort something asap. All the best frostyflakes (Beverley)  (Jun 8, 2011 | post #799)

Looking for paradigm silhouette infusion sites

Hiya Ashley, dont worry about all the messages,iv been the same as im new to the site also and posted loads of messages As for the infusion sets/Resovoirs, as i mentioned,they are the MMT-882 Pardigm Silhouette 43" (13mm length needle) and as yours takes the 3ml Resovoirs,im sure it will be ok on the 722 as its the model or so down from mine (i dont think you have the Pardigm 754 VEO in the States yet. Anyway,on the Minimed site, a box of these is $126.99 and the 3ml Resovoirs are $32.99 but i am willing to send them to you for $60 for the Silouette Infusion sets and $15 for the 3ml Resovoirs but if you want both then instead of the total price of $75 id have to check on postage too but i would guess from the UK it would be approx $17-$20 so in total i would require $92 and i will look into ways of payment ie paypal,money transfer etc and will get back to you shortly. If this is ok for you,just email me back and we can arrange it for you asap as i understand your short on supplies. I could also get you these/other supplies regulary for you,maybe once every month/6 weeks if your intersted?? I will get back to you shortly with ways of payment etc All the best frostyflakes37 (Beverley Frost)  (Jun 8, 2011 | post #7)

Looking to buy a used Insulin Pump

Is anybody looking for a pump? i have a brand new Pardigm 754 VEO (new in the USA) with assesseries/infusi on sets etc and an older (but perfectly working) Accu Chek Spirit (no sets though) and although i ahve already written about them above, i am open to offers so please let me know if you'd like to start "pumping " or your in ned of one due to no insurance or in a country where this treatment is hard to coe by,i have 2 spare pumps,i breand new,one second hand but well worth it if you have less funds etc-give your health and diabetes the best chance by getting pump therapy today... [email protected]  (Jun 4, 2011 | post #797)

Looking for paradigm silhouette infusion sites

Hi I have a box of MMT-382 Silhouette Pardigm 43" (13mm needle length) if your interested? im not sure if you have the model down from mine, i have the Paradigm 754 VEO,im wondering if yours may be the 522? if so,im not sure if there the same Silhouette's or not/if they fit etc frostyflakes34  (Jun 4, 2011 | post #2)

MiniMed Paradigm 722 or 723 Insulin Pump is needed

i have a Minimed Pardigm 754 VEO (the latest model with low-glucose suspend function) available,it takes 3ml reservoirs-would that be any good to you?? its brand new in box and have some infusion sets also frostyflakes37  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #3)


I have numerous bottles of Novorapid (Novolog in the USA)10ml bottles for sale,All have long dates on and i can post anywhere in the world that is allowed to recieve such goods. Inc postage to most parts of the world (email/post me and i will give you the correct postage) i would like $50 (£30) per bottle but if you buy 2 or more,i will knock off $20 (£12) per 2 bottles (so you would be paying $80 instead of $100) Thanks frostyflakes37  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #3)

Looking to buy a used Insulin Pump

I also have an Accu-Chek "Spirit" which is 3/4years old (but has been unused for 2 years of that time) its still got 3 years "battery life" left, but im told they will work fine after that. Iv not sets/reservoirs for it but i can assure you the pump has no faults and i may even be able to find the belt clip for it (it was my first pump before i upgraded) I only want £600 ($1000) for it but am open to sensible offers also. I can post abroard and it registers both dL/mL and m/mol Thanks for reading frostyflakes37  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #796)

Looking to buy a used Insulin Pump

Hi, I have one of the brand new Medronic Paradigm 754 VEO In sulin Pumps for sale,its unused,brand new (in box) and one of the newest on the market today. They cost over £4000 in the UK and close to $8000 (£5000) in the USA. I also have a box of Pardigm MIO (Clear) 32" 9mm infusion sets unopened x10, a box of Pardigm Silhouette 43" 13mm x10 (box was opened but not of the sets have been touched), a box of Pardigm Polyfin QR (with wing) 42" x20 (unopened) and 2 boxes of Reservoirs 3ml x20 (10 per box,unopened) and if new to some sets,i have a "Silserter " (for the Silhouetter sets) AND A "Sof-serter " (for the sof-sets) Id like £2800 ($4600) for the pump but i am open to offers (sensible ones only please) and i will quote prices for the sets/reservoirs/in serters if interested. I am happy to post abroad also Thanks for reading frostyflakes37  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #795)

minimed paradigm 511 insulin pump for sale...very cheap.

Hi, Are you still looking for Paradigm Infusion sets? I have Pardigm Polyfin QR with wings (42", MMT-312L) X20 (BOXED) Also, Paradigm Silhouette (43" 13mm, MMT-382) X10,Also, Pardigm MIO (Clear) 32" 9mm (MMT-975) X10 Also have Paradigm 3ml Reservoirs x20 (2 boxes) and a "Sil-Serter " which helps place the set for the Silhouette If Interested,let me know and we can discuss price/where you are etc If not,please still let me know and then i can let them go to someone else-thanks All the best frostyflakes37  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #688)

**BRAND NEW** STILL IN BOX , Medronic Paradigm 754 VEO in...

Hi Imelda, yes,its still available-are you interested? i am in the UK so time wise your 8 hours behind me so it seems a long time between posts but i will check back later when i will see if you have replied,thanks for your interest frostyflakes37  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #5)

**BRAND NEW** STILL IN BOX , Medronic Paradigm 754 VEO in...

yes it is-are you interested?  (Jun 3, 2011 | post #4)

**BRAND NEW** STILL IN BOX , Medronic Paradigm 754 VEO in...

Refere to my previous post, the asking price in the UK is £2800, in the USA it would be £4595 thank you frostyflakes37  (Jun 2, 2011 | post #2)

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