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Jan 6, 2007

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TV Bounty Hunter Apologizes For Slur

Ah Shucks can't we all just get along? Hell I'm still waitin for my forty acres and a mule. And ahs white. Just the high stakes of reality t.v. Get over it already. Geeze, some people are sooo uptight.  (Nov 1, 2007 | post #146)

Myakka City, FL

fiery crash on S.R. 70

I'm out of town and can't seem to find out who the victims of Oct. 14th crash on State Road 70 and 675 are, were does anyone know? My condolences go to the families. Thanks  (Oct 28, 2007 | post #1)

Myakka City, FL

Has Florida exodus begun?

I was born in Sarasota. Can remember a time when Siesta Key was just a beach and Tamiami Trail was a dirt road that went off into the Palmetto's. My Parents and grandparents were hard working people. I'm 46 and can tell you from experience that if you are not wealthy or very well connected.. call Allied. No longer can hard working individuals afford to own a home or raise a family here. Taxes are the highest in the nation, lets not talk about the health care crisis or illegal aliens that drain the welfare system dry and in my life time i will see the beaches destroyed by off-shore drilling. You can't even afford to live "in the country" anymore for the greedy land developers, most of them yankees. Drugs are rampant and so is the crime rate. If you're not dying of old age or clogging up the traffic with sight seeing you can't afford to be here. And then there's the fact that we have a Bush in the top dog office position.  (Jan 27, 2007 | post #251)

Manatee County, FL

Mother gets two months in jail: Froelich faced 15 years f...

"hardly excusable for ..." no! not an excuse . A fact. Daddy Devane has had previous charges of domestic violence against him that the state has failed to punish him for before this incident. The mother is a VICTIM who is being victimized again by the state who should be hunting daddy down like a dog and punishing him also.  (Jan 6, 2007 | post #1)

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