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Aug 30, 2010

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Woodbury, NJ

Marijuana - Woodbury, NJ

it affects the brain, making many as you shouldn't be; that "releases inhibitions' crap is would allow me to act stupid to impress strangers and be 'cool'; it can make women horny and result in unwanted pregnancies or abuse by men who take advantage of her; I can be cool & clear-headed without it and not paranoid; if it's presently against the laws of the land, that's enough to not do it; I don't care about supporters saying it can't kill you; that doesn't meant it's good for you; and it kills friendships and relationships; my soon-to-be wife chose to abandon all we had for it since she was "raised" on it; wouldn't let me help; some people treat it like it's their job to smoke; I'm no fan of any substance that works to change my being; I strive to be real; I see only benefits in glaucoma patients and it's addictive and unnecessary; fake feelings caused by something ingested seem useless; many people might have a so-called 'crutch', but this isn't necessary  (Aug 30, 2010 | post #3)