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Aug 6, 2008

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Let's set the record straight!


Woodstock, Illinois


nowhere near da hood

Local Favorites:

The Paperback Grotto, any golf course, Bonefish Grill, El Niagara, Le Creperie

I Belong To:

me, myself, and I

When I'm Not on Topix:

I work, play golf, mow, pay bills, spend money, enjoy family....

Read My Forum Posts Because:

my perspective will stir up something

I'm Listening To:

Music, all kinds

Read This Book:

Private Parts (Howard Stern)

Favorite Things:

Music, food, pictures, could say I'm a visual kind of person

On My Mind:

sex, music, Howard

Blog / Website / Homepage:

none yet, stay tuned!

I Believe In:

Long, wet, deep kisses that last 3 days... the right to bear arms, freedom of choice, laughter is the best medicine, no greater love than that of your soulmate.