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Nov 25, 2013

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Why Do Fijians/Tongans copy Samoan Tatoo designs

Wow! all the heat! if we go back to the books records show that our ancestors .. All Melanesian/Microne sian and Polynesians our ancestors traveled from spain/asia and as far as eqypt .. Sailed down to the southern seas looking for land and fleeing wars and etc. As they sailed they found land and some stopped at first sight of land, the others carried on looking for land in the Southern seas and with them they brought their tattoos . A Fijian legend says that most of the egyptians stopped in Fiji and most of melanesia , they would send their woman to tonga and samoa to trade them , and traveled with them were tattoos representing the years of slavery and the families or chief that they were sent from. and the samoans and tongans didnt recognize what the tatoos stood for thus they thought it was sacred and moulded it into a very important part of their culture . We cannot argue as to who owns designs or origins because we as the pacific as far as our roots may grow apart, Islands separated by the Great Pacific Ocean . WE ARE FAMILY . Except the INDO-FIJIANS. fuck them . -KVT. -Island Pride -Family  (Nov 25, 2013 | post #23)